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Hangzhou Legend of Romance Show Ticket Booking Service


The Legend of Romance Show or Wu Yue Qian Gu Qing (吴越千古情) is the second greatest indoor performance designed and operated by Song Cheng (Song Dynasty Town), No.1 cultural performance group of China, and the designer and operator of The Romance of Song Dynasty as well. It ranks one of top four shows in East China with a total cost of 2,500 million RMB. Song Cheng for many years professionally designs this unsurpassed performance. It gets the great comments after its first show.

The show centers on the history of Hangzhou, especially a legendary historical event of the fighting between Wu Kingdom and Chu Kingdom for hegemony in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC), as well the love story between Beauty Xi Shi(西施) and Fan Li(范蠡). The culture of Wu and Yue Kingdoms derived from that remote time is poetic, romantic, and also is full of blood, love, hatred and ambitions. The Legend of Romance Show revives that part of glories of Wu and Kingdom buried underwater in 30,000 hectares of Xianghu Lake Waters. It sharpens the cultural character of Hangzhou.

Where to See The Grand Theater of Hangzhou Amusement Park (Fengqing Avenue 2555, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou)
Duration 13:00-13:45/19:45-20:45 (two performances per day)
Price 250 CNY/per person - VIP Seat & Vehicle Travel
220 CNY/per person - VIP Seat
Telephone 0086 - 571 - 86020779
Mobile Phone 0086 - 15867110893

The fees should be paid in advance, since the ticket booking or reservation needs deposit. It is not permitted to pay the whole fees after the end of the whole sightseeing.


The whole show consists of five phases –

The preface - Feng Xue Qiu Tu(风雪囚徒, The prisoner moved to Wu Kingdom on a flurry day). During the period of Spring and Autumn, all powers of China fought against each other for hegemony. Qin, Chu, Jin, Qi, Song, Lu and other kingdoms controlled the middle China, and in the east China, Jiangnan region, two powers rose rapidly, and they were Wu and Yue Kingdoms. They have fought against each other for a long time. But Wu Kingdom under the leadership of He Lv and Fu Chai, became more and more powerful, and defeated Chu and Qi in a sequence. In 494 BC, Wu troops intruded southwardly, and occupied Yue Kingdom though a deadly defense was suffered as well. In the result, Yue Kingdom lost in the battlefield (which was said to be located in the site around Xianghu Lake, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou), due to the inferiority in power, and King Goujian was imprisoned, and on a furry day, he was moved to Suzhou, the capital of Wu Kingdom.

The first scene – Xi Shi Huan Sha (西施浣纱, Beauty Xi Shi Washes Silk Voiles). The warfare lasted for a long time, and the bad news of Yue Kingdom lost in war did not get to a remote village, where Xi Shi together with her companions lived. They preferred the Ruoye Stream and Zhuoluo Mountain. Under the silver moonlight, Xi Shi with other girls bathed and washed the silk voiles. All was so peaceful and tranquil that the situation suddenly changed was not sensed at all.

The second scene – Jing Yan Wu Gong (惊艳吴宫, The Beauty Ranks No.1 in Wu Kingdom’s Palace ). As a loser in battle, for saving this kingdom, Gou Jian secretly used a honey trap (use a seductive woman to corrupt the King of Wu), and planned to present Xi Shi to Fu Chai, the kind of Wu Kingdom. The girl’s dream was broken absolutely, and the mission she shouldered made she feel so heavy. She missed her hometown so much, as well as that man, a far but near lover.

The third – Fu Guo Zhi Zhan (复国之战, The War for Restoring Yue Kingdom). Han Gou Ren Ru (含垢忍辱, Bear Shame and Humiliation) and Wo Xin Chang Dan (卧薪尝胆, Sleep on the Brushwood and Taste the Gall to Nurse Vengeance), two famous idioms depicting the sufferings of Gou Jian in the process of rebuilding Yue Kingdom. Through ten years’ development and lessons, Yue Kingdom gradually became powerful. In 482 BC, Gou Jian led his troop northwardly to defeat Wu Kingdom. And in 473 BC, Yue troops occupied the capital of Wu Kingdom. And whole ambition of restoring Yue Kingdom and became a state of hegemony in the powers. During the peak time, the second great contributor, Fan Li, retreated secretly and disappeared in West Lake with Xi Shi.

The last part – Shi Jie Xiang Ju (世界相聚, Meet the World). The past is always the past. Today where we stand, used to be the bloody battlefield, is a peaceful and rich land. As a worldwide famous tourist destination, Hangzhou shows its fantastic aspect to the world via learning the lessons of the history.

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