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Jiaxing Tourist Attractions


Jiaxing is a national famous city for history and culture in China, situated in the northeast part of Zhejiang province and the vital part of the Yangtze River Delta Region and the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain. Anciently named Xiuzhou, Jiaxing is similar to Huzhou and a central production site of silk and cotton. The tourist attractions of Jiaxing could be categorized into two parts – the cultural landscapes and the natural landscapes, though it is really hard to distinguish from each other. Jiaxing is China’s only city surrounded by the Grand Canal. It is Chinese excellent tourist city and national garden city with a history of more than 2600 years. Today, Jiaxing owns 2 Five-A scenic areas, 3 Four-A scenic areas, 1 Three-A scenic area and 6 cultural relics under the national key protection.

The Cultural Landscapes

Wuzhen Water Town – Located in Tongxiang, Wuzhen is one of six ancient water towns in east China and the favorite travel destination selected by the foreign travelers. In 2014, Wuzhen was chosen to be the Permanent Site of the World Internet Conference (the official website: Wuzhen is divided into the East Section and West Section, and two of them have their own features to travel. (More to read about Wuzhen Water Town >>>)

Xitang Water Town – Located in Jiashan, Xitang water town has a history over a thousand years, and ranks one of six ancient towns in China. It has been written into the tentative list of world cultural heritage sites, and also becomes a site in the first group of historic and cultural towns in China. (More to read about Xitang Water Town >>>)

The fantastic landscape of Wuzhen Water Town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China

The Natural Landscape

South Lake or Nanhu Lake is the birthplace of Chinese Communist Party and was exclusively developed to a classic scenic zone for Red Tourism (a politicalized tourism theme that largely speaks of the history and sites of the revolution organized by CPC during the Republic of China). The valued site in this scenic area is the South Lake Revolutionary Memorial built in 1990.

In the downtown area, the popular sites regionally include Fanli Lake, Luofan Pavilion, Zicheng Tower, Pingshan Hill, Mosque, and Little Penglai Mountain and so on.

Haining is a nice tourist city in Jiaxing. The grand tidal bore of Qiantang River viewed here boasts one of three greatest tides in the world, and also a marvelous natural wonder. The date for viewing is on August, 15 annually in Chinese lunar calendar. The cultural relics along the river include Sea God Temple, Zhan Ao Tower, and The Former Residence of Chen Gelao.

The South-North Lake of Haiyan County is popularly known as the Little West Lake with a strong feature of the landscapes of hills, sea and lake. The Baibu Town of Haiyan was ranked one of the world’s top 100 must-see sites in 2005. Baibu Town has a long history with some primitive cultural relics such as Majiabang Culture (a site appeared 7,000 years ago)

The Famous Business City – HCLC

Haining China Leather City abbreviated to be HCLC was opened in 1994, and today, it is China’s largest, most influential leather product marketplace. It is the collection and distribution center of leather wears, fur garments, leather luggage and shoes. It is also the publishing center of leather products pricing information, market quotation and fashion trend. (More to read about China Leather City >>>)

The Universities Here:

Jiaxing does not have some famous or prestigious universities in China. But many branches or colleges of national key universities are located here such as the Zhejiang College of Shanghai Tongji University. And the local university is The College of Jiaxing.

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