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Jiangsu University


Jiangsu University located in Zhenjiang, a famous cultural and historic city under the national protection. In August, 2001, with an approval of the Ministry of Education, it was born on the basis of the combination of the former Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical Institute and Zhenjiang Normal School.

Jiangsu University shares the same origin and history with Nanjing University, Southeast University in Nanjing and Jiangnan University in Wuxi. It was established in 1902, and created by Liu Kunyi, Zhang Zhidong and Wei Guangtao. The original name of the university was Sanjiang Normal Academy.

In 1960, to develop China’s agricultural machinery industry, with the approval of the former State Development Planning Commission, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agricultural Machinery. The agricultural machinery, automotive and tractor branches of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the former Nanjing Engineering College were separated to establish Nanjing Agricultural Machinery College.

In 1961, the college was moved to Zhenjiang, and changed to be Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College, which was directly administrated by the Ministry of National Mechanical Engineering (today it has been dismissed).

In 1963, the Department of Mechanical Facilities of Irrigation and Drainage and the Research Institute of Mechanical Facilities of Irrigation and Drainage, two parts of the former Jilin University of Technology (today it is a part of Jilin University), were moved to Zhenjiang from Changchun, Jilin Province, and became a part of Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College.

In 1970, the department of agricultural machinery of Nanjing Agricultural College (today’s Nanjing Agricultural University) was merged into this college. It became the No.1 higher education institution of agricultural machinery engineering in China.

In 1982, as the enlargement of the college and the facilities, the multidisciplinary development was further confirmed. With the official approval of the former Ministry of Mechanical Engineering, the college was changed to be Jiangsu College of Technology.

In 1994, it was officially named Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, and in 1999, the former Jiangsu Metallurgic Economy Management School was merged into the University, and it was further broadened

In the realm of medical study, it is absolutely featured by the Medical College of Zhenjiang, which is a provincially-managed medical university, and today’s Beigu Campus is the former campus of this college. The most famous major of this medical college is the medical examination

In 1978, Jiangsu University (called officially Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College) was selected by the State Council to be one of 88 national key universities in China. In 1981, it was one of several universities nationwide with the qualification of providing the diplomas and degrees of Ph.D and master and the establishment of the graduate school. The highlights of the Jiangsu University are the education of high-end engineers and scientists. The official website of Jiangsu University is

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