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Nanjing Confucius Temple


As one of China’s four largest Confucius temples, Nanjing Confucius Temple or Fuzimiao (夫子庙) is a set of grand ancient architectural complexes. For many generations with the destructions and reconstructions, it is always the largest memorial temple to enshrine and worship Confucius in East China. Boasting the quintessence of Qinhuai River Scenic Area and Nanjing tourist attractions, Nanjing Fuzimiao was not only the educational center of Ming and Qing Dynasties, but the largest educational building groups in east China. Originally built in Song Dynasty, located nearby the Jiangnan Gongyuan, Nanjing Confucius Temple takes Qianhuai River as Panchi (泮池) and the stone-brick wall on the southern Qinhuai River as the Zhaobi (照壁),which is 110 meters long and 20 meters high, and the largest one throughout the country. On the north side, there is Juxing Pavilion and Sile Pavilion. On the axis, there is a series of buildings represented by Lingxing Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Mingde Hall, Zunjing Pavilion and so son. On the east of the temple, it is Kuixing Pavilion.

The Gate of Nanjing Confucius Temple   The Statue of Confucius in Fuzimiao Nanjing

In history, Nanjing was selected as the capital for 11 times. In six dynasties, Fuzimiao area was quite prosperous. In Ming Dynasty, Fuzimiao as the site of imperial examination of the central government, the examinees came together in crowds. The surrounding amusement places and the nighttime cruising on the Qinhuai River were the popularities at the time. Due to the changes in history, the lost glories of Fuzimiao never come back any more. In 1984, with the help of national tourism bureau and municipal government of Nanjing, Fuzimiao together with the whole scenic area of Qinhuai River was restored and resurfaced. An original look of the streets and markets of Ming and Qing Dynasty reappeared. Since then, Fuzimiao revives as the highlight of Nanjing tourism. Today, the lantern fair of Fuzimiao is a calling card of Qinhuai River tour.

The characteristic of Fuzimiao is that the temple is affiliated to the education buildings, and then integrated with the national educational organ, prefectural educational organ and the county educational organ. Generally, the temple is located in front of the educational palace (学宫) or located on one side of the educational palace. Nanjing Confucius Temple follows a basic layout of temple in front and educational organ in rear. The temple, educational organ and the east Gongyuan constitute three ancient building groups of culture and education.

Fuzimiao is the cradle of snacks of Nanjing. As early as Six Dynasties, it had been the snack center of the whole city. From Ming Dynasty to the period of The Republic of China, as the bloom of the lantern boating, it became more welcomed. In this limited area, there are over 20 snacks store in different sizes. The famous stores include Kuiguang Pavilion(奎光阁), Jiangyouji(蒋友记), Yongheyuan(永和园), Deshunju(德顺记), Longmenju(龙门居), Xueyuan(雪园), Liufengju(六凤居) and Wufengju(五凤居). There is a special dining restaurant named Yuelai Pavilion(月来阁), a gaily-painted cruise stopped on the Qinhuai River. The quite delicious snacks available here are Xiaolong Baozi (小笼包子, the small steamed pork dumpling ), Xiehuang Baozi (蟹黄包子, the dumpling stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of a crab), Tiandou Shabao (甜豆沙包, the sweetened soy bean paste dumpling), Suyou Shaobing (酥油烧饼, the ghee-made sesame seed cake), Caibao (菜包, the dumpling with vegetable stuffing), Jimian (鸡面, The Chicken Noodles), Gansi (干丝, the slice of the dry bean curds) , and Chunjuan (春卷, the spring roll)

How to go

Bus – 4, 7, 40, 44, 49, 62 and 304, and get off at the station of fuzimiao (east side)
Travel 2, 1 and 15, and get off at the station of fuzimiao (north side)

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