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Anhui University


Hefei is a capital city of Anhui province and one of four most famous educational and sci-tech city of China. Apart from University of Science and Technology of China and Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University(安徽大学, with an abbreviation of An Da) is the third most famous university in Anhui Province, also the only comprehensive university. It has a high reputation in this region. Anhui University is a provincial key university listed into the National 211 Project (the basic definition is to establish 100 high-end universities in the 21st century), and the co-established university by the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Government of Anhui.

Guide: Short Introduction to Anhui University

Known as the origin of modern higher education in Anhui province, Anhui University was established in Anqing in 1928, which used to be the capital city of Anhui Province. During the hard time of the anti-Japanese war, the university was forced to move westwardly, and even dismissed sometime. In 1946, it was restored and changed to be National Anhui University. In December 1949, the campus was moved to Wuhu. With several times of change, the university was moved finally to Hefei in 1956. On Sept. 16, 1958, Chairman Mao inscribed the name of university, and under the support of regional government, the university got a fantastic achievement in the process of development. The school motto is Complete Sincerity, Complete Strongness, Boundless in Knowledge and Perseverant in practice(至诚至坚,博学笃行).

At present, there are two national key disciplines – Chinese Philology and Computer Application Technology. Anhui University is also the appointed university to select the diplomatic personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is made up of four campuses and a university science & technology park. The official website of Anhui University is

Legends: Liu Wendian & Anhui University

Liu Wendian(刘文典) was a great professor and academic master in modern China. He was a great man of studying the works of Zhuang Zi. Liu Wendian was born in Hefei and worked as the professor of Peking University, the department head of Tsinghua University and the president of Anhui University. Liu Wendian was the student of Zhang Taiyan, who was born in Hangzhou and an eccentric man of modern China, so most of his students were infected more or less. During his administration in Anhui University, Professor Liu did a legendary thing that made him famous nationwide.

After the success of the Northern Expedition, the southern China had a refreshing air, many provinces had their own provincial university. Anhui University was established at the time headquartered in Anqing, and Liu Wending became a president of Anhui University. However, at the time, the student movements were strictly forbidden. One of students in Anhui University was suspected to be the member of the communist party, and then the policemen entered the campus to arrest this student. Liu protected him and secretly send him out of the campus. The policemen and the government were dissatisfied with him, but he just replied: The university is not government office.

Also, at the time, Chiang Kai-shek visited everywhere including Anqing. During his inspection to Anhui University, Liu Wendian refused to arrange Chiang Kai-shek’s admonitory address to students. Some of his colleagues were afraid very much, but he replied: I am not a small tradesman and porter, even if the senior official should not order me by gesture. Chiang Kai-shek is just a warlord, what can he do to me?

After several times’ try, Chiang Kai-shek was allowed to give speech, but he was quite angry when saw the meeting atmosphere, no warm welcome, no greetings, no populous students, just some school servants. He cried:”where is your president? Let him meet me right now! ”. In a while, a thin man wearing a worn-out long gown and looked so dirty and raunchy. Chiang was angry with him very much and asked”so you are Liu Wendian”, and unexpectedly, the comer replied “so you are Chiang Kai-shek?” Chiang was absolutely out of temper, and shouted:”impudent man! You incited the mob to do something illegal, you have to be penalized!” And Liu was also angry and refuted him directly, and then a face-to-face dispute happened. He infuriated Chiang who struck him twice in the face. He did not give the least impression of weakness. In the end Chiang Kai-shek publicly gave him a fierce kick and detained him for seven days. This news spread nationwide suddenly, and people of the country appealed to release him. With the help of Cai Yuanpei, Jiang Mengling and Hu Shizhi, Liu was finally released.

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