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Nanjing History & Culture


China’s tradition obviously features symmetry nearly in all the aspects like Yin and Yang in philosophy, double auxiliary gates in architecture (represented by the gates of Forbidden City), left premier and right premier in ancient central governments..., even the city names are also characterized by symmetry, and the widely-known example is that the counterpart of Beijing (北京, Peking, Northern Center or Capital of China) in China is Nanjing (南京, Nanking, Southern Center or Capital of China) aside from the extinct Dongjing(东京, today’s Luoyang in Henan province, and many people nowadays may mistake it as Japan’ s Tokyo, which in Chinese is called Dongjing) and Xijing(西京, today’s Xian in Shaanxi province) in history after Song Dynasty(960—1279). Easily known, a city titled Jing(京) is not a common place in China. In a word, in history, Nanjing was the counterpart of Beijing and the national capital of seven dynasties, including the Republic of China. The glory of Nanjing mostly is the greatness of ancient China.

Nanjing is a capital of Jiangsu province and the second largest city inferior to Shanghai in Yangtze River Delta Region. Nanjing together with Shanghai and Hangzhou shapes the triangle of Southeast China both in economy and culture, because they are all the regional centers of this region. Also anciently called Stone City(石头城), Jinling(金陵), Jianye(建业), Jiankang(建康), Qinhuai(秦淮), Yingtian(应天) and Jiangning(江宁), Nanjing is surely the representative of Chinese historic and cultural cities and the most-famous tourist destinations in China and Asian Region. The municipal anthem of Nanjing is Ode to Jasmine Flower(茉莉花), and municipal tree is cedar and municipal flower is plum blossom. The symbol of Nanjing is a sacred creature named Bi Xie(辟邪, exorcise evil spirits). Boasting its time-honored history (excluding the nightmare of Nanjing Massacre or Nanking Rape in 1938) and culture as well as its privileged status among cities of China, Nanjing today is also the economic and political center of China. It is also said that Nanjing will be the fifth Municipality under the direct administration of central government next to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing, due to its special status and influence as equal as Beijing. At present, Nanjing is China’s new center of scientific and technological innovation and the base of national innovation strategy as well as one of Chinese largest transport hubs. Incidentally, Nanjing is also the winner of Special Reward from United Nations Human Settlements Programme or UN-Habitat for its perfect residential environment, as well as the host city of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

nanjing ancient and modern history nanjing culture heritage and tourist attractions
Nanjing Ancient and Modern History Nanjing Cultural Heritage and Tourist Attractions

 The Highlights of History and Culture

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