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Huangshan is the new name of Huizhou, which used to be one of the most important prefectural centers as famous as Hangzhou and Suzhou. The history and culture of Huangshan demonstrate another different cultural type in Jiangnan region from Wu culture centering on Suzhou and Yue culture centering on Hangzhou, as well as the alleged culture of Shanghai, a prominent modern culture mixed with traditional Chinese culture and the exotic culture. Huizhou was the cultural landmark of Anhui province, thanks to its unique system of culture and history comprised of garden, architectural style, painting, medicine, fengshui, festivals, custom, literature, anecdotes and social philosophy. Based on these distinctions, the tourist attractions of Huangshan are highlighted with its extraordinary residential building groups, ancient village layout and design, ancient city walls and towers as well as the temples and archways sightseeing. Huangshan is a city typically exhibiting a traditional but essential philosophy of China – the harmony of human and nature, the integration of rural and urban landscapes. Huangshan attractions underline the artistic enjoyment of buildings, mountains and a lifestyle of recluse.

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Huangshan Attractions                                                                        


The List of Main Tourist Attractions in Huangshan

World Cultural Heritage Sites Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area Xidi Village of Yi County
Hongcun Village of Yi County
World Natural Heritage Sites Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area
World Intangible Heritage Sites ▪ The construction craftsmanship of Huizhou-style traditional residential architecture
National Time-Honored Streets Tunxi Old Street (Tunxi)
Yuliang Old Street (She County)
Wanan Old Street (Xiuning)
National Historic & Cultural City She County (the former center of Huizhou prefecture)
National Historic & Cultural Towns Xidi Town Hongcun Town (Yi County)
Xucun Town (She County)
Chengkan Town (Huizhou District)
Wanan Town (Xiuning)
National Historic & Cultural Villages Pingshan Village Nanping Village (Yi County)
Yuliang Village Tangyue Village (She County)
Tangmo Village (Huizhou District)
The Key Sites Under the Nation's Protection Qiankou Folk Residence
Xuguo Shifang
Tangyue Memorial Archway Clusters
▪ Laowu Court and Lvrao Pavilion (Xixinan Town)
Luo Dongshu Memorial Hall (Chengkan)
▪ Cheng Family's Three Mansions (Tunxi)
The Ancient Architectural Complex of Chengkan Village
Ancient Building Group of Hongcun Village
Ancient Building Group of Xidi Village
Ancient Building Complex of Nanping Village
Ancient Building Cluster of Xucun Village
Yuliang Dam
▪ Xitou Sanhuai Hall
▪ Zheng Family's Ancestral Temple of Zheng Village
▪ Zhushan Academy of Xiong Village
Stone Carvings of Qiyun Mountain
▪ Ancient Opera Stage of Qimen County
Tunxi Old Street 
Provincal Historic &Cultural City ▪ Yi County
Provincial Historic & Cultural Towns Qiankou Town(Huizhou District) ▪ Xixinan Town(She County)
Provincial Historic & Cultural Villages ▪ Guanlu Village of Yi County
▪ Xiong Village of She County
▪ Changxi Village of She County
▪ Zhanqi Village of She County
▪ Gulong Village of Xiuning County
▪ Huang Village of Xiuning County
National & Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites ▪ Huizhou Folk Songs
▪ Huizhou Lacquerware Making Craftsmanship
▪ Huizhou Ink Making Craftsmanship
▪ Huizhou Three Carvings Craftsmanship
▪ Sheyan Inkstone Making Craftsmanship
▪ Huizhou Penjing Making Craftsmanship
▪ Wanan Compass Making Craftsmanship
▪ Huizhou Opera ▪ Huizhou Mulian Opera
▪ Qimen Nuo Opera
▪ The Construction Craftsmanship of Huizhou Traditional Residential Buildings
▪ Black Tea Making Craftsmanship
▪ Green Tea Making Craftsmanship
▪ Xinan Traditional Medicine
Cheng Dawei’s Zhusuan Theory
Huizhou Cuisine
▪ Huizhou Ancestral Sacrifice
AAAAA Sites Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area
Hongcun Village Scenic Area
Xidi Village Scenic Area
AAAA Sites Huizhou Culture Museum (Tunxi District)
▪ Huashan Miku Scenic Area (Tunxi District)
▪ Jian River Scenic Area (Tunxi District)
▪ Xinhui Tiandi-Drunk Thermal Spring Resort (Tunxi District)
▪ Tangmo Scenic Area (Huizhou District)
Qiankou Folk Residence (Huizhou District)
Chengkan Scenic Area (Huizhou District)
▪ Fengle Lake Scenic Area (Huizhou District)
▪ Lotus Valley Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
▪ East Huangshan Travel Resort (Huangshan District)
▪ Taiping Lake Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
▪ Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
▪ Jade Valentine Valley Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area (Xiuning County)
▪ Nanping Scenic Area (Yi County)
▪ Sai Jinhua's Former Residence (Yi County)
▪ Guiyuan Garden (Yi County)
▪ Daguling Scenic Area (Yi County)
▪ Guniujiang Scenic Area (Qimen County)
▪ Huizhou Ancient City (She County)
▪ Xinan River Landscape Scenic Resort (She County)
▪ Xiong Village Scenic Area (She County)
Tangyue Memorial Archway Cluster (She County)
Bao's Family Garden (She County)
Other Tourist Attractions ▪ Dai Zhen Park (Tunxi District)
Cheng Dawei's Former Residence (Tunxi District)
▪ Dai Zhen Memorial Hall (Tunxi District)
▪ Xiaolongshan Mountain (Tunxi District)
▪ Hulin Garden (Huangshan District)
▪ Shimenxia Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
▪ Huangdiyuan Scenic Area (Huangshan District)
▪ Su Xuelin's Former Residence (Huangshan District)
▪ Wannan Wild Animal Zoo (Xiuning County)
▪ Panda Ecological Park (Xiuning County)
▪ Guchengyan Scenic Area (Xiuning County)
▪ Sanxi Grand Canyon (Xiuning County)
▪ Longyuan Valley Scenic Area (Xiuning County)
▪ Jiaxi River Drifting Zone (Xiuning County)
▪ Sankeshu Scenic Area (Xiuning County)
▪ Baiji Village (Xiuning County)
▪ Huaguo Mountain Ecological Scenic Area (Xiuning County)
▪ Taohuayuan Drifting Zone (Yi County)
▪ Lu Village (Yi County)
▪ Tachuan Village (Yi County)
▪ Longchiwan Scenic Area (Yi County)
▪ Xiuli Filming Village (Yi County)
▪ Zilu Temple (Yi County)
▪ Mukeng Bamboo Forest Scenic Area (Yi County)
▪ Doushan Old Street (She County)
▪ Taibai Tower and Xinan Stele Garden (She County)
▪ Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall (She County)
▪ Lixi Scenic Area (Qimen County)
▪ Kengkou Scenic Area (Qimen County)
Picturesque Huizhou Show
Explanative Reading What is 5A/4A ? This is an official grade classification in accordance with the quality of scenic areas. Totally, it is comprised of 5 grades, ranged from the high to the low, including AAAAA, AAAA, AAA, AA, A. The grade of tourist destinations is never permanently stable. It is regularly examined, checked and then reevaluated, and then a new grade comes out. Therefore, in a most degree, it is reliable, and basically expresses the quality of scenic area. This also can be a guideline for overseas travelers to choose where to visit in China.

 The Travel Guide of Huangshan

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