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Shanghai World Financial Center Introduction & Entrance Ticket Booking Service


shanghai world financial center, swfc
Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center, also translated to be Shanghai Global Financial Hub, located in Lujiazui Zone, Pudong New Area, is a world-class skyscraper in China. It was built completely on August 29, 2008, currently the second tallest building in China and the third tallest building in the world, and also the world’s tallest building with the flat roof. The whole skyscraper is 492 meters high and there are 101 floors on the ground, and three floors underground, and the developer is Shanghai World Financial Center Co., Ltd, but the whole construction is invested by a foreign company, which is a Japanese company named Forest Overseas Co., Ltd. Specifically, Shanghai World Finance Center is jointly invested by more than 40 companies from Japan and the United States of America like Japanese Mori Building Cooperation. The whole investment is over 1 billion US Dollars. In accordance with the original design, the whole building is 460 meters high, and the project area is over 30,000 square meters, and the total architectural area is 381,600 square meters. It is in the neighborhood of Shanghai Jinmao Tower. Due to the influence of the Asia Financial Crisis, the project was paused, and resumed in February, 2003. At the meantime, the authorities of Taipei and Hong Kong both build their skyscrapers with a height over 480 meters, and both of them have surpassed the designed height of Shanghai World Finance Center. But the Japanese does not change their original ambition to build the world’s No.1 skyscraper.

The Highlights of Shanghai World Finance Center

Shanghai World Finance Center is the office buildings of many multinationals. Near to Huangpu River and the traditional downtown Shanghai, Shanghai World Finance Center is also a great site to have a grand bird’s-eye view of Shanghai. Therefore, there are several floors specially opened for tourists to have an elevated sightseeing. The Design of Building Floors as below: the marketplaces are from two floors underground to three floors on the ground. The meeting places are from floor 3 to floor 5. The offices are from floor 7 to floor 77. The hotel is from floor 79 to floor 93, which are managed by Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. The sightseeing places are from floor 94 to floor 100. The floor 94, floor 97 and floor 100 are the special sightseeing stories. The floor 94 is 423 meters high, and the area is approximately 750 square meters, and indoor height is 8 meters. In this hall, tourists not only view some scenes of the old shanghai but the grand views of Huangpu River. Floor 97 is the sightseeing skyway. It looks like an overbridge in the air, and it is made of the glass. The tourist on the bridge, may feel flying in the sky, even can touch the blue sky and the cloud. Floor 100 is a sightseeing sky pavilion. It is actually a 55 meter-long sightseeing corridor hanging in the air. It is roughly 474 meters high. Currently, it is also the world’s tallest sightseeing establishment. By the way, it has surpassed the heights of the sightseeing platform of Canadian National Television Tower and Burj Dubai Sightseeing Tower or Burj Khalifa Tower.

Shanghai World Financial Center   Shanghai World Financial Center   Shanghai World Financial Center

The Grand View of the Panoramic Pudong New Area with the Highlights of the Huge Building Groups of World-Famous Skyscrapers Represented by Shanghai World Financial Center

Ticket Booking Service of Mild China

As a leading travel agency of Shanghai and the largest online tour operator of East China, Mild China provides the service of ticket booking to save your time of buying tickets. Meanwhile, we promise the total cost we charge is the lowest, but service quality is unsurpassed in China. Welcome to this page, and please contact us through the details or leave us your requirements via the message form as below:

Price 110 CNY / per person
Telephone 0086 - 571 - 86020779
Mobile Phone 0086 - 15867110893

The fees should be paid in advance, since the ticket booking or reservation needs deposit. It is not permitted to pay the whole fees after the end of the whole sightseeing.(HOW TO PAY?)


Four No.1 of Shanghai World Finance Tower
shanghai world financial center, swfc
Shanghai World Financial Center

Firstly, humankind can reach the highest point, a height of 472 meters; the floor 100 is the tallest skyway that the humankind can touch. Secondly, there is the world’s highest dining room. The height of the restaurant is 416 meters, and it is located on the 93rd floor, and surely it is the globally top restaurant. Thirdly, there is the world’s highest swimming pool. The height of the swimming pool is 366 meters, and it is located on the 85th floor, and surely it boasts the World’s Highest Swimming Pool. There is the world’s highest hotel.

The specific address is Century Avenue 100, Pudong New Area. The working time is from 8:00 to 23:00. The bus services available include No.985, No.870, No.1, No.454, No.962 and No.798. And the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel and Subway N0.2 both have the exits at the point of Lujiazui. The surrounding tourist attractions include Jin Mao Tower, Lujiazui Financial Zone, Binjiang Square, Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong Ocean Aquarium and Greenland of Lujiazui.

The Ticket Prices for Shanghai World Finance Center

The students: 100 RMB per person to view floor 100, floor 94 and floor 97, and the preferential price only for viewing the floor 94 is 80RMB per person. The children with a height less than 1.4 meters only need pay 75 per person for visiting the floor 94, floor 97 and floor 100. and the preferential price only for floor 94 is 60 RMB per person. The senior people at the age over 60 only need pay 100 RMB per person for visiting the floor 94, floor 97 and floor 100 on condition that they can bring forth the effective license to verify their age. The children with a height less than 1 meter are free of charge. The handicapped people only need pay 75 RMB per person for visiting floor 94, floor 97 and floor 100. The preferential price only for floor 94 is 60 RMB per person. Exceptional notice: never bring the pets, flammable articles, knife, dangerous fluid and objects easily exploded into the skyscraper.


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