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Hengdian World Studios


Hengdian World Studios located in Hengdian Township, Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang province, is a famous filmmaking and television base of China and also the largest one in Asia. In USA, it was widely considered to be the Hollywood of China. Furthermore, Hengdian World Studios is also a popular tourist destination strongly featured of the interactive experience in the scenic area. Entering this zone of amusement, the travelers may have a sense of travel through the time from the modern times to the ancient ages. Lots of many historic movies, television series and the legendary shows are made here.

For traveling, Hengdian World Studios is a large comprehensive tourist resort of movie travel, vacation, leisure and sightseeing. It is widely known as a five-A tourist resort for its unique historic scene and the profound cultural deposits. The travelers from Shanghai and Hangzhou could be easily arriving here. Hengdian World Studios were constructed and opened for assisting Director Xie Jin to make the historical movie – The Opium War.

Since 1996, the Group of Hengdian invested approximately 3 billion to build the Canton Street, Hong Kong Street, the imperial palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the palaces of King Qin, the Riverside Cityscape at Qingming Festival, the Cultural Park of China, the Folk Residence Expo City of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Valley of Dream, The Paradise in Grottoes and Grand Wisdom Zen Monastery. The whole buildings exhibit the change of China over the past thousands of years. It collects the regionally featured film and television shoot base of southern and northern China, as well as two large modern photostudios. At present, it is the largest filmmaking base in the world, and the only national test zone of film and television industry in China.

The Highlights of Hengdian World Studios According to the Chronological Order

  • The Palace Zone of Qin Period - Today, most of palaces remained or restored are related to the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties, except the buildings and palaces of Qin and Han Empires as well as those before Qin and Han times. The Qin Palace clusters in Hengdian World Studios are built for making movie - Jin Ke Murders King Qin a large historic film directed by Chen Kaige in 1997. Also, it is the place to make the famous movie Hero directed by Zhang Yimo, and the funny movie The Forbidden Kingdom acted by Jack Chen and Jet Li, and directed by Rob Minkoff. The designers spend four years completing the design work of Qin Palaces. The main part of the palaces is Xianyang Palace, a legendary symbolic building of the palaces in Qin Dynasty.

  • The Riverside Cityscape of Song Dynasty - Inspired by Zhang Zeduan’s painting masterpiece entitled The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival; the zone of the Riverside Cityscape reveals the prosperity and busyness of the blocks on the both sides of the Bian River in Bianliang Kaifeng, the capital city of Northern Song Dynasty. It re-demonstrates the ancient buildings, folk customs, and folk society of Song Empire.

  • The Imperial Palaces of Ming & Qing Dynasties - This is a big replica of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Due to the protection of the world cultural heritage, the real Forbidden City is limited and even forbidden for filmmaking and television series, but most of the popular movies or televisions in China are related to the times of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and they are defined as the plays of imperial palaces. How to meet the needs of markets and how to make the filmmaking easy and convenient becomes the big mission of Hengdian World Studios. The imperial palaces here were built in 1998 and today are the largest movie and television base of Hengdian World Studios. The whole building complex is the copy of the forbidden city of Beijing, and the architectural style is divided into four patterns – the palace style, the royal garden style, the governmental office style and folk Hutong style.

  • The Folk Dwelling Expo City of Ming & Qing Dynasties - The ancient dwellings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are also a comprehensive travel zone for ancient building protection, film and television, traveling and art exhibition. It is one of the largest investment zones and consists of two sections - The Peach Garden and Qinhuai River. The Peach Garden is a collection of diverse styles of ancient dwellings in Southeast China. They are rebuilt here after dismantled in other places. It is a protection base of ancient dwellings in China and the model base of China preservation of cultural relics foundation. Qinhuai River Section is featured of the classical buildings on the both sides of Qinhuai River in Nanjing to reappear the scenes of Nanjing centering on The Confucius Temple in this ancient capital of China. The Jiangnan National Examination Hall, Eight Beauties Zone, Peach Leaf Ferry, Minisize Yuanming Garden, Fujian Tulou Buildings and so on are exhibited in the zone.

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