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Shanghai Pudong International Airport Transfer Service


How to travel to Shanghai, to foreign tourists, is a personalized option. Currently, the most popular way is by air. The international airfares become cheaper and cheaper. Access to China becomes easier as well. For making the whole journey impressive and convenient, many tourists overseas prefer choosing the internationally famous airways which mostly terminate at the international famous airports of China. In east China, Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the most famous one. Actually, Shanghai has two large airports, and one is Hongqiao International Airport, which is domestically-oriented airport, and the other is Pudong International Airport.

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Shanghai Pudong International Airport located in the mixed region of Jiangzhen, Shiwan and Zhuqiao bordering on the sea, Pudong New Area, with a total area of 40 square kilometers, and roughly 30 kilometers away from the downtown area of Shanghai. It is an internationally famous airport offering the fight service covering more than 90 international cities and 62 domestic cities. Today, it ranks one of three largest international airports in China, and the other two respectively are Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, it is only 52 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the other famous airport in China.

How to get to Shanghai Pudong International Airport?

1. Airport No.1 line: Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport, one-way fare 30RMB

2. Airport No.2 line: Pudong airport to the city airport terminal, one-way fare 22RMB. Terminal departure time is 5:30am, the interval is 15 minutes

3. Airport No.3 line: Pudong airport to the Galaxy Hotel, Long Yang Road subway station and Dapuqiao through stations, multiple levels of fares, full $ 20. Galaxy Hotel departure time of 5:30, the class interval of 15 minutes

4. Airport No.4 line: Pudong airport to the Hongkou Football Stadium, via Grand Cypress, Wujiaochang and other stations, multiple levels of fares, full range fare is 22RMB. Hongkou Football Stadium departure time is 5:40am, the interval is 20 minutes

5. Airport No.5 line: Pudong Airport to Shanghai Railway Station, via East Hospital, Peoples Square Station, the multi-class fare, full range fare is 22RMB. Train station departure time is 5:30am, the interval is 20 minutes

6. Airport No.6 line: Pudong Airport to Zhongshan Park, via West Yanan Road Huashan Road, Yanan middle Road Shimen one Road, Old Simon, Zhang Yang Road East Road, Long Yang Road subway station, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,Pudong International Airport Station.Full fare is 24RMB, interval is15-25 minutes.First bus is at 6:00am last bus is at 23:00pm.

7. Airport No.7 line: Pudong airport to Shanghai South Railway Station, full price is 20RMB

8. Airport circle line: Pudong Airport Terminal to the City Park Air, the fare is 3RMB. Air City Park departure time is 8:00am.

9. Rail and maglev: Metro Line 2 to Pudong International Airport Station time is from 7:00am to 21:00pm Maglev to Pudong International Airport Station fare is 50RMB one way.

The Private Transfer Service Route Marked on Google Map between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Downtown Shanghai

Necessary Tips

Luggage storage: There are two luggage storages, one is located at the hall No. 1door of building A the other is at the starting gate 5 from building B.

Post office: There are two sites; one is at the business center of No.5 terminal from building A, the other is at the No.5 terminal from building B.

ATM: there are 5 place where have ATM.the first place is the next door in reached hall of building A the second place is the south side of picking up area in building A the third place is located at the third doorside form building A the forth place is located at the sixth doorside from building B the sixth place is located at the fifth doorside from building B.

Lost and Found: at the Gate 1of Domestic Arrival Hall, telephone: (0086)021-62688899*42071.

Medical Point: There are two; one is at the 2nd Floor near the domestic departure hall security doors in building A, the other is at the 1st floor right of Domestic Arrival Hall in building B.

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