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Wenzhou Tourist Attractions


Located in the southernmost region of Zhejiang province, Wenzhou with an abbreviation of Ou is the second largest economic city of this province and the famous private economic development center of China. By the way, Wenzhou is one of main central cities of Zhejiang province. The businessman of Wenzhou is worldwide famous and reputed as the Oriental Jews. Wenzhou has a long history of more than 2,000 years since its city constructed. Wenzhou is the frontline of China’s opening and reform implementation and the private economic development of China. Wenzhou has three municipal districts – Lucheng District, Longwan District and Ouhai District. Also, there are 6 counties as well, except two county-level cities.

Wenzhou is the cradle of Chinese Mathematician and the hometown of southern China’s operas. Interestingly, the dialect of Wenzhou is one of the most difficult local languages to understand. Wenzhou is also a hot tourist destination in China, and was ranked one of 100 strongest tourist cities in China. In 2012, it was selected to be the Comprehensive Zone of Financial Reform and Trial. In 2013, it was listed into the first group of national test wisdom cities.

The Natural Landmarks in Wenzhou

Wenzhou is in possession of 1 national historical & cultural township, 1 tourist economy zone, 2 world geo-parks, 2 national natural reserves, 3 national key tourist scenic areas, 5 national forest parks, and 15 cultural sites under national protection. The main tourist attractions listed below:

  • Yandang Mountain(雁荡山). Located in Yueqing, Wenzhou, this is one of China’s most famous mountains and the landmark tourist area in southern China, and has an honor of Southeast China’s No.1 Mountain in history. In the world, it is known as the world geo-park. The highlights of Yandang Mountain Scenic Area are Lingfeng Peak (Spiritual Peak), Lingyan Rock (Spiritual Rock) and Dalongqiu Pond (Giant Dragon Pond). More to read at the Introduction to Yandang Mountain >>>

  • Nanxi River(楠溪江). Located in Yongjia county, northern Wenzhou, it is only 26 kilometers away from downtown Wenzhou, and near to Yandang Mountain and Xiandu. Nanxi River is a top tourist attraction of Zhejiang province. Some unique historical sites are available such as ancient pagodas, bridges, pavilions, pailou and ancient battlefields. The local ancient villages along the Nanxi River are one of China’s top four famous folk residences. It boasts the historical bookroom of Chinese countryside culture. More to read at the Introduction to Nanxi River >>>

  • Ou River(瓯江). This is the second largest river of Zhejiang province. The length of the river is 379.93 kilometers. The upper stream of the river goes through the high mountain and forms lots of rapid flows and dangerous shoal. The downstream is across the some downtown areas. Such as the northern bank of the river is Yongjia County and Yueqing City. The southern bank is the downtown Wenzhou. There are several famous islets or islands in the middle of the river such as the Xizhou Island in Lucheng District, Jiangxinyu Island in Lucheng District, Qidutu in Lucheng District and Lingkun Island in Longwan District. Among them, the most famous one is Jiangxinyu Island. More to read at the Introduction to Ou River >>>

  • Jiangxinyu Island (江心屿). One of four most famous islands in the river together with Gulang Island and Dongmen Island of Fujian province, and Orchid Island of Taiwan, it has a wonderful landscape. The pagodas and Jiangxi temple are the highlights of the scenic zone. Traditionally, it is famous as the Penglai Island of Ou River. Lots of historical and cultural celebrities left their poems here. By the way, the former British Consulate to Wenzhou is located here. More to read at the Introduction to Jiangxinyu Island >>>

  • Nanji Island (南麂岛). Also known Haishan, it is only 50 sea miles from downtown Wenzhou. Nanji Island is the largest one in the 52 islands of Nanji. It obviously features the oceanic scenery. In 1990, it was approved to be one of five national oceanic natural reserves in China. To enjoy a seaside life and a beach holiday, this may be your ideal choice. More to read at the Introduction to Nanji Island >>>

The Cultural Landmarks in Wenzhou

Wenzhou traditionally is a cultural center of southern China, especially after the several big historical southward migrations. Lots of great souls born here and numerous historical and cultural heritage sites remain here. They are the valuable memories of Wenzhou people and the important historical clues to discover an authentic China in ancient times. Some of the cultural heritage sites listed below:

  • Yuhai Tower (玉海楼). Located at Daoyuanqianjie Street, downtown Rui’an, it is one of famous ancient libraries in Jiangnan region. In 1889, Sun Yiyan, an official of Qing Government, established the library, and he adored the knowledgeable Wang Yinglin, a famous scholar of Song Dynasty, and then the library was named after Mr.Wang’s great work Yuhai(The Sea of Jade), a famous encyclopedia-style book. Sun’s Son Sun Yirang was a great master of late Qing Dynasty and stayed here for more than 30 years. It is comprised of the library, the former residence of Sun Yirang and Baijin Hall. Today, it is a national key cultural site in China. More to read at the Introduction to Yuhai Tower >>>

  • Taishun Tulou (泰顺土楼). Located in Shangjiaoyang Village, Luoyang Town, Taishun County, it was written into the seventh group of national key cultural site list. The exterior wall is made of the strip stones. The tulou building of Shangjiaoyang was built in late Qing Dynasty and the residence of Zeng fanily, who moved here from Quanzhou, Fuzhou, a world famous city for Fujian Tulou.

