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Tonglu is a county (written in 2014) under the administration of Hangzhou Municipal Government, located in southwestern side of downtown Hangzhou, the famous Fuchun River crosses the area. Furthermore, this is the no.1 strongest economic county or county-level city in west Zhejiang province. Tonglu is a hot tourist destination in Hangzhou. It is a best choice for weekend outing, holiday or leisure activity to avoid the hustle and bustle life in downtown Hangzhou. The local food featured of the native ingredients from the surrounding mountains and waters is so delicious and special.

Tonglu as a regional name was firstly confirmed in 225, and in 621, it was raised to be a regional prefecture center. In Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan (范仲淹, 989-1052) served as the Muzhou, today’s area centering on Chun’an, was considerably amazed at its fabulous beauty and landscape, and gave it a special title – Xiao Sa Tong Lu(潇洒桐庐, A Natural and Unrestrained Tonglu), that is why the promotion words of Tonglu is always connected with Xiao Sa, when you watch the TV shows, and the advertisements outdoors.

tonglu travel guide

The alternative names are The City of Painting and The City of Lotus. Tonglu belongs to East China and under the administration of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The Vehicle Plate is Zhe A(浙A). Also, it has a branch campus of Zhejiang Gongshang University. The climate is the subtropical monsoon climate. Hangzhou-Huangshan Passenger Rail goes across the area and has a stop here. It is close to Fuyang, and only 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou, and approximately one hour driving.

In recent years, Tonglu has its own special development in economy. The express delivery industry is the highlight. Many domestic famous express companies come from Tonglu like STO. And another important economic highlight is the tourism. It is an important tourist destination for domestic customers, and gradually known overseas as well. Especially, it is a beautiful area in China awarded a global honor – The International Garden City in 2006 Final Competition of the 10th International Garden Cities Contest.

Tonglu is located in the core area of the tourist belt of Fuchun River – Xinan River, which is a national important tourist scenic area. It connects with Huangshan Mountain, Qiandao Lake, and near to The West Lake, Tianmu Mountain and Xianhua Mountain. The recommended tourist scenic spots include Yaolin Fairyland, Yan Ziling Fishing Platform, Tongjun Mountain, Daqi National Forest Park, and Tianmu Stream Drifting and so on.

The local souvenirs deserve your buying inclusive of the famous teas like Xue Shui Yun Lv (Snowy Water and Cloudy Green), Tian Zun Gong Ya (The Heaven-Honored Tribute Bud) and Wu Yun Qu Hao (Five Clouds Bent Fur). The local delicacies include hilsa herring of Fuchun River, and Ziling Fishes.

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