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Wuxi Tourist Attractions


To be honest, talking about Wuxi, Suzhou and Tai Lake are two musts have to be mentioned. The mist-covered waters of the Taihu Lake mistake the travelers that the moon goes upstairs (太湖烟波起,疑是月上楼), which is a famous poem written by an unknown poet graduated from Hangzhou Normal University and China University of Mining and Technology. This poem largely expresses the charm of Tai Lake in the region of Wuxi.

Tai Lake Scenic Area –

The No.1 tourist attraction in Wuxi is Tai Lake. Tai Lake of Wuxi is a national key scenic area, and the third largest fresh water lake. Frankly, Wuxi covers the best part of the Taihu Lake. The representative attractions in Wuxi deserving your travel include Yuantouzhu Park ( Turtle Head Isle, 鼋头渚), Li Lake Scenic Area(蠡湖景区),Plum Garden, and the modern archaized building complexes for making TV plays comprised of Tang Dynasty Town, Three Kingdoms Town and Water Margin Town. Surely, the modern real estate develops rapidly in Wuxi, a new town of Wuxi is located around the Tai Lake, and more new sites will be seen on your traveling route.

What’s more, there are another two important cultural sites, The Memorial Temple of Tai Bo and the Mausoleum of Tai Bo, two must-visit sites as the gateway to learning about the history and culture of Jiangnan. Who was Tai Bo? It has been answered in the page of About Us, due to the close link of this website with Tai Bo, so the story of Tai Bo is omitted here. The Memorial Temple of Tai Bo is situated nearby the Du River, in Mei Village, and the Mausoleum of Tai Bo is located in Hong Hill. The highlighted sites here are inclusive of Wangyu Pavilion, Lianghong Tomb, Stone-Cloud Peak, White Dragon Cave. Wangyu Pavilion(望虞亭) was built to express an ideal of Tai Bo missing his second young brother Zhongyong, who died and buried in Yu Hill, Changshu, Suzhou. On the southeast side of the hill, there is a Hongyin Hall(鸿隐堂) in memory of a couple in Eastern Han Dynasty. Liang Hong and Meng Guang’s love story is widely known in China, and a famous idiom, Ju An Qi Mei(举案齐眉, husband and wife treat each other with courtesy) originates here. It serves as a memorial site and houses the statues of this couple.

The busy waterway transportation view of the old section of the Grand Canal in Wuxi

The Grand Canal Wuxi –

In 2014, the Grand Canal of China was successfully inscribed into the list of world cultural heritage sites. The section of the Grand Canal in Wuxi is the highlight. It connects with the Yangtze River and Tai Lake with a total length of 40 kilometers. The old canal goes across the whole city of Wuxi. The history could be dated back to the late Shang Dynasty. Approximately 3000 years ago, Tai Bo moved to Wuxi, for irrigation and flood control, he opened Tai Bo River(泰伯河). In history, the battles of King He Lv of Wu State attacked Chu State, and King Fu Chai of Wu State northwardly attacked Qi State were both realized through this canal. This is the oldest part of the Grand Canal in China.

Furthermore, in accordance with the record of Wuxi County History of Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were a river crossing the city called historically Han Gou(邗沟), this is the real part of the old Grand Canal in Wuxi. It was artificially opened by Fu Chai, the last king of Wu State. In history, the scholars took it as the origin of the Grand Canal instead of the Tai Bo River. Anyway, the old Grand Canal in Wuxi at least has a history more than 2,500 years.

The Heritage of Industry-

In modern times, Wuxi has a nickname of Little Shanghai in inland area, thanks to its great contribution to the industrial development, especially the light industry. The Family of Rong becomes a symbol of the achievements that Wuxi got at the times. Today, many old factories, or workshops have been well reserved as a part of museum in memory of that glorious times. The typical heritage sites of industry include China National Industry and Commerce Museum of Wuxi.

The grand buddha statues at Lingshan Scenic Area, Wuxi

The Gardens and History –

Wuxi is an old city of China with a history as long as Suzhou. The culture here is strongly featured of the Wu Culture. In Wuxi Museum, Hongshan Relic Museum & Wu Cultural Museum and Wuxi Xiju Opera Museum, travelers can touch the essence of the culture of Wuxi.

Another important cultural destination is the Cultural Zone of Xihui Park(锡惠公园0, which is comprised of Xi Hill and Hui Hill. This is a symbol of traditional Wuxi, and the cultural landmark of Wuxi. The Jichang Classical Garden, The Second Most Famous Spring on the earth, The Story of Blind A Bing with his great Music Masterpiece- Er Quan Ying Yue(二泉映月, Moon Reflected on The Second Spring played by Er Hu), and the famous Huishan Clay Figurine Art and Story exhibited at Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum.

While the establishment of Lingshan Grand Buddha Statue, boasting the world’s largest Buddha statue, is located near to the Tai Lake, specifically in Mashan Scenic Area. The statue has a height of 88 meters. This magnificent site shows the deep spirituality of Wuxi connected with Buddhism.

Jiangyin City Attractions –

Jiangyin is one of richest county-level cities in China. Nearby the Yangtze River, Jiangyin has many famous tourist attractions like the Former Residence of Xu Xiake, Ancient Gun Emplacement, and Huaxi Village. Especially, the Huaxi Village becomes a spotlight of the media as the richest village in China. It is also a hotspot in China to know the development of Chinese countryside over the past decades of years

The fabulous landscape inside Shanjuan Cave, a world famous natural cave in Yixing, Wuxi

Yixing City Attractions -

Yixing is county-level city near to the Tai Lake. It is worldwide famous for its zisha pottery art or the clay teapots culture, and regional tea. Anciently called Yang Xian, it is a city under the national cultural and history protection. Four highlights of Yixing include the pottery, tea, bamboo and caves. It is an ideal place that many ancient great souls like Su Dongpo, wanted to stay lifelong. The valued tourist attractions here are Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, Porcelain Museum, Dongpo Academy, Shanjuan Cave Scenic Area(善卷洞) and Zhanggong Cave Scenic Area.

The University of Wu Xi –

The most prestigious university in Wuxi is Jiangnan University, which is located nearby the Taihu Lake surrounded by the great landscapes of the nature.

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