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Yandang Mountains Geopark in Yueqing


Yandang Mountains(雁荡山) lie in northeast part of Yueqing, a county-level city under the administration of Wenzhou, which is a famous developed prefectural city of China for private economy. From downtown Yueqing to the scenic area of Yandang Mountains, it is only one-hour driving, even taking a slow bus (13RMB per passenger when author experienced in 2015). Yandang Mountains scenic area is a famous tourist destination in southern Zhejiang province for its marvelous mountainous landscape. It also boasts the No.1 Famed Mountains in East China. Thanks to this, Yandang Mountains scenic area now is a world geological park (Geopark).

A panoramic view of the grand Yandang Mountains

Four Highlights of Yandang Mountains

Jingming Vallery Scenic Zone (净名谷景区 the admission fee: 30 RMB per person). It is quite nice to view the scenic zone on the top of the peak which is named The Sightseeing Platform, and the gorgeous mountains surrounding the platform make you exciting. It is a perfect site to take photos and have a panoramic view. The whole scenic zone is nice to have an oxygen travel. You may be amazed that the Herba Dendrodii Officinalis (铁皮石斛) is transplanted on the tall trees.

A group of travelers are hiking to the top of mountains

Lingfeng Scenic Zone(灵峰景区 the admission fee: 50 RMB per person). Starting from the central square, travelers can challenge yourself to climb to the Changchun Cave Temple(长春洞), at the top of the mountain. Arriving at the top site, travelers could take a break in the cave, and request a bottle of free water over there. The water is quite absolutely clean and natural, and the mountainous spring water. The cave temple guard is an old man who guards the temple and the Buddha for many years. Many people say he is a reclusive Buddhist. He always tells the arrivers that the water is so treasured and valuable that you cannot get at all at the foot of the mountains. Anyway, climbing to the top is a hard experience or pilgrimage, and then drinking a bottle of the cool and refreshing mountain water as you rest at the temple can be a reward to you.

Dalongqiu Scenic Zone(大龙湫景区the admission fee: 50 RMB per person). The highlight of Dalongqiu Scenic Zone or Grand Dragon Pond Scenic Zone is the Dalongqiu Waterfall, which is as famous as Huangguoshu Waterfall of Guizhou province, Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River and Diaoshuilou Waterfall of Heilongjiang province. They traditionally are considered as four largest waterfalls in China.

The grand waterfall of Dalongqiu Scenic Zone, Yandang Mountains Global Geopark

Lingyan Scenic Zone(灵岩景区 the admission fee: 30 RMB per person). Highlighted with its Lingyan Buddhist Monastery and iconic Xiaolongqiu Waterfall, Lingyan Scenic Zone is still characterized of its miraculous natural sceneries and the remained relics of history and culture.

How to go

Yandang Mountain is located in the northeast Yueqing. From Yueqing to Yandang Mountains, there is a regular bus. Not so crowded and timesaving in some way, the scenery of the bus route is also amazing. It follows a route along the coast and then stops at the township of Yandang, where travelers can easily find the entrance of the Yandang Mountain. It is better to take a bus or vehicle to go up to the mountains. Approximately 20 minutes later, travelers will reach the entrance of the scenic area.

Yandang is a little bit far away from Hangzhou, the central and capital city of Zhejiang province. Generally, it is much too ideal to take a high-speed train to Yandang Mountains from Hangzhou or Shanghai. In Yandang Township, there is a middle-sized railway station, which is only 30 minutes driving from the mountains. The timetable of the high-speed trains as below:


How about the board and lodging

Upon arriving in the township of Yandang, travelers will find the hotels on the both sides of the road. However, you are not encouraged to book hotels at town. There are lots of high-quality and various hotels or accommodations at the foot of the mountains. They are all in mountains and quite closer to the scenic zones.

The home-stay guesthouse is also a nice option. Averagely, the price is only 100 CNY per day with a very nice facility and indoor decoration. With regard to the high-end hotels, they are also easily available on both sides of the streams. All of these hotels or home-stay guesthouses back on the mountains or peaks and get close to the streams.

At night, getting downstairs, travelers walk into the popular and busy street. The local delicacies, particularly the seafood, are served. The servants are so hospitable that you may feel a little bit uncomfortable. The served food is quite local and special. It is not necessary to dine in the formal and alleged famous restaurants. Choose a small one and choose a local simple food like the seafood noodles or fried rice with eggs, and they impress you with a different taste and flavor. All the foods deserve your taste though the price is a little bit higher (the fried rice with eggs is charged averagely 15 RMB, and the seafood is 20 RMB).

After dining, taking a slow and free walk to the entrance of the scenic zone like Lingfeng Scenic Zone will be a nice enjoyment. Yandang Mountains scenic area is close to the sea and remote from the big city. It is away from air pollution and noise. Taking a deep breath here with your honey and kids, it is safe! If possible, you can enjoy a night travel to Lingfeng Scenic Zone, which is famous to explore in the evening.

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