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Pudong New District Introduction


Pudong is the new economic engine of Shanghai, majority of Shanghai modern city landmarks are located in this district. In some way, Pudong represents the whole Shanghai and the 30 years’ achievements of Shanghai in the aspect of economy and reform. In the mind of policymakers, Pudong is actually a typical showcase of China’s great leap in all aspects. So in many videos, news, or publications, the images of Shanghai Pudong is the most popular as the classic representation of modern China. For the sake of politics, Chinese governments or policymakers care about their public or personal profiles very much. Therefore, the governmental promotion is always full of boast, and Pudong is used to their advantages. And in fact, Pudong is truly the representative show of China’s development over the past decades of years.

As a sub-provincial area in Shanghai, Pudong New Area covers a huge triangle-style area from the east side of Huangpu River to the mouth of Yangtze River. On the south side, it is connected with Fengxian District(奉贤区) and Minhang District(闵行区) . On the west side, it borders on Xuhui District (徐汇区), Huangpu District(黄浦区), Hongkou District (虹口区) , Yangpu District (杨浦区) and Baoshan District(宝山区). On the north side, it is opposite to Chongming Island. Nowadays, Pudong New Area is comprised of 13 communities, 24 towns and 1 natural reserve. 13 communities are Weifang New Village Community, Lujiazui Community, Zhoujiadu Community, Tangqiao Community, Shanggang New Village Community, Hudong New Village Community, Jinyang New Village Community, Yangjing Community, Puxing Road Community, Dongming Road Community, Huamu Community, Shengang Community. The 24 towns area Chuansha Town, Gaoqiao Town, Beicai Town, Heqing Town, Tang Town, Caolu Town, Jinqiao Town, Gaoxing Town, Gaodong Town, Zhangjiang Town, Sanlin Town, Huinan Town, Kangqiao Town, Zhoupu Town, Hangtou Town, Xinchang Town, Xuanqiao Town, Zhuqiao Town, Datuan Town, Laogao Town, Shuyuan Town, Wanxiang Town, Nicheng Town and Luchaogang Town. The only natural reserve is Jiuduansha Natural Reserve. This is the basic geographic show of Pudong, for the new travelers, it is better to figure it out on a specific map of downtown Shanghai.

The Skyscrapers and Convention Center in Pudong New Area. Shangahi

The History of Pudong New Area

Pudong was just an unknown part of the east deserted area of Huangpu River till the proposal of developing Pudong as a special economic new area was approved by the State Council in 1990. In 1980s, the policymakers of Shanghai begun to study how to extend the area of Shanghai to relieve the pressure from the high population density, short supply of housing, the limited downtown area, and in mid-period of 1980s, Wang Daohan(汪道涵, 1915-2005), the mayor of Shanghai, firstly suggested to develop Pudong, which was approved and supported by the municipal government of Shanghai. In March, 1990,Y ao Yilin(姚依林), the Vice-Premier of the State Council, led a group to investigate Pudong and quickly concluded their investigation into a report on Pudong Development. On April 18, 1990, Pudong was officially approved to be developed, and since then, Pudong got a fantastic development. Over the past decades of years of development, Pudong has become an international center of economy, finance, trade and shipping. Today, Pudong New Area boasts the Epitome of Shanghai Modern Development and the Symbol of Chinese Reform and Opening.

On April 24, 2009, Nanhui District was approved to be a new part of Pudong New Area. And the whole economic structure of Pudong was highlighted with the modern service industry and high-tech industry. The internationally famous Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone and Yangshan Bonded Port Zone are located in this new area. Pudong is the important transportation hub of Shanghai, on the coastline and river-line, the Yangshan Deepwater Port, Waigaoqiao Harbor and Pudong International Airport are the three transportation landmarks indeed. In 201o, Shanghai World Expo was hosted, and Pudong was the location of main pavilions. The history of Pudong New Area is too short, but it is too great!

The Tourist Attractions and Universities of Pudong New Area

The tourist attractions of Pudong New Area are highlighted with the modernity. The representatives mainly include: The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (Oriental Pearl Tower), Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, China Maritime Museum, The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Jin Mao Tower (Golden Prosperity Building), Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Century Park, The Library of Pudong New Area, Dishui Lake and Yangshan Harbor, Chuansha Park, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Xinchang Ancient Town, Shanghai Tower, and Zhoupu Little Shanghai Pedestrian Mall. Undoubtedly, these tourist attractions are the most famous resources of Pudong New Area. The skyscrapers of Pudong are also the highlighted scenery for traveling like Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong Hotel, King Tower, International Ocean Shipping Building, Bocom Financial Towers, Bank of Shanghai Headquarters and Bank of China Tower.

By the way, Shanghai is also an important educational center, and there are lots of domestically famous universities located in Shanghai, and as the great leap of industrialization of Chinese higher education, there are many new and large campuses built in Pudong New Area, and these new campuses mostly become the new headquarters of these first-rank universities in mainland China, and the representatives are the Zhangjiang Campus of Fudan University, the Ba-Shi Automobile College of Shanghai University, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Finance University, Shanghai University of T.C.M, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, China Europe International Business School and Zhangjiang Campus of China Academy of Art, which is headquartered in Hangzhou.

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