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Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail (Huihang Gudao) Hiking & Sightseeing

 Classic Xuancheng Tours - 2 Days Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail Hiking & Sightseeing Tour

Tour Code: MC-XCT-01
Departure: Weekly

Highlights: This is a small group exploration trip starting from Shanghai to find the glory of history and the beauty of nature along with the ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail. During the 2 days activity, you will taste the authentic farming dishes and touch the relics of culture ...

Attractions: Jiangnan No.1 Pass, Hu Family Ancestral Temple, Zhangshan

hui hang caravan trail
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hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour
hui hang caravan trail tour

(1) The Introduction to The Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail

The Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail(徽杭古道, Hui Hang Gu Dao) used to be a business route between Huizhou(today’s Huangshan and Xuancheng, Anhui Province) to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It westwardly starts from Fuling Town, Jixi County, Xuancheng to Maxiao Village, Linan, Hangzhou. Roughly, it is situated on the north side of Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve, between Tianmu Mountain on the south side and Huangshan Mountain on the north. The total length of the route is 25 kilometers and plays an important role in linking Huizhou to Hangzhou. The best preserved part is the mountainous stone route in Jixi County, which is considered as the quintessence of Hui Hang Caravan Trail. In accordance with the historical record, this ancient route was built in Tang Dynasty. On the route, travelers can enjoy many unique and splendid tourist attractions such as Zhangshan Grand Canyon, Hu Family Ancestral Temple, Jiangnan No.1 Pass and Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve.

The abovementioned is the objective introduction to Hui Hang Caravan Trail, and quite standard and dependable. For sharing more about the experience, we write down our travelogue here. For tourists, Hui Hang Caravan Trail is third ancient business and cultural route in China next to the world-famous Silk Road and the Ancient Tea Horse Road crossing Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. Many local products were transported through this road for exchange like the tea, nuts, salt, cloths, silk and so on.

However, as the change of the world, the transportation and economy have been enlarged and considerably improved compared to them in the past. Hui Hang Caravan Trail, this prosperous lifeline for business has been gradually forgotten, or just existed as a historical relic in history textbook. But the tourism revives it. It nowadays is a popular and famous hiking route for natural sightseeing and outdoor explorations, especially for backpackers. Urbanization has people live in the concrete jungle like a prisoner, and they are eager to freedom and have an intimate contact with nature and history, this trekking route naturally becomes their first option. It will take a couple of days to experience. The outfit basically consists of climbing shoes, water can and first-aid packet. I have been to this route from Jiangnan No.1 Pass to Yonglai Village, Linan, and the total experience takes me 7 to 8 hours. The landscape is fantastic!

The Picture Gallery of Hui Hang Caravan Trail from Huizhou to Hangzhou >>>

(2) 2 Days Hiking Tour to Hui Hang Caravan Trail from Shanghai

This is a recommended experience trip we have professionally operated for many years. For white-collar workers or city staffers, we strongly suggest you take a weekend experience, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. If you plan to have a trekking tour along with the Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail, please contact us anytime! >>>

Day 1 – From Shanghai to Jixi County, Xuancheng (B/L/D)
Accommodation – A local guesthouse

On Friday night, at 21:24, we take the train K8418 transfer from Shanghai to Jixi County, Xuancheng, Anhui Province. On Saturday morning, at 7:36, we arrive in Jixi. Jixi County is a national time-honored cultural town with a history more than 2,500 years. It is the hometown of Hu Shizhi(the greatest scholar of China in the 20th century), Hu Zongxian and Hu Jintao, the former president of China. We firstly take a travel in this ancient town, stroll around the ancient streets, listening to some stories and histories hidden in some old buildings. And then, have a lunch in a local citizens’ restaurant, and experience the authentic farm life in Xuancheng.

After lunch, we start our exploration to follow the Huizhou businessmen’s footprints on the Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail. We will take a trekking along with a part of the route, also the most highlighted part, specifically from Yuchuan to Jiangnan No.1 Pass. Used to transport tea from Huizhou for grain exchange in Hangzhou, this ancient route made the transportation of merchants easier and more convenient, and it saved much time and shortened approximately 50 kilometers. It greatly benefitted the merchants, and the landscapes on both sides are quite beautiful. The picturesque mountains, bamboo forests, ancient villages and the colorful farming fields, and breathtaking cliffs on the way make your trip unforgettable and impressive!

Late in the afternoon, we will arrive in a village in the mountains, and then stay here overnight. We will take a rest in a local guesthouse, a rural but quite clean place, and enjoy a nice meal of the countryside and some drinks around the fire. The night of the village hidden in the high mountains is far from the hustle and bustle life of city. The sky, the air, the tranquility and so on make you have the best sleep with nature.

Day 2 – Trekking and Back to Shanghai (B/L/-)
Accommodation – /

At dawn, the cock gives you a morning call. Enjoy your countryside breakfast, which is quite healthy and nutrient, and then go on your hiking trip. Enjoying the stunning landscapes when hiking on the trail, after 3 hours or so, we will arrive at a small village, which is the end point of this hiking trip. Take a short break, and then have a car or van transfer to Hangzhou. We will take a train back to Shanghai. (if you want to take a vehicle back to Shanghai, you don’t need to take a transfer in Hangzhou, and can directly return to Shanghai).


Reservation is the must. Since we do small group, seats are limited, book early. Minimum number is 4 for this the trip ;(The price for less than 4 would be negotiated ) Please contact us for booking and leaving us your basic information, which will be absolutely protected as privacy; Cancel at least 2 days before the departure, later cancellation will be charged for the train loss.

Rules of Participation

Everyone who participates in a activity is asked to read, agree to the following:

1. I will not hold or any of its participants responsible for any injury that I suffer on any Tour China excursion.

2. I will follow the guidelines set forth by in order to insure my safety during my involvement with this group.

3. If I have medications that have special needs, or if I have health problems chronic in nature, I will inform the leaders of the group of my situation. Privacy will be assured.

4. I will not bring illegal drugs to any gathering or activity.

5. I understand that this club is not capable of sponsoring extremist sports activities, and I will not engage in extremist sports while involved in a function.

6. I will leave the group peacefully if I cannot meet these guidelines stated in this document.

7. I understand that I am taking my own risks while participating with the group, and that I do not hold anyone responsible for those risks.

 Total Pricing
Number of Travelers 4-6 travelers 7-10 travelers Above 11 travelers
Prices 209 USD/pax 199 USD/pax 179 USD/pax

 What Is Included and Excluded
Price Inclusions

Hotel accommodation (Saturday night)
Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
Two days breakfast & lunch, first-day dinner (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)

Experienced English speaking guide
Train ticket from Hangzhou to Shanghai
Local transportations
Travel Agency Liability Insurance
Price Exclusions

Chinese visa
The train ticket from Shanghai to Jixi County,
Xuancheng (please book it by yourself).
Tips or gratuities to guide

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