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Suzhou renowned to be the Oriental Venice is a famous garden-style and cultural city with thousands of years of history. Used to be the first city built by Tai Bo, the eldest uncle of King Wenwang of Zhou period and the forefather of Suzhou citizens, and the center of Jiangnan region, Suzhou also internationally is known as an elegant water city comprised of many time-honored water towns like Zhouzhuang water town, Luzhi water town and Mudu ancient town. Suzhou as an important tourist destination of mainland China impresses a lot of visitors thanks to its elegance from dramatic history and elite culture. Most of Chinese ancient poets, writers, calligraphists, painting masters, musicians and playwrights, educationists and novelists were all closely connected with Suzhou or directly from Suzhou. Besides, a great number of cultural relics or historic sites in Suzhou deeply feature the romantic stories or touching historic events. Suzhou tour in this way is Suzhou culture tour, Suzhou history tour, Jiangnan ancient town tour and Suzhou water town tour. Additionally, Suzhou is also the hometown of Kunqu opera, brocade and famous local cuisine, Suzhou tour is also themed with an intangible cultural heritage experience. Kunqu opera and brocade are both the UNESCO intangible heritage, and the world-famous UNESCO sites of Suzhou is classical gardens. Enjoying the garden travel is surely an important segment of your Suzhou tour. Suzhou tour package and Suzhou customized tour of Mildchina will help you have an unforgettable enjoyment in Suzhou, as well as assist you to learn more about the history and culture of ancient China. We also elaborately design some highlighted tour of Suzhou as below to facilitate your options.

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classic suzhou tour
Classic Suzhou Tour
Lingering Garden . Suzhou Museum . Pan Gate . The No.1 Silk Factory ...
This is the 2 days classic Suzhou tours highlighted with the gardens and ancient building complexes together with the enjoyment of dreamlike night show in gardens ...
Tour NO. MC-SZT-01
2 Days, From 76 $

classic suzhou tours
Suzhou Day Tour
Grand Canal . Panmen Gate . Lingering Garden . Silk Factory ...
Shanghai Day Tour is a popular and basic tour to know Shanghai in general. It helps tourists experience the highlights of Shanghai...
Tour NO. MC-SZT-02
1 Day, From 66 $

suzhou tours
Suzhou and Ancient Water Town Tour
Grand Canal . Panmen Gate . Lingering Garden . Silk Factory . Hanshan Temple . Tongli Water Town ...
This is a typical Suzhou city tour from the downtown area to the surrounding water town, and it nearly includes all the classic tourist attractions of Suzhou ....
Tour NO. MC-SZT-03
3 Days, From 270 $

suzhou tours
Classic Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Tours
West Lake . Lingyin Temple . Yuyuan Garden . Hanshan Temple ...
This is the 5 days classic tour of east China highlighted with the intersection of traditional elite culture and the modern metropolitan fashion...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-01
5 Days, From 220 $

jiangnan tours including suzhou
Classic East China Tours
West Lake . Humble Administrators Garden . Oriental Pearl Tower . Lingyin Temple ...
East China Tours highlighted with Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou city tours. Starting from Shanghai, the center of east China and the largest business ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-02
6 Days, From 310 $

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Suzhou Travel Suzhou Tours Suzhou Attractions Suzhou Travel Tips

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