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Shaoxing Shen Garden Night Show Ticketing Service


Photos of Shen Garden Show

Shaoxing Shen Garden Night Show
(Free for deliverying the Ticket)

Welcome to MildChina! We are a local tour operator and also the official ticketing agent of Shaoxing Shen Garden Night Show. Buy tickets online, Unbeatable Price! Easy to Pay! Easy to get the ticket!

Avenue: A Courtyard in Shen Garden
Time: 18:30-21:30 (usual show time everyday)
Address: No.318 Luxunzhong Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing 312000, China

Transportation: Take bus routes 52, 88. If you go from railway station, you can take bus 7 and sightseeing bus east line. Or take a taxi and the starting fare is 8 CNY

Note: Show time and show schedule are to be updated according to booking volume. Please enquire us for up-to-date show schedule.

The Show Ticket Pricing

Published Price Our Discount Price
80 CNY 70 CNY

Child Policy:
1. "Child Price", as shown in the above table for child over 1.2 meter and under 1.5 meters, seat is available.
2. No charge for children under 1.2 meter in height, provided that the child does not occupy a seat. If the child occupies a seat, the price is 75%? of the adult ticket price .
3. Full fare must be paid for children over 1.5 meters tall.
4. Child policy is depending on child's height not on child's age.

Warm Prompt:
1. Additionally, due to the small size of the performance venue, the maximum amount of audiences is absolutely limited. If you want to have a look at it, please contact us as soon as you can, and the better seats you will get if you book it much earlier.
2. Annually, the time from January 21 to January 30 is for performers’ rest and reorganization, so it is not available during this period, and you can have a festive tour in Shaoxing, thanks to the time of Chinese Spring Festival.

How to Book the Show Ticket * Book Normal Seats First Show
1. Send us Inquiry E-mail for booking
2. Pay by PayPal/Western Union...
3. Get the "Booking Confirmation" email
4. Get the ticket at the entrance of the show place or delivery to the address you provide

The Pictures of Shen Garden Night Show


The Introduction to Shen Garden

Shen Garden or Shen Yuan is a typical classical garden located in Shaoxing, a time-honored city in southern Hangzhou. Shen Yuan Zhi Ye (沈园之夜) , literally translated to be The Night Show of Shen Garden or A Dream Back to Shen Garden, is the only nighttime travel activity in Shaoxing. The venue is Shuanggui Hall(双桂堂). It is a quite classical courtyard performance in southern Yangtze River Delta. Before the show, travelers can have a night visit to this classical private garden in which a romantic and sad love story is hidden – the love between Tang Wan and Lu You, (1125-1210), who was the most famous patriotic and talented poet in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).

Lu You (陆游) was born in 1125 in Shaoxing, and married Tang Wan in 1144. They were deep in love with each other. But, Lu You’s mother was not satisfied with Tang Wan because she could not give birth for Lu family line in the past three years, and also the deep love of Tang Wan to Lu You disturbed Lu You's imperial examination preparation. She finally made her son cast off Tang Wan and send her home in 1145. Afterwards, Lu You and Tang Wan respectively got married to other people and lost contact with each other. (The second wife of Lu You was a Wang family's girl).

Ten years later, when Lu You was enjoying the beautiful spring scenery in Shen Garden, he encountered Tang Wan and her husband, who was also a famous scholar named Zhao Shicheng (赵士程). The two met with sorrow as deep as sea. And the deeply-buried love seems to be the hardest word between them. Tang Wan sent a servant to send food and drink to Lu You as a greeting and then left. Lu You recalled the happy memory which was gone forever, and felt so sad that he got drunk and wrote a Ci poem on a wall of Shen Garden, which expressed his sorrow and regret. Later, Tang Wan saw the poem and wrote one in reply. She was so disheartened that she fell sick and died before long. Her death left an incurable scar on Lu You’s heart. Lu You revisited the garden for many times and wrote a lot of poems in memory of Tang Wan. These poems together with the two Ci poems and the tragic love story made Shen Garden a famous garden.

The two famous Ci poems were both composed according to the Ci Pai (tune): Chai Tou Feng (Phoenix Hairpine, 钗头凤). They were respectively written by Lu You and his ex-wife: Tang Wan. The two expressed their deep and hopeless love in their Ci poems.

