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Nanjing, the only counterpart of Beijing in the aspect of history and culture of China, is a central city of Jiangnan region traditionally. In modern China, since the opening of Shanghai as a trading port city, the nationwide status of Nanjing has been gradually replaced. Nowadays, as the development of China, Shanghai and Beijing are the representatives of the showcases of China’s economy and international profile instead of Nanjing and Beijing, both of which used to be the centers of China economy and political centers. Today, the influence of Nanjing has declined in tourism and economy, even inferior to Suzhou and Wuxi in Jiangsu province, though it is still the provincial capital. There is a basic consensus in inbound tourism industry that Nanjing in East China is far less known than Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, despite it has a large number of unique and high-ranking tourist attractions.

Nanjing is so poor that negatively influenced by modern history of China when it was still the national capital of the Republic of China, due to the bloody Nankin Massacre, in a short period, at least, 300, 000 civilians were killed inhumanely by Japanese intruders. Since then, Nanjing has been a symbol of a tragic and sorrowful memory of China, while its glorious history and culture before that was neglected in a most degree. Objectively speaking, it is an injustice to Nanjing in the aspect of tourism. Nanjing, in fact, has a larger number of tourist attractions than any other cities in southeast China; moreover, the qualities of attractions and the services of tourism are well considerably. When you do not get refreshed by the routine itineraries traditionally arranged by any travel agency in China, why not try a difference in East China?

Nanjing tourist attractions are quite typically characterized by the history of ancient capital and the culture of ROC (Republic of China). The ancient sites of history and culture in Nanjing are represented by the imperial mausoleums, national temples, and the national official organs or sectors. The attractions of Nanjing in the period of the Republic of China are strongly highlighted with the Sino-West architectural sties when Nanjing was the national capital just as today’s Beijing. The details of tourist attractions of Nanjing as below may help you learn further about the history and culture of Nanjing.

Nanjing Scenery

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Nanjing Attractions                                                                         (List of Nanjing Cultural Heritage Sites)


List of Tourist Attractions in Nanjing

Historic Sites

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (明孝陵)
Double Mausoleums of Southern Tang Dynasty (南唐二陵)
Presidential Palace (总统府)
Nanjing City Wall (古城墙)
Nanjing Stone City (石头城)
Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (中山陵)
Zheng He Tomb (郑和墓)
Imperial Palace Site of Ming Dynasty (明故宫遗址)
Chaotian Palace (朝天宫)
Yangtze River Bridge (长江大桥)
Beiji Pavilion (北极阁)
Cultural Landscape Jiming Temple (鸡鸣寺)
Qixia Temple (栖霞寺)
Jinghai Temple (静海寺)
Zhan Yuan Garden (瞻园)
Dinglin Temple (定林寺)
Linggu Temple (灵谷寺)
Pagoda of Baosheng Temple (保圣寺塔)
Pagoda of Hongjue Temple (宏觉寺塔)
Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Music Stage
▪ (中山陵音乐台)
Wuyi Lane (乌衣巷)
Xi Garden (熙园)
Purple Mountain Observatory (紫金山天文台)
Gate of China in Nanjing (中华门瓮城)
Yangshan Beicai (阳山碑材)
Chunxi Old Street (淳溪老街)
Nanjing Confucius Temple (夫子庙)
Qinhuai River Scenic Area (秦淮河景区)
Drum Tower (鼓楼)
Cliff of Thousand Buddhas (千佛岩)
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Nanjing (石鼓路天主教堂)
Jiangnan Examination Hall (江南贡院)
Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing (大报恩寺)
Yuejiang Tower (阅江楼)
Sites of Republic of China Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and its surrounding area
Former Presidential Palace, Nanjing of ROC
Former Central Government of ROC Building Group along N. Zhongshan Road
Former Central Committee of KMT Buildings
Former National Art Gallery Buildings(Jiangsu Art Gallery)
Former National Great Hall(Nanjing Great Hall of the People)
Former Central Hospital Buildings
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Former National Central Museum Buildings(Nanjing Museum)
Purple Mountain Observatory
Former Academia Sinica of ROC Buildings
Former Central University Buildings(Southeast University)
Former University of Nanking Buildings(Nanjing University)
Former Foreign Embassies in Gulou Area
Nanking Officials Residence Cluster along Yihe Road
Former Central Stadium(Nanjing Physical Education Institute)
Former Central Radio of KMT Building
Republic of China Military Academy Buildings
Former Bank of China Nanking Branch Building
Former Bank of Communications Nanking Branch Building
Former Central Bank of ROC Nanking Branch Building
Dahua Theatre
Lizhishe Buildings
Former Macklin Hospital Buildings(Gulou Hospital)
St. Paul's Church (圣保罗堂)
Central Hotel (中央饭店)
Former Capital Hotel(Huajiang Hotel) (首都饭店)
Yangtse Hotel (扬子饭店)
Sun Yat-sen Zoo (中山动物园)
Former Ginling College Buildings(Nanjing Normal University)
Museum & Universities Nanjing Museum
Nanjing Folk Customs Museum
Nanjing City Planning Exhibition Hall
Nanjing Brocade Museum of China
Nanjing Museum of Palaeontology
Nanjing Treaty History Museum
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Taiping Tianguo History Museum
Nanjing International Exhibition Center
Nanjing Geological Museum
Nanjing University (南京大学)
Southeast University (东南大学)
Natural Landscape Bailuzhou Park (白鹭洲公园)
Mochou Lake Park (莫愁湖公园)
Xuanwu Lake (玄武湖)
Zhongshan Botanical Garden (中山植物园)

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