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Yangzhou Tourist Attractions


Located in the middle area of Jiangsu Province and a typical riverside city of the Grand Canal, Yangzhou is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,500 years. A great many historical and cultural sites left and have been well preserved as the key tourist attractions in Yangzhou. In a word, Yangzhou is a city for cultural landscapes travel. Except the big international events such as Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon, Gaoyou Lake International Bicycle Race, and Gaoyou Grand Canal Trail Half Marathon, the main tourist attractions are listed below:

Cultural Landscapes in Yangzhou

Slender West Lake. In 2014, the Slender West Lake (瘦西湖) was written into the list of world cultural heritage sites in the name of a part of The Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, which is the longest cultural heritage site in the world and the 46th world heritage site in China. Similar to the West Lake in Hangzhou, a world cultural heritage site as well, it is a scenic area highlighted with its cultural landscapes. More to read in The Slender West Lake Travel Guide >>>

Centuries-old Temples. In history of China, Yangzhou was a center of Buddhism In Sui and Tang Dynasties, The Buddhist monasteries in Yangzhou were widely known in Asia represented by Daming Temple. We list the most famous Buddhist temples hereinafter:

  • Daming Temple (大明寺), literally The Grand Clarification Temple, is located at the Middle Peak, Shugang Scenic Area, Northwest Suburb, Yangzhou. It is preserved and developed to be a Buddhism-centered place of interest featuring the temple building complex, historical relics and garden landscapes. Daming Temple boasts the No.1 Scenic Spot in history of Yangzhou, originally built in Southern Dynasty, roughly at the period from 457 to 464, which was the reign of Daming administration of Emperor Xiaowu of the Song Kingdom. Up to Tang Dynasty, it got its unprecedented reputation from Monk Jianzhen, a great soul of spreading the Buddhism sutra and culture to Japan, a brutal and uncivilized land at the time. More to read at the Introduction to Daming Temple Yangzhou >>>

  • Gaomin Temple (高旻寺), literally the High Sky Temple, ranked the No.1 among eight famous temples in Yangzhou, and one of four most Zen Buddhism centers in China together with Jinshan Temple of Zhenjiang, Tianning Temple of Changzhou and Tiantong Temple of Ningbo. In Qing Dynasty, Gaomin Temple reached its highest level of development. In 1982, it was listed as a key temple opened to the public in China. More to read at the Introduction to Gaomin Temple Yangzhou >>>

  • Tianning Temple (天宁寺), literally the Heavenly Peace Temple, is compared to a cultural museum. Lots of cultural events in history happened here. Originally, it was the villa of Xie An, a great soul of culture and spirituality in Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), and Nepal’s monk translated the Avatamsaka Sutra or Flower Ornament Sutra (Huayan Buddhist Sutra in Chinese Buddhism), and a Huayan Pavilion was left here. In Ming Dynasty, Monk Daoyi of this temple visited Japan in 1402. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong constructed the Provisional Imperial Palace at the west side of the temple. And Cao Yin (1658-1712) , who was the grandfather of Cao Xueqin, was assigned by Emperor Kangxi, who was the grandfather of Emperor Qianlong, to print the Collection of Tang Dynasty’s Poems, which was a part of Si Ku Quan Shu. More to read at the Introduction to Tianning Temple Yangzhou >>>

  • Sacred Crane Mosque (仙鹤寺), also called Libai Mosque located on the west side of Wenhe Zhonglu, is one of four oldest Islamic mosques in the coastal area of southeast China, together with Phoenix Mosque of Hangzhou, Huaisheng Mosque of Guangzhou and Qilin Mosque of Quanzhou . Sacred Crane Mosque or Xianhe Mosque is the oldest one in Yangzhou built in 1275, and was reconstructed in 1390. More to read at the Introduction to Crane Mosque Yangzhou >>>

  • Other temples consist of Jingtu Temple, Zhenguo Temple, Zhenru Temple, Guanyinshan Zen Monastery and Ningguo Temple, and The Salt God Temple.

Private Classical Gardens. Yangzhou is not accepted as a part of Jiangnan region, or geographically not on the southern side of Yangtze River, but it is another center of private classical gardens in China, apart from Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi, thanks to the arrival of Huizhou businessmen, who were the first group of outsiders came to Yangzhou, after ten-day slaughter by Qing troops in 1645. They did the business of salt and others here, and became rich, so they built their private gardens or mansions here. The most famous private gardens are He Garden and Ge Garden.

