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Anhui Normal University (WUHU)


Anhui Normal University is the oldest higher education institution in Anhui province. It shares the same history with Anhui University in Hefei. Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu, which is compared to be a pearl on the side of Yangtze River. Anhui Normal University is the second university famous for its liberal arts except Anhui University in Anhui University. It is also a co-supported one by the Ministry of Education and Anhui Provincial Government. With a target of being a comprehensive university, it is taken into the priority of development by Anhui provincial government. The official website –

The Timeline of Anhui Normal University

The Emblem of Anhui Normal University
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Anhui Normal University was originated from Anhui University, which was built in 1928. It was forced to be discontinued when Anqing, the capital city of Anhui province was occupied by Japanese intruders in 1939 during the Anti-Japanese War. In 1946, it was renamed National Anhui University, and a large group of famous scholars worked here like Yao Yongpu, Liu Wendian, Wang Xinggong, Cheng Yansheng, Tao Yin, Chen Wangdao, Ding Xuxian, Yu Dafu, Zhou Yutong, Lv Simian, Zhang Yi and Zhou Jianren.

In 1949, the university was moved to Wuhu, and subsequently changed to be Anhui Normal College, Hefei Normal College, Wannan University(Liu Shaoqi offered the name inscription) and Anhui University of Industry and Agriculture. In 1954, during the big higher-education reform, National Anhui University was separated into several independent sectors like Anhui Institute of Agriculture and Anhui Normal College. In 1972, with an approval of the State Council, Anhui Normal College was named Anhui Normal University with an inscription of Guo Moruo.

In 2005, Wuhu Normal School was merged into Anhui Normal University. In 2011, it was listed as one of ten most beautiful campuses in China. In 2012, Anhui Normal University became a nationally supported one in the list of The Basic Ability Construction Project among the Middle-West Higher Education Institutions. In 2013, Anhui Normal University was officially selected to be co-developed by the Ministry of Education and Anhui Provincial Government. In 2013, it became a key university of high-end university development with a strong local feature listed into the Plan of Higher Education Rejuvenation in Anhui Province.

The Anthem of Anhui Normal University

In 1933, the school flag, school badge and school song of Anhui Normal University were fixed on the ninth university meeting. The school song was meaningful and profound in the ancient conception. Lots of the ancient stories are written into the lines.

The towering Tianzhu Mountain and the rushing Huai and Yangtze Rivers. The civilization of Xia and Shang opened here, and the glory of Han and Tang showed here.

A big achievement of culture and the prosperity of nation lies in it. So many talents make the state university crowded.

The towering Tianzhu Mountain and the rushing Huai and Yangtze Rivers are in memory of the ancient great souls and sages who were represented by Guan Zhong and Zhuangzi.

The great works and the marvelous studies nurture so many great talents who are full of the state universities here.

The anthem writer was Cheng Yansheng(程演生) who was born in Huaining, Anhui Province. in his early life, he studied in UK, France and Japan, and then returned to China and became a teacher in Peking University, Jinan University and Anhui University. During the time from 1932 to 1934, he acted as the president of Anhui University. At the time, Anhui University suffered the big crisis. He was entrusted with this mission at such a difficult time. The composer of the song was Xiao Youmei(萧友梅) who was the president of Shanghai National Music Academy, and was a native of Zhongshan, Guangdong province and studied in Japan in his early period. In 1912, he majored in the piano in Royal College of Music, Leipzig, Germany, which was established by Mendelssohn, and later, he got a PH.D degree. He was considered as the founder of modern music in China.

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