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Hefei Tourist Attractions


Hefei is the capital city and the largest city of Anhui province, and one of four science and education cities throughout China. Located in the middle of Anhui province, it is inclusive of the downtown districts including Baohe District, Yaohai District, Luyang District, Shushan District and the new development zones, Lujiang county, Chaohu county-level city, Feixi county, Feidong county and Changfeng county. In tourism, it remains the original countryside landscapes and has the best infrastructure in the aspects of hotel service, transportation service, tourist destination services. It is also a time-honored city for history and culture, other than the unique natural sightseeing resources. They deserve sightseeing for a holiday stay in Hefei.

The Cultural Landscapes in Hefei

Hefei is an old city famous as a center of Three Kingdoms Period’s history and culture. The related tourist sites include Xiaoyaojin Park, The Mausoleum of Zhou Yu, Mingjiao Buddhist Temple, The Relics Park of Three Kingdoms Period, The Tomb of Yuan Shu. They are the typical historic heritage of Three Kingdoms Period. To learn the history of Wei Kingdom and Wu Kingdom, Hefei is your must-visit destination.

Hefei is the hometown of many prestigious celebrities in history of China like Wen Weng, a great developer of Sichuan in West Han Dynasty, and Bao Zheng, who was widely known the Lord Bao in charge of Kaifeng Prefecture, the ancient capital city of China in Northern Song Dynasty, with a great reputation of anti-corruption, clean-handedness and honesty and god-given superpower to judge the human at daytime and the ghost at nighttime. The representative cultural sites are The Memorial Temple of Lord Bao and Lord Bao Park.

the memorial temple of lord bao
The statue of Lord Bao in the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao. The board above the statue shows the character and personality of Bao Zheng

Hefei is also a cradle of premiers and marshals in Qing Dynasty and The Republic of China. The famous figures include Li Hongzhang, the famous prime minister of Qing Dynasty in the reign of Empress Dowager Ci Xi, Liu Mingchuan, Ding Ruchang, Nie Shicheng. Today, the left is the Former Residence of Li Hongzhang, The Former Residence of Liu Mingchuan. Up to the Republic of China, lots of patriotic generals appeared in Hefei such as Duan Qirui, Feng Yuxiang, Wei Lihuang and Sun Liren. The available tourist sites concerned are The Former Residence of Sun Liren.

Apart from these, the representatives also include Anhui Provincial Museum, Huiyuan Garden, Hefei Science and Technology Museum and Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, Sanhe Ancient Town, The Sculpture Clusters of Wu Fu Mausoleum, and Anhui Celebrity Wax Museum. Mother-Son Mausoleum located in Luohe Town, Lujiang County famous as a sacred land of local people to pray for safety, health and wealth annually during the Spring Festival holiday. The education-themed destinations include University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei Technology University and Anhui University.

sanhe ancient town in hefei
The perfect landscape of Sanhe Ancient Town, Hefei

The Natural Landscapes in Hefei

Hefei is a lakeside city, so for its natural landscape, the first must-see tourist attraction is Chaohu Lake, which is one of four largest and most famous fresh water lakes in China. Hefei is also rich in the thermal springs, and the popular one is Tangchi Hot Spring. Moreover, there are several national forest parks such as Dashushan National Forest Park, Zipengshan National Forest Park, Binhu Wetland National Forest Park, Yefu Mountain National Forest Park, Taihu Mountain National Forest Park and Shungeng Mountain National Forest Park.

The Prestigious Universities in Hefei

Hefei is a nationally famous center of higher education and scientific and technological research in China. Lots of important high-end universities and national key research institutes are located in Hefei. Today, Hefei is one of four national central cities of science and technology as well as higher education. The representative universities in Hefei are University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, Anhui Agricultural University and Hefei Branch of China Academy of Science.

The Famous Tourist Destinations Surrounding Hefei

Fengyang Imperial Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty – Located in Fengyang County, The clusters of Imperial Mausoleums of Ming Dynasty built by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang to memorize his parents and brothers. At the time, Fengyang was the Middle Capital of China, and the whole construction project lasted 6 years from 1369 to 1375. It was the first capital city since the establishment of Ming Dynasty, and later, became the model to rebuild the imperial palace complex of Nanjing and Beijing. Today, it is a national key cultural and historic site under the national protection.

Shouxian County National Cultural and Historic City – it was a national famous cultural and historic city of China listed in 1986, inclusive of three historic sites under the national protection, and 7 sites under the provincial protection. It is the old battlefield of Feishui Battle (383). The ancient city wall built in Song Dynasty is one of best-preserved ancient city walls in China. Shaobei Irrigation Project, also called An Feng Tang, is one of China’s ancient four irrigation projects. Today, it is a national key site. The famous historic sites include Caihou Mausoleum, Lianpo Mausoleum, King Chu Mausoleum, The Mausoleum of Liu An, the King of Huainan, Mizi Mausoleum, Baoen Temple, Sungong Memorial Temple, Confucius Temple, Red Well and so on. It generally has three travel destinations – Bagong Mountain National Forest Park, Shouzhou Ancient Town and An Feng Tang.

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