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The Romance of Song Dynasty Show Ticket Booking Service


Romance of Song Dynasty

Romance of Song Dynasty Show
(Free for deliverying the Ticket)

Welcome to Mildchina! We are the source in Hangzhou and we are the official ticketing agent of Romance of Song Dynasty Show. Buy tickets online, Unbeatable Price! Easy to Pay! Easy to get the ticket!

Avenue:Theater in Song Park Scenic Spot
Address: Songcheng Grand Theater (148 Zhijiang Blvd)
Transportation: Transportation: Take bus routes 190, 202, 280, 308, 354, 4, 808 to Zhejiang University (Zhijiang campus) and walk for another 16 meters to destination
19:00-20:00 (usual show time)
Usually there are 2 or 3 shows every day. Show time and show schedule are to be updated according to booking volume. Please enquire us for up-to-date show schedule.

Ticket Pricing

Type of the Seats Published Price Our Discount Price Child Price
VIP Seat USD 47 USD 44 USD 41
Honored-Guest Seat USD 50 USD 47 USD 44
Best Seat USD 80 USD 79 USD 76

Child Policy:
1. "Child Price", as shown in the above table for child over 1.2 meter and under 1.5 meters, seat is available.
2. No charge for children under 1.2 meter in height, provided that the child does not occupy a seat. If the child occupies a seat, the price is 75%? of the adult ticket price .
3. Full fare must be paid for children over 1.5 meters tall.
4. Child policy is depending on child's height not on child's age.

How to Book the Show Ticket * Book Normal Seats First Show
1. Send us Inquiry E-mail for booking
2. Pay by PayPal/Western Union...
3. Get the "Booking Confirmation" email
4. Get the ticket at the entrance of the show place or delivery to the address you provide

General Introduction

Give us one night, we'll give you one thousand years. Romance of the Song Dynasty is the most popular evening show in Eastern China cities. The grand stage show will take you back to thousands years ago to explore the culture and history of this historical city.

The Romance of the Song Dynasty is a large stereoscopic musical drama which was wholeheartedly made by Song Dynasty City. The drama adopted the old stories and legends in Hangzhou City, integrated the world music with acrobatic art, applied the high technology to create a dreamy poetic imagery. You can have a strong visual impact. Till now, the drama has received more than ten million audiences and wins a large outpouring of favorable comments. It is a must for the visitors coming to Hangzhou.

The Song Dynasty ruled China from 1127 to 1279, moving their capital to Hangzhou in 1129. The Song Dynasty was a period of prosperity in China. Marco Polo is believed to have visited China during this time and was amazed to see huge cities of over a million people, vast amounts of commerce and busy river and canal traffic. In dedication to its rich history, 50 million RMB was invested to set up "the Song Dynasty Town" in Hangzhou. The town can be divided into six parts, Reappearance of the Painting "Riverside Scene on Qingming Festival", Jiulong Square, Song Dynasty Town Square, Fairy Hills with Wonderful Towers, Song Palaces and the Romance of the Song Dynasty, among which the Romance of Song Dynasty is the most amazing part in the whole park.

Generally, travelers in Hangzhou must go to four destinations: West Lake, Tea Plantation, Temple Complex and Song Dynasty Town, while The Romance of the Song Dynasty is the easy and convenient way for visitors to understand the all-sided charm of tangible and intangible heritages comprised of legend, myth, love stories, tradition, history and classical lifestyles. With 120 square meters LED screen, 300 square meters water arena,3000 square meters scene of misty rain and 100 meters time tunnel, the spectators may be impressed as if they live one thousand years back. The performance together with Moulin in Paris of France and O Show in Las Vegas, are “World’s Top Three Famous Shows”. The visitors who saw this life-like performance are much impressed.(More Details of The Romance of Song Dynasty)

Five Scenes of The Romance of Song Dynasty:

The first scene is " The Down civilization Of The Liangzhu Culture", let's get back to 8000 to 5000 years ago our forefather lived in this land and created the Liangzhu Culture which is regarded as the Down Civilization in China.

The second scene is "The Banquet Dance in the Song Palace", during the Southern Song Dynasty Hangzhou was served as the capital city for the whole China and Hangzhou reached its height during this dunasty. In this scene, all the actors and actress with exceptional traditional costumes dress up like emperor, empress, palace officials, and palace entertainers, all dancing to ancient Chinese music. The dance present tourists the living scene in the ancient palace.

The third scene is "Against Jurchens Battle",
this scene is performed in honor of the much-respected General Yue Fei, a renowned general of the Song Dynasty who fought against Jurchens invaders from the northern part of china.

The fourth scene is "the Remarkable West Lake and its Beautiful Tales",
legends like "The White Snake Turned Lady " and "The Butterfly Lovers" are vividly performed by the talented ballet dancers, accompanied by sweet or sorrowful music. In this scene of love, betrayal, and sacrifice, there are water fountains, laser lights, mist, and even drizzling drops of water falling all over the theatre like rain. The legends are brought to life. And this scene will makes you further understand that Hangzhou is the love capital in China.

The final scene of the night is "the World Meets Here & Hangzhou Essence",
with dances from all over of Asia to show that the world is big falimy.


How to Book the Show Ticket?

Pay by PayPal
PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address. But, first you have to register your details (including Credit Card details) with PayPal. As part of this process you decide on a password so that you are the only one who can access your PayPal account. For more details, plz refer to However the 4% transfer fee charged by PayPal will be added. That is, you have to pay: Quotation Amount + 4% service fee.

Our PayPal Account is:

Pay by Western Union

Western Union 
Advantage:Cost only several minutes and much faster than to do so with banks in several days. 
You can find a local agent near you from Western Union to deal the transfer.

Pay upon Delivery and Get the Ticket (in Hangzhou)
If all options do not suit you, pay upon delivery in Hangzhou should be your last choice! We will send one person bring you the ticket and wait you at the entrance of the show place. It's free for delivery!

Plus, if you prefer paying fees through the bank accounts, please read our official page of bank accounts list

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