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Linping Hill, the symbol in downtown area
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Linping (临平, literally The provisional safety) situated in the northeast Hangzhou is the capital zone of Yuhang, the largest district of Hangzhou. Linping is a large newly-built city and one of five largest subcenters in Hangzhou. Known as the northern gate of Hangzhou, Linping is only 25 kilometers away from the downtown area of Hangzhou (Wulin Square), and plays a key role in connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou. And the neighboring administrations are the Haining and Tongxiang county-level cities in Jiaxing, and Deqing County in Huzhou. Linping has a history more than 1700 years. Today’s Linping is a center of politics, finance, economy, manufacturing and tourism in Hangzhou, and mainly interconnected with the downtown Hangzhou through Linding Avenue, Shiji Avenue, Tianhe Avenue, Tiandu Avenue Qiutao Elevated Expressway and Shida Elevated Expressway.

• Linping, the capital zone of Yuhang District

Linping is the capital zone of Yuhang District. The district government of Yuhang is located here. The whole city zone is in the northeast side of Hangzhou and a new city chiefly built in the century 21. Today, it is officially named and widely known as Linping New City and Linping Subsidiary City. The new city officially covers several zones – Nanyuan section, Qiaosi section, Xingqiao section and Tangxi section (according to the latest city planning published by Hangzhou government), and the Metro Line 1 linking downtown Hangzhou with the Qiaosi and Nanyuan sections. The new city construction is macroscopically divided into two parts by the Linping Hill (临平山), a geographical border separating the Linping City into the north hill zone and south hill zone, except the Qianjiang Economic Development Zone, a provincial key economic area in Zhejiang province.

The new city is developed from the north side to the south area. The new city is comprised of three zones – The southern zone, the west zone and the core zone. The core zone is a comprehensive part, the southern zone serving as the business and commerce, and the west zone is a residential, leisure and travel part centering on the Ouhuazhou Avenue(藕花洲大街, The Avenue of the Lotus Blossom Island) with an end to Tianducheng and Tiandu Sightseeing Park. It is also an important transportation center in Hangzhou, the High-Speed Trail Station and the Bus Station are both available. They make the life of citizens convenient.

linping downtown areaThe panoramic cityscape of Linping, the capital zone of Yuhang district and the northeast subcenter of Hangzhou city

• Linping, the northeast subcenter of Hangzhou

In accordance with the latest city construction blueprint officially release by the municipal government of Hangzhou (written in 2014), Linping New City is one of six subcenters of Hangzhou apart from the central downtown zone, which cover Linping New City, Jiangnan Subsidiary City (constituted by Xiaoshan District and Binjiang Hi-Tech Zone), Xiasha New City, North New City, Future Sci-Tech City, and New City of Grand East Qiantang River. The southernmost part connecting with Xingqiao Community is Dingqiao Community. There is only several minutes’ walking from Tianducheng along The Tiandu Avenue. The west side of Linping New City is connected with Gongshu District. Linping in Hangzhou is not only a residential zone, but also an industrial area with a variety of industries such as the modern logistics, e-commerce, and silk products and so on.

• Linping, the travel destination in north Hangzhou

Linping is a large tourist destination in some way. Firstly, let us know the specific tourist scenic areas at its surrounding areas – Firstly, what we highly recommend is Haining City, which is not only a nationwide famous leather products center, but also the famous center to view the breath-taking the tidal bore of Qiantang River at the point of Yancang. Secondly, Deqing is the northern neighboring county regionally famous for Moganshan Mountain Resorts, as well as its great natural landscape and perfect cycling lines among the hills and mountains, while, the Tongxiang, the northeast neighbor, has the famous water town – Wuzhen.

Shangtang River, a sub-branch of the Grand Canal which is a world cultural heritage site listed in 2014, is the main watercourse connecting the downtown Hangzhou and downtown Linping. Furthermore, this is also a main golden travel belt with lots of high-quality tourist attractions such as Linping Hill, Chiangnan Watery Region Culture Museum of China, Linping Park, Tianducheng, Tiandu Park, Huanghe Hill, Gaoting Hill and Ban Hill. It is both obviously beneficial to residence and tourism.

Tangqi is a southern central site of the Grand Canal in China, Tangqi Ancient Town, Chaoshan Hill Scenic Area are two hottest tourist attractions in the northwest area of Linping.

Wedding Photos in Tianducheng Resorts Xiangqiao Statues
Tianducheng is a large residential community with the great western garden landscapes suitable for wedding photos The grand statues situated in Linping Tiandu Park are the French-style masterpieces showing the warrior and lion
Wedding Photos in Tianducheng Resorts Xiangqiao Statues
Chaoshan Scenic Area, a famous plum-viewing center in Jiangnan region The Gaoting Hill, a sightseeing destination linking Linping to Dingqiao, Jianggan District.

The representative scenic spots in Linping listed below –

Comprehensive Destinations Chaoshan Hill Scenic Area
Tianducheng (Tiandu Park)
Tangqi Ancient Town
Cultural Sites China Chiangnan Watery Region Culture Museum
The Grand Canal (Shangtang River Section)
Natural Sites Linping Hill Park
Huanghe Hill Scenic Area
Gaoting Hill Scenic Area
There will be more new tourist attractions opened to the public, and also published here officially. If you plan to travel to any one, please contact us without hesitation.

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