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Jiangnan is a geographic region and also the cultural region. Generally, it covers today’s Yangzhou, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Shanghai, Hefei, Xuancheng and Huizhou. Since Tang and Song Dynasties, Jiangnan has been an important center of China, and also the most important region of economy in China. Jiangnan is always the region of elite culture and one of the important political centers of China.

The history of Jiangnan could be traced back to a remote period that Tai Bo, the eldest son of Gugong Danfu, moved to this region and led people to develop it. Since then, Jiangnan region was the center of Wu State, Yue State and Chu State, all of which were all the powers in period of spring and autumn and warring states period. The annexation and wars among three countries sped up the integration of history and the exchange of culture. In Qin and Han Dynasties, Jiangnan was a region relatively featuring the sense of democracy, and the protestors of authoritarianism densely appeared here, during this period, the famous figures were the warriors with great wisdom such as Xiang Yu, Sun Quan, Zhou Yu, etc. Since Jin Dynasty, Jiangnan region, the center of south China, firstly surpassed the northern China in economy, and the culture in this region was also entirely booming, even more popular than that in north. In Tang and Song Dynasties, Nanjing and Hangzhou were both the capitals in sequence, and it also became the nationwide center of politics and culture. After Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the status and the enchantment of Jiangnan region throughout the country were further consolidated, and also improved in all aspects. After the end of feudal period, Jiangnan, headquartered in Shanghai, became the showcase of China, and the bridge of China and western world.

The culture of Jiangnan is highlighted with traditional elite culture, represented by the culture of scholars or culture of study. The traditional art like calligraphy, painting, chess and seal is absolutely flourishing in east China region. The bund area is the elite culture of Chinese scholars who were educated and influenced by western lifestyle and culture. The west lake scenic area is the center of traditional Chinese scholars. Qinhuai river scenic area and the scenic area of Tai Lake are also the sites featuring the elite culture. The romantic stories are mostly connected with the elite culture like the butterfly lovers, the love story of Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang, the legend of lady white snake. And the embodiment of elite culture in Jiangnan also includes the tea culture, cuisine culture, calligraphy culture, opera culture, guqin culture and the garden design culture.


History & Culture

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Jiangnan History

Shanghai History

Shanghai as an international city of China has a short history , roughly 200 years. Compared to Beijing, it is more dynamic

Hangzhou History

Hangzhou is one of Chinese ancient capitals, the capital of South Song Dynasty, and remains lots of historic sites like palaces

Suzhou History

Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in China, roughly 2500 years of history, and used to be the capital of Wu State, the center of Jiangnan

Nanjing History

Nanjing is also the center of Jiangnan Region, and the only counterpart of Beijing in history of China, the glorious history of Nanjing

Huangshan History

Chinesische Kung Fu

Huangshan was called Huizhou, a quite famous city for history and culture, and the cradle of Huizhou merchants and Huizhou culture

Yangzhou History

Yangzhou is the northmost city of Jiangnan and a key city on the Grand Canal. Since Sui Dynasty, Yangzhou has been famous

Wuxi History

Wuxi was the cradle of Jiangnan history. The first pioneer named Tai Bo lived there in remote times and Jiangnan development started

Shaoxing History

The history of Shaoxing can be traced back to the period of Dayu, anciently named Kuaiji, which linked to Dayu

Hefei History

Hefei is the fourth largest city of Jiangnan with a history over 1000 years, and its history is linked with Three Kingdoms Period

Ningbo History

The History of Ningbo can be traced back to 7,000 years before present, it is the famous relic site of the Neolithic Hemudu Culture

Zhenjiang History

With a history of over 3,000 years, Zhenjiang is a famous historical and cultural city and a top tourist destination in Jiangnan Region

Huzhou History

Huzhou is an ancient city with more than 2300 years of history. In Jiangnan region, Huzhou has great natural and cultural landscapes.

Changzhou History

There is an ancient walled town only 8 km from Changzhou city, founded over 3000 years ago at the beginning of the west zhou dynasty

Jiaxing History

Jiaxing was a place of fish and rice. More than 7,000 years ago, there were inhabitants living on fishery and animal husbandry. It made a great...

Nantong History

Roughly 6,000 years ago, there were people living in Nantong. It was a minor county of Yangzhou from Han to Tang dynasty.

Jiangnan Culture

Kunqu Opera Culture

Kunqu Opera is one of the oldest forms of opera still existing in China, with its origins dating back to the Yuan dynasty, also called Kunshanqiang

China Guqin Culture

Guqin as a show of Chinese music was written into the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy of China, literally "beautiful writing", has been appreciated as an art form in many different cultures throughout the world

Classical Garden Art

Gardening in China began during the Shang and Zhou dynasties as a royal pastime as rulers built parks for their own use.

Wumen Painting School

Wumen Painting School led by a group of historically influential scholarly talents in literature, painting, calligraphy and music

Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang

The love story of Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang widely spreads in Jiangnan region. It is the typical refection of Chinese folk tradition on marriage

The Butterfly Lovers

Known as one of top four folk love stories of ancient China, the story of Liangzhu or Love Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

Lady White Snake

Legend of The White Snake has been ranked into the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This story has been made

Chinese Buddhism

China Buddhism is the main source of China spirituality and an important origin of Chinese culture in the aspect of philosophy and religion

Jiangnan Folk Songs

Folk songs of Jiangnan highlighted with Suzhou folk songs are quite unique. they are sung in the local dialects of Shanghai, Hangzhou

Chinese Tea Culture

Jiangnan is the production center of Chinese tea, and the culture of tea is strongly influenced by local culture and Chadao appeared

Chinese Opera

Chinese operas are diverse, and in Jiangnan region, the most famous operas are Kunqu opera, Yue opera, and Huangmei opera

Chinese Silk

Silk was a closely guarded secret by the Chinese and for hundreds of years, China was the sole producer of silk. However, in 440 AD

Chinese Music

Chinese music is absolutely different from the western style. It is the main way to experss the feelings of Chinese elites in old days

Chinese Painting

Painting is one of four basic skills that the traditional elites of China have to master, and the traditional scholars are good at painting

Jiangnan & Gangnam Styles

Jiangnan Style of China in some way shares the same background as Gangnam Style of South Korea, a world top song and dance

Hong Yi & University Anthem

Li Shutong or Hong Yi was the creator of anthem of Hangzhou Normal University and he was a great spiritual soul of modern China

Chinese Saints

Chinese saints in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism were the founders of Chinese people' souls and Chinese philosophy

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