  • Taishun Bridge (泰顺廊桥). In Taishun, there are many well-preserved wooden arch-style corridor bridge build in different dynasties from Tang to Qing Dynasties. They are only available in Taishun. So it becomes the landmark and the iconic site of tourism in Wenzhou. More to read at the Introduction to Taishun Bridge >>>

  • Puzhuangsuo Township (蒲壮所城). Also known as Puzhuangsuo Fortress, it is located at Pucheng, Cangnan County, a place at the junction of Zhejiang province and Fujian province. Puzhuangsuo Fortress is Chinese ancient fortress for coastal defense. It was built in 1384 to defense against the Japanese pirates. In 1443, it was changed to today’s name and abbreviated as Pucheng. In 1996, it was one of national key cultural sites in China. More to read at the Introduction to Puzhuangsuo Fortress >>>

  • Temple & Tomb o Liu Bowen. The cemetery and temple of Liu Bowen is located in Nantian Town, Wencheng County, Wenzhou. Liu Bowen also called Liu Ji was the teacher of Zhu Yuanzhang who was the founder and first emperor of Ming Dynasty. This was a legendary man in history of China. He was a Taoist with a supernatural power of prediction, and in 2001, it was listed to be a national key cultural site of China. More to read at the Biography of Liu Bowen >>>

  • Yongchang Fortress (永昌堡). A military fortress of Ming Dynasty built in 1558, it also called New Town, is located at Yongchang Township, Longwan District, Wenzhou. Similar to Puzhuangsuo Fortress, it was built also for coastal defense. In Ming Dynasty, the coastal area of Wenzhou was always intruded by Japanese pirates; especially the anti-pirate leader Wang Pei and Wang De died in the fighting, the nephews of them built this fortress. Today, it is an important cultural site under the national protection.

  • Siliandui Paper Workshop (四连碓造纸作坊). Known as the living fossil of Chinese ancient papermaking technology, it is located in Zeya Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou. In the period of Late Yuan Dynasty and Early Ming Dynasty, the people of Nanping in Fujian province moved here to avoid the warfare. They made full use of the local resources, especially the bamboos, to make the paper and the paper was named Nanping Paper. In Ming Dynasty, Zeya boasted the Mountain of Paper, and the Siliandui Paper Worship was built at the times. In 2001, it was listed as an important cultural site under the national protection. More to read at the Introduction to Siliandui Paper Workshop >>>

  • Shengjingshan Stone Hall (圣井山石殿). This is the oldest, largest and best-preserved stone-structured building complex in Wenzhou. In the hall, there are many historical records of local people’s praying for rainfall in the period from Song to Ming Dynasties. In 2006, it was listed as the important cultural site under the national protection. More to read at the Introduction to Shengjingshan Stone Hall >>>

  • Shishui Bridge of Happenings (仕水碇歩). The origin of bridge in China was formed with the boats. It is a type of floating bridge. As time goes, the stone-made bridges appeared. It is comprised of many stones. More to read at the Introduction to Shishui Bridge of Happenings>>>

  • The other important tourist attractions under the national protection also include Shunxi Ancient Building Complex, Lotus Village Ancient Building Complex, Hu Family's Grand Mansion, Hufa Temple, Old Site of Liji Hospital, Gao Family’s Cemetery, Nange Pailou Building Clusters, Chixi Wudong Bridge, Stone Tombs in South Zhejiang and so on.

The Universities in Wenzhou

As a regional central university of Zhejiang province, Wenzhou also plays a key role of education, especially the university or college education. It is also a famous test land of China’s higher education reform since the establishment of Wenzhou-Kean University. The local prestigious universities are represented by Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Medical University.

  • Wenzhou-Kean University. As one of co-established universities in China, Wenzhou-Kean University is the first cooperative university between USA and China in Zhejiang province. Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. This will be a big breakthrough of education reform in China. More to read at the Introduction to Wenzhou-Kean University >>>

  • Wenzhou University. This is regional comprehensive university. It was built in 1933 by Huang Suchu and initially named Wenzhou Normal School. In 1978, it was upgraded to be Wenzhou Normal College. Since then, Wenzhou Educational College, Wenzhou Kindergarten Training School, Rui’an Normal School and Pingyang Normal School were annexed. In 2006, it was upgraded again to be Wenzhou University after annexing the formal Wenzhou University (a vocational school). Today, it is the most famous university in Wenzhou, and one of top universities in Zhejiang Province. More to read at the Introduction to Wenzhou University >>>

  • Wenzhou Medical University. Known as a provincial key university and a famous medical university in China. The history of this university could be dated back to Zhejiang Medical School established in 1912. In 1958, a part of former Zhejiang Medical University (annexed by Zhejiang University in 1998) was moved to Wenzhou from Hangzhou and named The Second Medical College of Zhejiang Province, and in 2013, it was officially changed to be Wenzhou Medical University. It ranks the 8th place among the medical universities in China. More to read at the Introduction to Wenzhou Medical University >>>

  • The other typical universities in Wenzhou also include Wenzhou Overseas Chinese University, Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College and Wenzhou Industry & Trade Vocational College

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