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Picturesque Huizhou Show


Hui Yun (徽韵) or The Picturesque Huizhou Show is a symbolic performance in Huangshan is specially designed with a great tradition and culture of Huizhou. It is performed in Xiangming Grand Theater with a total cost of over 70 millions RMB. It covers 1500 normal seats and 22 VIP seats and the total area is up to 8,000 square meters. The Picturesque Huizhou Show is a multimedia show combining the world’s most advanced equipments and contemporary techniques of sound, sight and electronic effects reproducing the glories of ancient Huizhou. Picturesque Huizhou Show is scheduled to premiere in Huangshan, a famous tourist attraction for its scenic mountain views, before China's National Day Holiday, which begins on October 1.It has become an international business trend that making use cultural heritage to develop local tourism and economy. The show "Picturesque Huizhou" is a cultural performance that takes tourists at home and abroad back in time to the curious eras of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Still of Hui Yun Show, Huangshan

The show designed by Duan Jianping (段建平) is highlighted with the four seasons’ marvelous beauty of Huangshan Mountain, the romantic love story of Dong Yong and Qixiannv, the legend of Huizhou Merchants and the culture & history of Peking Opera. Five sections are naturally interlinked. Through an epic scene show with diverse performance styles like music, dancing, acrobatics, modern Huizhou Opera, Peking Opera, Huagudeng Opera, folk songs and so on to offer a valued cultural gala to all the travelers and audiences.

"Picturesque Huizhou", which directed by Duan Jianping, a famous Chinese director, is in five acts, named "The Seasons in Huangshan Mountain", "The World In Heaven", "Huizhou's Dreams", "Anhui Opera Goes to Beijing" and "The Charming Huizhou Culture".

Show Place: Xiangming Hotel Theatre (No.2 Yingbin Avenue, Tunxi Dis, Huangshan, China)
Show Time: 8 p.m. From Monday to Saturday

The Promotion Video of Picturesque Huizhou Show

First Act: The Seasons in Mt.Huangshan

Mt.Huangshan in spring, the flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade, while the Green is shining through over the Huizhou area. The spring wave changed into the magnificent cloud sea. Plunging waterfall sounds like the thunder, looks like dragon, pouring down from the mountain. Girls are dancing in this wonderland. Look, there is a beautiful butterfly appears in the middle of the audience, dancing with the girls on the stage.

Second Act: World in Heaven

Colourful Clouds and rainbows floating in the sky. In the heaven, the Fairy Maiden fly over the rainbow and wondering freely in the sky. On earth, a group of young lady, pick up the green tea leaves by the foot the mountain Huangshan. Under a big old tree, a young man called Dong Yong met the Fairy Maiden, they fell in love with each other. But suddenly, it thunders with lightning, the divine troops descending from heaven appeared to take the Fairy Maiden back to the heaven. From then on, Fairy Maiden was apart from her beloved man Dong Yong forever. However, from then on, every 7the of the July, millions of Magpies will get together in the sky build a bridge of love so that Fairy Maiden and Dong Yong can go across the bridge to meet their lovers. This moving love story passed down till today.

Third Act: Huizhou's Dreams

The men in Ancient Huizhou were doing the business outside almost all around a year. For the women here marriage means live alone at home. So they often scatter the coin and then collect them back one by one in the night to relieve the loneliness in heart and show their loyalty to their husbands. Huizhou area is not very big but with a large population, and many local people went out for business. It leads to the deep Crisis Consciousness of the people there. Thus, the Huizhou Merchants take up the main business in a period of great prosperity over 400 years.

Fourth Act: Anhui Opera Goes to Beijing

It was on the birthday (1790)of The Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dyansty, the four main Huizhou opera troupes come to the palace to give a grand performance for celebrating the birthday of the Emperor, which made a great influence to the Beijing city. From then on, Hui opera developed very quickly, it gradually formed the quintessence of Chinese culture----Beijing Opera.

Fifth Act: The Charming Huizhou Culture

At last scene, all the performers are singing and dancing joyously, Anhui Flower-drum Lanterns, dancing, acrobatics, melodies of chiness best ballads, gives you the most local and Chinese art feeling.

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