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Spiritual Purification & Life Simplification –
Zen Meditation and Retreat Stay in Hangzhou Ancient Temple(禅修聚气, 正本归一)


What this experience designed for –

The Truth of Life –

Why we design this spiritual experience? Firstly, we have to ask ourselves what life is! This is a philosophical question. We are common people, and life to us is just a one-way trip, comprised of daily working and sleeping, while the final destination of life is only a permanent sleeping. So, to all people alive, the key is to understand and enjoy the process of this lifelong trip, and try to make it rich, valuable and fascinating.

The Crisis of Us –

The modern world is roughly an urban world, in which we are always on the way to pursuit of desire, exactly the desire to wealth, material, social status, reputation, even the influence to history. But it is a Pandora’s Box full of endless temptations. Equally, the endless temptations mean the limitless choices, but life is definite! If we spend the definite life in the indefinite choice, what shall we be? Just get lost in the sea of temptations and suffer a spiritual and physical torture and pressure till the end of life. It is a tragic trip to us, isn’t it?

The Core of Zen –

So how to avoid or go through this fatal challenge, many people may take a deep consideration. This is also a philosophical question. In different philosophical system, there is a different way. Over the thousands of years in oriental world, Buddhism is the main reliance of individual to face these spiritual crises, or even the disasters, and indeed save more people from the hell of desire. Buddhists think the purity and simplicity of soul could prevent us from the intrusion of desire. Their lifestyle and the Zen meditation give the soul of people a chance to retreat from the annoyance and temptation of the earthly world, and have a self-check and self-purification, and finally get a spiritual peace. This is an effective way in China, also deeply and traditionally followed by many elites.

The Use of Experience -

We believe the power of Zen and the effect of Buddhism to make humankind simple, happy and peaceful. We believe what we design could let our participants know the core of life and happiness. Maybe, after this, it will be a new world to you and a new start to your life.

Follow us to have a Zen meditation.
Follow us to take a retreat of soul.
Follow us to experience a purification of life

The detailed arrangement of this experience–

Departure Places


Departure Time

19:00 Friday    


2 days and 2 nights








At 19:00

Gathering and departure


At 22:30

Sleep, no speaking



Morning class


Temple patrol

Zen Meditation

Master sharing time



Zen meditation

Zen tea




Master sharing time





Morning class



Zen meditation

Master sharing time




Zen meditation

Summary and sharing


Back to Shanghai




1.    Experience and conform to the temple regular life for 2 days and 2 nightsall timing is designed according to temple and spiritual practice.

2.    During the stay in the temple, all living, accommodation, meals will respect and follow the temple rules as it everything is a tool for spiritual maturity.

3.    Participants from other cities can come to Shanghai first or discuss details individually

What included–

- Transportation from Shanghai to destination and return
- All meals in the temple
- Temple accommodation and Zen meditation fee
- Interpretation service

What excluded–

- Expenses not mentioned in the itinerary

Organizer – China Yuandong International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Operator –
Time – weekend (from Friday to Sunday)
Price110 USD per person
Contact – Raphael Lee (李涛)
Hotline – 0086 - 571 - 87069086

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