  • Ge Garden (个园), among the classical gardens in Yangzhou, is the oldest and best-preserved classical garden in Yangzhou, just said above, constructed by the local salt businessman. Ge Garden is located in the north part of the city, and it was built in 1818, and owned by Huang Zhiyun. The garden features the landscapes of the bamboos and rockeries. Due to the owner preferring the bamboo, which the ancient elites thought as the symbol of elegance and well education, the name of Ge written in Chinese is a part of bamboo in Chinese character. More to read at the Introduction to Ge Garden Yangzhou >>>

  • He Garden (何园), also called the Jixiao Mountain Villa (a name inspired by verses of Tao Yuanming), was the private garden of He Zhidao (何芷刀) in Qing Dynasty. It was an ancient garden built in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. It nationwide known as the No.1 Private Garden of Late Qing Dynasty. Lots of celebrities lived here inclusive of Huang Binhong (1865-1955), who was a great scholarly painting master lived in Hangzhou, Zhu Qianhua, a famous writer. Pianshi Shanfang, is China’s only remained rockery artwork designed by Master Shitao, who historian said to be the descendant of emperors of Ming Dynasty and the scholarly monk specializing in art of painting, calligraphy, gardening art and others. More to read at the Introduction to He Garden Yangzhou >>>

The Cultural Museums. Yangzhou is city with thousands of years. The cultural museums of Yangzhou exhibit the past, mystery and interesting remainders of the history. The famous ones of them are listed below:

Yangzhou Museum

Chinese Paper Cutting Museum

China Block Printing Museum

Yangzhou Art Museum

Eight Eccentric Artists Memorial Hall

Shi Kefa Memorial Hall

Museum of Tang Ruins

King Guangling’s Tomb Museum

The Grand Canal. Yangzhou is a city of the Grand Canal, and the only city with the same age as the Canal of China. In China, it is also called the Canal City. Since Sui Dynasty when Emperor Yangdi opened the Grand Canal, Yangzhou entered its booming period. In Tang Dynasty, the inland waterway transportation contributed a lot to the flourish of this city. It became the business center of Tang Dynasty. Monk Jianzhen departed from there to Japan. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi and his grandson’s six inspections to the southern China, and stay six times in Yangzhou. The local people respect the Grand Canal as the root of the city and the source of the culture of this region. In a word, Yangzhou lives on the Grand Canal and most of its travel resources are linked to the Grand Canal. More to read at the Introduction to the Grand Canal of China >>>

Dongguan Old Street. Dongguan Old Street could be literally interpreted as the Ancient Street of the Eastern Pass Zone is the most famous historical street in downtown Yangzhou. Eastwardly stretched from the Grand Canal to Guoqing Road at the west. It used to be the critical part of the water and land transportations in Yangzhou, furthermore also the center of the city’s center of business, handcraftsmanship and religious culture. More to read at the Introduction to the Dongguan Old Street Yangzhou >>>

Natural Resorts in Yangzhou

The recommended natural resorts in Yangzhou include The Leisure Travel Resort of Jinghua Town, Yangzhou, Zhuyu Bay Scenic Area, Phoneix Ecological Travel Area and so on. All of these which we take as the extension of travel highlights in Yangzhou are also worth of traveling if you have several days stay in Yangzhou.

Famous Universities in Yangzhou

There are five universities or colleges in Yangzhou. Yangzhou University, Tongda College of Nanjing University of Post & Telecommunications, Yangzhou Univeristy of Science and Technology are three main higher education institutes in Yangzhou. Among them, Yangzhou University is the most famous one.

Thanks to the support of the former national leader, Yangzhou University has a great development these years. It is one of the most prestigious comprehensive universities in China and reputed as the perfect example to show the success of Chinese higher education reform. It can be originated from Tongzhou Normal School and Tonghai Agricultural School, both of which Zhang Jian constructed for educating the professional talents. After a big combination in 1992, a new University of Yangzhou appeared on the basis of the former Yangzhou Normal College, Jiangsu Agricultural College, Yangzhou Engineering College, Yangzhou Medical College, Jiangsu Water Conservancy Project Technical College and Jiangsu Business Technical College. More to read at the Introduction to Yangzhou University >>>

The Music Work About Yangzhou

Yangzhou usually serves as a classical poetic imagery in music, literature and movies. Some music works themed with the charm of Yangzhou chant to express the individual’s love to this city. Singer Tongli’s classic song entitled March in Misty Flowers is a representative. Enjoy it below:

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