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Zhang Hong


Zhang Hong(张宏, 1577-1668 ) with a humble name Jun Du, was a famous painting born in Suzhou. He was good at the mountains, waters paintings, and paid a great attention to the sketch. The strikes he used were two high and steep, and expressed an imagery similar to that of Yuan Dynasty. He was the leader of Wumen Painting School in late Ming Dynasty. He used to be the governor of Jinzhou but always closed the gate to refuse the private visits. So he got the honor of Bimenzhang(闭门张).

Zhang Hong was an excellent scholarly painter with the great painting techniques and high professional dedication of the professional painters. He carefully created the painting, and the painting was not satisfied will not be shown. Therefore, he was highly respected. He inherited the highlights of Wumen Painting School. His paintings can express the spiritual stature free from the vulgarity. Many painting appreciators commented his painting with the vivid spirituality.

The representatives of Zhang Hong include Changguan Zhouzu Tu(阊关舟阻图, the painting of the boat blocked at changguan), Zaji Youxi Tu(杂技游戏图, the painting of acrobatic games), Fulan Nuancui Tu(浮岚暖翠图, the painting of the floating mist and the warm green), Juqu Songfeng Tu(句曲松风图, the painting of the crooked pine trees wind), Xishan Shuanqi Tu(西山爽气图, the painting of west mountain with the cool air), Qixiashan Tu(栖霞山图, the painting of qixia mountain), Shixueshan Tu(石屑山图, the painting of the shixue hill), Yuezhong Shijing(越中十景, Ten Scenes of Yuezhong Region), Cunjing Caimen Tu(村径柴门图, the painting of rural path and wood gate), Zhiyuan(止园, zhiyuan garden), Huazigang Tu(华子冈图, the painting of huazigang hill), Lanting Yaji Tu(兰亭雅集图, the painting of orchid pavilion elites gathering), Lingong Qingxue Tu(琳宫晴雪图, the painting of jade palace with the sunny snow), Hanshan Xiaosi Tu(寒山萧寺图, the painting of the cold mountain and the desolate temple), Muniu Tu(牧牛图, the painting of herding), Tongmeng Gaos hi Tu(桐萌高士图, the painting of the tongmen excellent persons), Jifou Tu(击缶图, the painting of striking fou), Yanling Guajian Tu(延陵挂剑图, the painting of lord yanling hung his swords). Majority of his paintings are collected in different museums at home and abroad.

painting of zhang hong
The Painting of Zhang Hong

The Introductions of Wumen Painters

Shen Zhou Wen Zhengming Tang Bohu Qiu Ying Zhang Hong

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