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Taihu Lake Scenic Area Travel Guide


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Suzhou, Taihu Lake(太湖, or Lake Tai) is one of five largest freshwater lakes throughout China, and the largest lake in east China. (Two lakes in east China are quite famous, and the other is Chaohu Lake located in Hefei, Anhui province), and currently, it is also the second largest freshwater in China, due to the water area shrink of Dongting Lake in Hunan province. Situated in southern Jiangsu province and northern Zhejiang province, it is largely surrounded by several famous cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Huzhou and Changzhou, in Jiangsu province, exactly covering today’s four district of Suzhou - Wuzhong District, Wujiang District, Xiangcheng District and Huqiu District, two parts of Wuxi – Hubin District and Yixing City, and Wujin District of Changzhou. In tourism, Taihu Lake is one of most famous tourist destinations in east China.

The Name Origin of Taihu Lake

The most acceptable saying of the name origin of Taihu Lake in history is in harmony with the cultural origin of Mild China Tours. It is derived from Tai Bo(泰伯), the first developer of east China or Jiangnan and the eldest son of Emperor Taiwang of Zhou or Gugong Danfu. For benefiting the whole Zhou, he retreated and gave the crown to his youngest brother Ji Li, who was said to have a saint-like son. And the son of Ji Li was foretold to be the leader saving and making Zhou powerful. In history, he was Wenwang, and the greatest leader commented highly by Confucianism, and the most important founder of Chinese civilization. Tai Bo and his elder brother Zhong Yong arrived in Jiangnan, and led the native to opening the wild area. For several years’ hard work, they establish a local state historically named Gou Wu (勾吴, in some history classics, it was written to be Ju Wu,句吴). Before officially named, it was primitively named Tai Bo Yi (泰伯邑, City of Tai Bo), and this city was built nearby that lake, and then this lake was officially named Lake Tai. Since its finalization of the name, it has a history over 3,000 years.

The Legend of Taihu Lake

In China, as for the origins of some historic sites, they are most always connected with myth. But the most famous story related to Taihu Lake is the story of Fan Li and Xi Shi. During the period of Wu and Yue wars, Fan Li(范蠡) helped Gou Jian occupy Wu State, and then resigned himself to departure from Yue State. Someone saw he went with Xi Shi (西施, one of most beautiful ladies in ancient China and a sacrifice who Gou Jian presented to Fu Chai of Wu State to undermine the Wu State). They took a small boat following the waterway into Taihu Lake, and nobody knew where they went. Just for this record, Taihu Lake had a close relationship with Fan Li. Today, in Wuxi section, there is a part named Lihu Lake(蠡湖) in memory of Fan Li. Additionally, Fan Li used to wrote his book over there. And this book was named Yang Yu Jing(养鱼经, The Book of Pisciculture). Fan Li in history also widely known as Tao Zhu Gong (陶朱公), the most noted and richest businessman before Qin unified China.

The Highlights of Taihu Lake Scenic Area

For thousands of years, Taihu Lake remains a lot of deserved highlights for traveling. In Suzhou, there are the classical gardens, Yonghui Temple, Tongyi Garden, Xuanyang Cave, Biyun Cave, Yuwang Temple, Baima Temple, Luohan Temple, Suzhou Taihu Lake Wetland Park and Taihu Lake National Resort. While in Changzhou, the highlights include Taihu Lake Bay Square, Global Animation Skylarking Valley, China Xiaodao Garden, Zhshan Lake Town, Wanze Taihu Lake Manor and National Dragon Boat Racing Base. In Wuxi, the tourist attractions boasting the most highlighted part of Taihu Lake Scenic Area, represented by Tortoise Head Garden of Taihu Lake, Wuxi Movie and TV City, Lingshan Grand Buddha Statue, Liyuan Garden and so on.

The Food & Tea in Taihu Lake Scenic Area

The famous food from Taihu Lake is represented by three whites, namely, silver fish, white fish and white shrimp. Furthermore, the crabs as the ingredients of cooking are also tasteful and delicious. The tea planted in Taihu Lake Scenic Area is quite famous. The tea is officially named Biluochun(碧螺春, Green Snail Spring), a kind of green teas in China, and ranks one of top ten teas in China as well. It is produced in Dongting Hill of Taihu Lake. The original name was Xia Sha Ren Xiang(吓煞人香, Scary Fragrance), and regionally known as Fo Dong Xin(佛动心, the Buddha’s desire is aroused) . It was said that it was discovered by a tea-picker who ran out of space in her basket and put the tea between her breasts instead. The tea, warmed by her body heat, emitted a strong aroma that surprised the girl. In historical record, Biluochun tea was widely famous as early as Sui and Tang Dynasties. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi called it Bi Luo Chun. Since then, it was officially called.

 The Highlighted Attractions of Suzhou

masters of the nets garden suzhou lingering garden suzhou museum suzhou tiger hill
Master of the Nets Garden Suzhou Lingering Garden Suzhou Museum Suzhou Tiger Hill
suzhou humble administrator garden suzhou hanshan temple suzhou silk museum suzhou shantang kunqu opera house
Suzhou Zhuozheng Garden Hangzhou Hanshan Temple Suzhou Silk Museum Shantang Kunqu House

 The Travel Guide of Suzhou

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Suzhou Travel Suzhou Tours Suzhou Attractions Suzhou Travel Tips

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