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The single city tour of East China mainly in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Huzhou, Huangshan, Hefei, Yangzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi, Shaoxing, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jiaxing and so on is the highlighted part of East China Tours. Different from the China intercity tours we also give a category vividly, the single city tours are typically characterized of the downtown trip of cities listed chiefly above. Though they belong to the traditional Jiangnan region with the same or similar regional culture and history, each city has its own distinctiveness. Hangzhou city trip features the West Lake and Longjing green tea plantation. Shanghai city tour features the skyscrapers. Nanjing city trip features the trips of Ming and the Republic of China history. Suzhou typically serves the classical gardens tour. Huangshan features the rural village cultural trip and Huangshan mountain sightseeing tour, and so on. They show their importance in tourism of China and deserve a traveling.

Single City Trips

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shanghai tours Shanghai Tours
Shanghai tours are the highlighted part of classic China tours. Shanghai city tours are comprised of two categorized services private tours and group tours, and also can be divided into Shanghai day tours and extended Shanghai tours.
3 Days Highlights of Shanghai Tours   from 200 $

hangzhou tours Hangzhou Tours
Hangzhou city tours are the highlights of east China single city tours. It is an important tourist destination of East China for any type of traveling such as the private tours, group tours, luxury tours, budget tours and culture tours etc.
2 Days Classic Hangzhou Tours   from 74 $

suzhou tours Suzhou Tours
Suzhou city tours are the highlights of Jiangnan city tours. It is highlighted with the cultural and historic tours with classical gardens and the cultural heritages. Suzhou tours deserve your try when you plan to have an East China city tour.
3 Days Suzhou and Ancient Water Town Tours   from 270 $

nanjing tours Nanjing Tours
Nanjing tour is valuable and considerably deserves a try anytime. Nanjing tours in Mild China consists of Nanjing city tours, Nanjing private tours, Nanjing group tours, Nanjing day tours, Nanjing tour packages and Nanjing budget tours etc.
3 Days Classic Nanjing Tours   from 179 $

huangshan tours Huangshan Tours
Huangshan city tours or Huizhou tours are an important part of East China city tours. It is highlighted with the countryside sightseeing tours and Huangshan Mountain tours.The village groups in Huizhou with high value deserve a visit.
6 Days Classic Huangshan Tours   from 699 $

hefei tours Hefei Tours
Hefei city tours is an important extension of main city tours in East China. Near to Nanjing, Hefei tours are also highlighted with the local folk culture and ancient history. As the provincial city, there are lots of famous sites deserving a travel.
2 Days Classic Budget Tour of Downtown Hefei   from 109 $

ningbo tours Ningbo Tours
Ningbo city tours are the important part of East China tours. Ningbo is a famous business city near to Shanghai for its comprehensive industrial system. For tours in Ningbo, it is highlighted with business trips and cultural & downtown tours.
2 Days Classic Ningbo Tours   from 169 $

wuxi tours Wuxi Tours
Wuxi city tours are the highlighted part of Jiangnan tour. The first development of East China was originated from Wuxi. Wuxi tours are themed with the culture and history of East China. By the way, Wuxi tour is the essence of Jiangnan.
2 Days Classic Wuxi Tours   from 109 $

shaoxing tours Shaoxing Tours
Shaoxing city tours are the epitome of Shaoxing tourism, in particular, display a unique city's past, which is the ancient culture of Yue State, the glorious culture of Chinese calligraphy & the water city culture like Lu Xun's homtown - Lu Town.
1 Day Classic Shaoxing Tour   from 80 $

yangzhou tours Yangzhou Tours
Yangzhou is an ancient city of China famous for Grand Canal history and Slender West Lake. The city tours of Yangzhou are highlighted with the local cultural sites and historic legends such as Ge Garden, He Garden, Daming Temple and so on.
2 Days Classic Yangzhou Tour   from 119 $

xuancheng tours Xuancheng Tours
Xuancheng is an important tourist city of East China located in southeast part of Anhui province. It borders on Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, and consists of several famous tourist resources like Jingting Mountain, Hui Hang Caravan Trail.
2 Days Ancient Hui Hang Caravan Trail Hiking Tour   from 179 $


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