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Suzhou tourist attractions are the highlights of regional sightseeing. Suzhou is also rich in diverse travel resources. The most important quintessence of Suzhou attractions is its sites of history and culture. Suzhou is a paradise indeed of waters, hills, gardens and cuisines, also a fairyland for elites, litterateurs, artists, musicians, painters, calligraphers, book collectors and playwrights. Firstly, Suzhou is the center land of water towns such as Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Luzhi, Mudu etc, all of which are all the time-honored towns in China. They are all the hub of the regional waterways, and the residential centers of the local people. The folk culture and history of this area are sophisticatedly exhibited over here. Secondly, the museums, ancient streets and temples are the attractive scenic spots of Suzhou, and they remain the glorious past of Suzhou. Thirdly, the classical gardens of Suzhou are the must-see tourist attractions. They are the sites of world heritage and the typical artistic show of Jiangnan and the exquisite lifestyle of people in Jiangnan region. Finally, the intangible heritage and the traditional customs are the distinctive aspects of Suzhou to differ itself from other cities. Suzhou is one of ten top must-see tourist destinations in China, and its tourist attractions are the representatives of top Chinese attractions.

Suzhou Scenery

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Suzhou Attractions                                                                        (List of Suzhou Cultural Heritage Sites)

Main Tourist Attractions of Suzhou
Ancient Towns &

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (周庄)

Lili Ancient Town (黎里)

Tangli Ancient Village (堂里)

Shantang Ancient Town (山塘古镇)

▪ Shantang Kunqu Opera House (昆曲馆)

Tongli Ancient Town (同里)

Qiandeng Ancient Town (千灯)

Jinxi Ancient Town (锦溪)

Luxiang Ancient Village (陆巷)

Guangfu Ancient Town (光福)

Luzhi Ancient Town (甪直)

Mudu Ancient Town (木渎)
Classical Gardens

Humble Administrator's Garden (拙政园)

Great Wave Pavilion (沧浪亭)

The Lingering Garden (留园)

Lion Grove Garden (狮子林)

Master of the Nets Garden (网师园)

Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty (环秀山庄)

Garden of Cultivation (艺圃)

Couple's Retreat Garden (耦园)

Retreat & Reflection Garden (退思园)

Jingsi Garden (静思园)

Tinglin Garden (亭林园)

Calm Garden (定园)

Gaoyi Garden (高义园)

Shutai Park (书台公园)

▪ Zhangjiagang Park (张家港公园)

▪ Tongjing Park (桐泾公园)

▪ Stone Bamboo Garden (石竹园)

▪ Shang Lake Park (尚湖公园)

▪ Fangta Park (方塔公园)

▪ Heshan Park (何山公园)

▪ Quyuan Garden (曲园)

▪ Crane Garden (鹤园)

▪ Qiyuan Garden (启园)

▪ Chai Garden (柴园)

▪ Nanbei Banyuan Garden (南北半园)

▪ Leyin Garden (乐荫园)

▪ Wufeng Garden (五峰园)

▪ Shimei Garden (石梅园)

▪ Huiyin Garden (惠荫园)

▪ The Swallow Garden (燕园)

Gardens of Pleasure (怡园)

▪ Garden of Listening Maple (听枫园)

▪ Ceng Garden (曾园)

▪ Chang Garden (畅园)    

▪ Suzhou Park (苏州公园)

▪ Osmanthus Fragrans Park (桂花公园)
Natural Landscapes

Taihu Lake (太湖)

▪ Tianping Mountain (天平山)

Sheshan Island (佘山岛)

Sha Jia Bang (沙家浜)

Lotus Island (莲花岛)

▪ Luoxing Island (罗星洲)

▪ Lingyan Mountain (灵岩山)

▪ Tianchi Mountain (天池山)

▪ Zhixing Mountain (支硎山)

▪ Sanshan Island (三山岛)

▪ East Mountain (东山)

▪ Chunshen Lake (春申湖)

The Tiger Hill (虎丘)

▪ Qionglong Mountain (穹窿山)

Yangcheng Lake (阳澄湖)

Suzhou Grand Canal (古运河)

▪ Jinji Lake (金鸡湖)


Suzhou Culture and Arts Center

Suzhou Arts and Crafts Museum

Changshu Museum

Suzhou Folk Custom Museum

Suzhou Museum 

Suzhou Silk Museum

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Suzhou Stone Inscription Museum

China Kunqu Opera Museum

Ancient Camphor Tree Botanical Garden

Suzhou China Embroidery Art Museum

Suzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Historic & Cultural

▪ Suzhou Tieling Pass (苏州铁铃关)

Chunzai Tower (春在楼)

▪ Hejiuling Stone Pass (贺九岭石关)

Gengle Hall (耕乐堂)

Pagoda of Baoen Temple (报恩寺塔)

Chongben Hall (崇本堂)

Ruiguang Pagoda (瑞光塔)

Zhang Family's Hall (张厅)

▪ Double Pagodas at Luohan Court (罗汉院双塔)

Shijian Hall (师俭堂)

Panmen (盘门)

Prince Gong's Mansion (太平天国忠王府)

▪ Sanqiao Scenic Area (三桥)

Shen Family's Hall (沈厅)

▪ Yuecheng Bridge (越城桥)

Mingshan Hall (明善堂)

Zuishi Mountain Villa (醉石山庄)

▪ APEC Boat (APEC会议船坊)

Weimo Mountain Villa (维摩山庄)


▪ Sanjiaoju Wetland Park

▪ Yushan National Forest Park

▪ Wangshan Ecological Park

▪ Fengqiao Scenic Area

▪ Liangfeng Ecological Park

▪ Dongting Dongshan

▪ Baimajian Ecological Park

▪ Xiaodian Lake Forest Park

▪ Suzhou Guangfu Scenic Area

▪ Shahu Lake Ecological Park

▪ Hetang Yuese Wetland Park

▪ Dongting Xishan

▪ Baitang Ecological Botanical Garden


Hanshan Temple (寒山寺)

Suzhou Confucius Temple (苏州文庙)

Chongyuan Temple (重元寺)

Xuanmiao Taoist Temple (玄妙观)

Zijin Nunnery (紫金庵)

City God Temple (城隍庙)

Little Jiuhua Temple (小九华寺)

Copper Guanyin Temple (铜观音寺)

West Garden Temple (西园寺)

Xinfu Temple (兴福寺)

North Temple Pagoda (北塔报恩寺)

Situ Temple (司徒庙)

Yangjiaqiao Catholic Church (杨家桥天主堂)

Shengen Temple (圣恩寺)

Taipingfang Mosque (太平坊清真寺)

Xuanyuan Palace (轩辕宫)

Lingyan Mountain Temple (灵岩山寺)

Baoshan Temple (包山寺)
Local Highlights

Taihu Lake Bridge (太湖大桥)

Tomb of Han Shizhong (韩世忠墓)

▪ Suzhou Amusement Park (苏州乐园)

▪ Zhouzhuang Happy World (周庄欢乐世界)

The Former Residence of Wu Mei (吴梅故居)

The Former Residence of Yu Yue (俞樾故居)

Hengtang Yizhan (横塘驿站)

The Tomb of Tang Bohu (唐寅墓)

Suzhou Water Park (苏州水上乐园)

Suzhou Shilu Pedestrian Street (石路步行街)

Suzhou Ligong Causeway (李公堤)

Kuangong Memorial Temple (况公祠)

Pingjiang Road(平江路)

Lane of Dinghui Temple (定慧寺巷)

▪ Yangcheng Lake Holiday Resort (阳澄湖旅游度假中心)

 The Travel Guide of Suzhou

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