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Shen Zhou


the painting of shen zhou
The Painting of Shen Zhou

Shen Zhou(沈周, 1427-1509), from Suzhou, was born in a scholar-bureaucrat family rich in collection. At the childhood, Shenzhou was educated by family members and relatives, and the talent of literature and art was highly released. Shen Zhou led a non-official life all the time and visited a lot of places. He was talented in poem, calligraphy, literature and painting. His painting was deeply influenced by Huang Gongwang, Wu Zhen, Dong Yuan and Ju Ran as well as the painting masters Song Dynasty. Most of his masterpieces reflect his personal feeling to the nature. He passed away at the age of 80. He left many great paintings and was considered as the founder of Wumen Painting School.

Lushan Gaotu(庐山高图, The Painting of High Lushan Mountain) – it was a ceremony work for congratulating the birthday of Chen Kuan, his teacher, when he was 41 years old. This painting is the embodiment of painter’s real ideal imagery, via the high imagination and techniques to show this great mountain. At the near sight, there is a figure standing on the rock facing the waterfall. And this figure was said to be Chen Kuan.

Yezuotu(夜坐图, the painting of sitting at night) expresses a sight of the painter had a deep consideration at a sleepless night. Several tile-paved houses are located in mountains and surrounded by several trees. A man singly sitting on the bed-style chair had a think. There is also calligraphic writing on the painting themed with Ye Zuo Ji(On Night Seating) to express the feeling of painter.

Sanhuitu(三图, the painting of three hui trees) was the representative of his painting masterpieces. He painted three ancient hui trees of Zhidao Taoist Temple in Yushan Hill of Changshu. There were originally seven hui trees, said to be planted in south Dynasty of China, and up to the time of Ming Dynasty, only three of them remained. Over a thousand years’ experience of history, the trees still keep their vigor.

Shenzhou also made a great contribution to the development of the flower-bird painting, and there are lots of collected paintings themed with flowers, birds, vegetables, fruits and others available at present. The highlighted theme of his paintings in the style of volume and scroll is the landscape of Jiangnan. Such as his painting named Dongyuan Tujuan(东原图卷) for his teacher named Du Qiong(杜琼), Dongzhuantu(东庄图, the painting of east village) for his friend named Wu Kuan, and Guihua Shuwu Tu(桂花书屋图, the painting of study with sweet-scented osmanthus) for the parents of his daughter in law.

The Introductions of Wumen Painters

Shen Zhou Wen Zhengming Tang Bohu Qiu Ying Zhang Hong

 The Highlights of History and Culture

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