Phoenix Hairpine created by Lu You to express his desperation and sadness

lu you
The profile of Lu You
红酥手 - Thy gentle pink hands so fine
黄縢酒 - Presented me Huang-Teng wine
满城春色- The whole town full of Spring scene
宫墙柳- Willows above the palace wall so green
东风恶- East Wind Blows evil and hard
欢情薄- Our happiness thin like a card
一杯愁绪- Filled with gloom, I’d sing a blue song
几年离索- Apart from thou, I’ve been sad for years long
错!错!错!- Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

春如旧- Spring stays the same
人空瘦- Only thou become so slim
泪痕红浥- Tears moisten the rouge on thy cheek
鲛绡透- Red tear stains soak the silk hankie
桃花落- By the deserted pavilion and pond
闲池阁- Peach Blossoms lonesomely fall
山盟虽在- Oath still in my heart, though
锦书难托- letters to thou have no place to go
莫!莫!莫!- No! No! No!

Phoenix Hairpine created by Tang Wan to express her desperation and sadness

tang wan
The profile of Tang Wan
世情薄- The ways of world is thin as a veil,
人情恶- The ways of men seem to be vile,
雨送黄昏花易落- Dusk goes away in the rain, Flowers are easy to fall.
晓风干- At dawn the wind blows high,
泪痕残- Tear stains have run dry.
欲笺心事- I wish to voice my sorrow in a mail,
独倚斜阑- Leaning on the railing, I chat alone,
难,难,难!- Hard, hard, hard! I can't voice my sorrow at all!

人成各- We go each our ways,
今非昨- Gone are our past days.
病魂常似秋千索- My sick soul haunts me like a swing's rope.
角声寒- The sad horn has a chilly sound,
夜阑珊- In this dead silence of night;
怕人寻问- For fear my sorrow may be found.
咽泪装欢- I try to put up a show of joy, but I have swallowed my tears.
瞒,瞒,瞒!- Hide, hide, hide! How can I voice this sad tale at all!

The Overview of Shen Garden Night Show

Shen Garden Night Show is the only night performance in Shaoxing quite famous for its unique stories and funny words. The show takes this famous classical garden of Song Dynasty as the Scene. The whole night show is typically characterized of Song Dynasty’s wonderful scenery, the featured marketplaces and blocks, the vendors’ calling for attracting more buyers, colorful costumes of Song Dynasty wore on the people, the groups of servant girls, the rarely seen stage property for dancing, and the traditional classic folk music and the sad love stories bring all back to the history of Song Dynasty. It has the travelers go and stay with the history.

The highlight of the nightlife is the night show in Shuanggui Hall, and an outdoor show actually. The whole performance is themed with the love story of Tang Wan and Lu You, and there is also an interpretation to Chai Tou Feng. The whole show displays the local traditional operas and a series of related legends based on the current understanding, especially the host, who acts as the steward in Shen Garden, is quite humorous and makes the different performances in a harmony and an entirety. Have you ever seen the ancient people dancing the Disco and speaking in English? Have you seen an extension of this tragic story that Lu You and Tang Wan finally stay together? They are all in the stage of the courtyard. Furthermore, Yingge Ban, Lian Hua Lao, Huangmei Opera, Yue Opera, Pop Music and the instrumental performances are all integrated together…, It deserves your enjoyment!


How to Book the Show Ticket?

Pay by PayPal
PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address. But, first you have to register your details (including Credit Card details) with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so that you are the only one who can access your PayPal account. For more details, plz refer to However the 4% transfer fee charged by PayPal will be added. That is, you have to pay: Quotation Amount + 4% service fee.

Our PayPal Account is:

Pay by Western Union

Western Union 
Advantage:Cost only several minutes and much faster than to do so with banks in several days. 
You can find a local agent near you from Western Union to deal the transfer.

Pay upon Delivery and Get the Ticket (in Hangzhou)
If all options do not suit you, pay upon delivery in Hangzhou should be your last choice! We will send one person bring you the ticket and wait you at the entrance of the show place. It's free for delivery!

Plus, if you prefer paying fees through the bank accounts, please read our official page of bank accounts list

If you plan to have a city tour in Shaoxing, please go to the booking page of Shaoxing tours >>>

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