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Huzhou Nanxun Ancient Town


Nanxun Ancient Town located in Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, is one of ten top famous townships in China, and also one of the famous cultural towns in Zhejiang province. It owns a large number of places of interest. As early as Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been a typical water town and famous tourist destination. A river crosses the township, the old archway bridge, the old streets and allies alongside the river, and the folk residences on the riverside show the past of this place.

A Scene of Nanxun Old Town, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province

The people of Nanxun town emphasize the education and literature. In accordance with a statistics, there were 41 national imperial examination winners, 56 officials in central government and 57 prefectural governors in Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Zhang Shiming Former Residence boasting the No.1 Folk Residence of Jiangnan is quite well preserved. The former residence of Zhang Jingjiang, who was one of four greatest founding members of the Republic of China, is also preserved here. The first silk industry guild hall in Huzhou was also built here. There is also the rarely seen folk architectural complex alongside the river named Baijian Tower in Jiangnan region. Three legendary bridges, Tongjin Bridge, Hongji Bridge and Guanghui Bridge show the touching stories of the township in the past. All of these fantastic cultural points in Huzhou shape Nanxun ancient town a typical ink painting in Jiangnan.

It located on the middle area of Plain of Suzhou-Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou has been a key point of the waterway and land way since Southern Song Dynasty. There is a brook named Xunxi, and on the southern side of the Xunxi, a marketplace was gradually formed and named Nanlin, and in 1252, it was established a township, and named Nanxun respectively from the first character of Nanlin and Xunxi. In the period from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, the economy of Nanxun was up to the summit of prosperity. Folk saying goes- an entire city of Huzhou is inferior to half a town of Hanxun, thanks to its strong silk industry and commodity economy.

The Portrait of Zhang Shiming   The Portrait of Zhang Jingjiang
The Former Residence of Zhang Shiming   The Former Residence of Zhang Jingjiang

Nanxun was a very wealthy town in modern China. One the second day of Sun Yat-sen becoming the provisional president of the Republic of China, Nanxun Town was officially upgraded to be city. On the hustle ancient town, there was a nickname of Four Elephants (四象) to represent four richest men in Nanxun, a nickname of Eight Ox(八牛) to represent eight tycoons, and a nickname of 72 Gold Dogs(七十二金狗) to represent the local rich and powerful families.

The main tourist attractions in the town include 20 gardens in different sizes like Little Lotus Garden, Ying Garden, Jiayetang Book Library and so on. Baijian Tower, Former Residences of Zhang Shiming and Zhang Jingjiang are also the local landmark buildings in Nanxun. In a way, Nanxun is a main access to the modern times of China.

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