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Zhejiang Normal University (JINHUA)


Zhejiang Normal University is located in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. It is a provincially key university. The origin of Zhejiang Normal University was Hangzhou Normal School, which the government built in 1956. In 1958, it was upgraded to be Hangzhou College of Teachers. In 1962, it was renamed Zhejiang Normal College after combined with Zhejiang College of Education and Zhejiang Sports College. In 1965, it was moved to Jinhua from Hangzhou. In 1980, it was accepted to be a provincial key university. In 1985, it was renamed Zhejiang Normal University. Later, Zhejiang Financial School, Zhejiang Kindergarten Teachers School and Jinhua Railway Driver School were merged.

But actually, Zhejiang Normal University is in an embarrassing situation that its ranking and influence are both challenged by Hangzhou Normal University, an old university originated from 1918, and the first option of the government to develop as Hangzhou University with an aim to reviving the former Hangzhou University, which was combined with Zhejiang University in 1998.

Due to leaving from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Normal University now is less and less popular and competitive among the universities in East China, and today, it is trying to return to Hangzhou with a first step of putting the kindergarten college into Hangzhou. However, as the main campus of Hangzhou Normal University is settled and developed in western part of Hangzhou, a new and more beautiful center of normal teaching and comprehensive university of liberal arts and natural science appears. The influence of Zhejiang Normal University is blocked or limited.

The History of Zhejiang Normal University

The Emblem of Zhejiang Normal University
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Actually, the history of Zhejiang Normal University repeated the experience of other universities in China. In 1956, Hangzhou Normal School was established nearby the West Lake. In 1958, it was upgraded to be a normal college, but the location of this college was not fixed, and finally settled in Jinhua, and its first-time naming was Jinhua Normal College. In the campus of Jinhua Normal College was built in the same year. But dramatically, at the end of 1959, it was renamed to be Hangzhou Normal College, but the construction of the campus in Jinhua was not stopped at all. In 1960, Jiande Normal School was moved to the site that the workers constructed for Zhejiang Normal University, and changed to be Jinhua Normal College. In 1962, with an approval of the State Council, Hangzhou Normal College, Zhejiang Education College and Zhejiang Sports College were combined, and then Zhejiang Normal College was formally established. In 1963, Zhang Zongxiang, a famous calligraphy master and traditional culture master and the curator of Zhejiang Provincial Museum and the president of Xiling Society of Seal Art, wrote the name for the college.

In 1965, it was moved to Jinhua in the name of combat readiness and evacuation. The teachers and students were in an uproar. And the leaders of Zhejiang Normal College gave a report to the provincial government of Zhejiang province to show their difficulty in migration. And then a bad decision was given – the physical education department and foreign studies department were merged into Hangzhou University, the Teaching and Researching Department remained in Hangzhou and became a department of Education Department in Zhejiang Provincial Government, which is Zhejiang College of Education at present, and only the departments of Chinese, Mathematics and Physics were moved to Jinhua.

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