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Nanjing Tour is the must of Jiangnan tour and classic China tours. Nanjing the only city sharing the same name Jing as Beijing shows its unsurpassable status in China, especially in history of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Used to be the capital of early Ming Dynasty, the great number of imperial architectural complexes such as the palaces, mansions, temples, sacrificing sites and mausoleums are all as marvelous as these in Beijing. Also selected to be the capital of the Republic of China, Nanjing is great for its No.1 superiority throughout the China has a large amount of modern Sino-western mixed architectural styles, which are so similar to those in the United States of America represented by the National Congress Hall, The Presidential Palaces and National Library and so on. All of these are also the typical tourist attractions of China only seen in Nanjing. Nanjing has a large amount of high-quality tourist resources. Nanjing tour is valuable and considerably deserves a try anytime. Nanjing tours in Mild China consists of Nanjing city tours, Nanjing private tours, Nanjing group tours, Nanjing day tours, Nanjing tour packages and Nanjing budget tours.

Nanjing Tours

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classic nanjing tour
Classic Nanjing Tour
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum . Qinhuai River . Confucius Temple . Presidential Palace . Massacre Memorial Hall ...
This is a 3 days classic Nanjing tours highlighted with the historic and cultural sites, and it is considerably useful to know the glory and sorrow of Nanjing ...
Tour NO. MC-NJT-01
3 Days, From 179 $

nanjing budget tours
Nanjing Budget Tours
Nanjing Museum . Qinhuai River . Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum . Fuzimiao . City Wall . Xuanwu Lake ...
2 days Nanjing budget tour offers the cheap downtown Nanjing trip. This tour package shows the glorious ancient history and culture of Nanjing ...
Tour NO. MC-NJT-02
2 Days, From 100 $

nanjing day tours
Nanjing Day Tours
Massacre Memorial Hall . Mingxiaoling . Zhonghua Gate . Fuzimiao . Presidential Palace . Yangtze River Bridge ...
1 day Nanjing day tour is highlighted with the downtown trips in Nanjing. It is comprised of the most typical tourist attractions like the sites of history and culture ...
Tour NO. MC-NJT-03
1 Day, From 75 $

nanjing tour packages
Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Tour
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum . Confucius Temple . Suzhou Museum . Leifeng Pagoda . Nanjing Road . The Bund ...
6 Days East China tours from Nanjing are a highlighted tour packages including Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai. What you visit is the best of east China ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-08
6 Days, From 560 $

jiangnan tours including suzhou
Classic East China Tours
West Lake . Humble Administrators Garden . Oriental Pearl Tower . Lingyin Temple ...
East China Tours highlighted with Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou city tours. Starting from Shanghai, the center of east China and the largest business ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-02
6 Days, From 310 $

 The Travel Guide of Nanjing

nanjing travel nanjing tours nanjing attractions nanjing travel tips
Nanjing Travel Nanjing Tours Nanjing Attractions Nanjing Travel Tips

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