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Hangzhou Transportation


How to Arrive in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the second largest city in east China next to Shanghai, and also the nationwide important transportation hub. For its reputation in tourism and economy, there are many international and domestic transportations connected with Hangzhou. How to arrive in Hangzhou is not a question here but how to choose a way you prefer with a better cost performance deserves your consideration. Hereinafter, there are some ways we suggestion for domestic transfers to Hangzhou. It may inspire you too much: (If you need a private transfer service from Hangzhou, please contact us anytime! We offer diverse types of Hangzhou transfer services)

Arrival by flight

If you are flying to Hangzhou from other parts of the world and China, you will arrive at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. From there, catch a taxi or airport shuttle bus to the downtown area, which is 27 kilometers away.

There are no flights between Hangzhou and Shanghai as the distance is too short. Most visitors arrive by train, coach, taxi or rental car.

Arrival by train from Shanghai

As Shanghai is the closest city to Hangzhou, at about 174 kilometers away, most people travel between the two cities by train. ( Information on Hangzhou Railway Station )

Arrival by coach

You can travel by coach between the two cities. Travelling time is approximately 3-4 hours, terminal to terminal and depending on traffic conditions. Although the highway between Shanghai and Hangzhou is safe and up to international standards, it is still recommended to travel by train as it is cheaper, has longer operational hours and higher service frequency.

Nonetheless if you choose to go by coach, do travel in the day or between 8am to 8pm as it is safer and more convenient. ( Hangzhou Coach Transfer Service )

Arrival by cab or rented car

This is an expensive way of travelling from Shanghai to Hangzhou. The advantage is flexibility as you can flag down a cab anywhere and anytime in Shanghai and give the driver your destination address in Hangzhou. However as cab drivers normally remain within the city, they might not know how to get to your destination in Hangzhou. Major cab companies in Shanghai are Dazhong, Qiangsheng, Jinjiang and Bashi. ( Hangzhou Cab Service )

How to Travel in Hangzhou

How to travel in Hangzhou is a big question asked by many tourists worldwide when they plan to have their first-time traveling to Hangzhou. Actually, what we answered hereinafter is not an all-inclusive answer, but a transportation-oriented response and presentation. Generally in Hangzhou, there are many convenient and flexible ways for traveling like subways, cabs, free bikes, water bus, public bus and so on. They can meet your any requirements for outing

On foot

You can take a stroll around the main city area to immerse yourself in the daily activities of the locals, or around West Lake to enjoy the natural scenery. Walking in summer might be unbearable due to the scorching heat. In winter, despite the cold, it is still worth a stroll due to beautiful snow scenes. Look out for the huge crowd rushing from Shanghai to watch the snow melt from Baidi’s “Broken Bridge” (Duanqiao 断桥). It takes 3 hours to walk around the 12 kilometer circumference of West Lake.

There are three main causeways across West Lake: Baidi (Bai Causeway) which is 2 kilometers long and takes around 30 minutes; Sudi (Su Causeway) at a distance of 2.7 kilometers and takes about 40 minutes; Yanggongdi, 3 kilometers long, takes about 50 minuets.

Rent a bicycle

There are many bicycle rental kiosks around the city but the bicycle rental card can only be applied at four locations. Bring along your passport for identification purposes when applying for the bicycle rental card. ( Hangzhou Free Bicycle Service )

  • The main entrance of Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows (Liulangwenying 柳浪闻莺) at No. 11 Nanshan Road (Nanshan Lu 南山路) near West Lake Museum.
  • The main entrance of Wushan Square (Wushan guangchang 吴山广场) at Hefang Street (Jefang Jie 河坊街) near Wushan Square public transport station (Wushan guangchang gong jiao zhan 吴山广场公交站).
  • The main entrance of Youth Palace (Qingshao niangong青少年宫) at Beishan Road (Beishan Lu 北山路), Baochu Road (Baochu Lu保俶路) near “Broken Bridge” (Duanqiao 断桥).
  • At Hangzhou Bus IC Card Service Center (Long xiang qiao). Address: 20 Longxiang Road.

  • How to rent a bicycle

    300 yuan in total (200 as deposit and 100 as prepaid rental fee, which can be returned together with the deposit if there is any remaining amount left.) One passport can apply up to a maximum of 5 bicycle rental cards.


    0-59 minutes (1st hour) Free
    60-119 minutes (2nd hour) 1 yuan
    120-179 minutes (3rd hour) 2 yuan
    180-239 (4th hour) 3 yuan
    240-299 (5th hour) 6 yuan

    ** From the 5th hour onwards, rates will increase by 3 yuan every hour. (E.g. 300-359 minutes, 6th hour is 9 yuan, 360-419 minutes, 7th hour is 12 yuan, etc.).

    ** If you take public transport during your rental time, tap your bicycle rental card upon boarding the bus to pause the timing, which will stop for 90 minutes. It will resume counting after 90 minutes, regardless of how long your bus ride took. In short, your free rental for the use of the bicycle will be extended by 90 minutes if you take public transport, thus allowing you a total of 150 minutes of free rental time.

    By metro

    Hangzhou’s Metro Line 1 connects Hangzhou Railway Station with West Lake (with nearest station of Longxiangqiao Station), goes through downtown area including the central of downtown at Wulin Square Station, extends to the southern end of Xianghu Lake Station, which is south of Qiantang River in Xiaoshan District.

    Passengers can buy tickets on automatic machines at metro stations, the ticket price ranges from two yuan (US$0.3) to eight yuan on the line. ( Hangzhou Metro System )

    Click for the larger map of Metro Line 1

    By bus

    Public bus services to tourist places are Y1, Y7, Y9 and K7. K7 departs from Hangzhou Railway Station. ‘K’ buses stop at several places of interest and ‘Y’ buses are tour buses with tour guides to introduce places along the way in Chinese. There are English and Chinese announcements at every stop.

    Do note that “Y” buses end their services early. Y1 (round trip from Lingyin Temple and back): 8am-5pm. Y2 (Lingyin Temple to Hangzhou Railway Station, both ways): 8am-6pm. Y7 (zoo to Hangzhou East Railway Station): 8am-5pm, Y7 (Hangzhou East Railway Station to zoo): 7am-4.20pm. Y9 (round trip from Huanglong Sports Center, huanglong ti yu zhong xin黄龙体育中心 and back): 8am-5.15pm. ( Hangzhou Public Bus Service )

    For more information on bus routes, go to:

    Tickets: Bus tickets are bought upon boarding so make sure that you have small change as there will be no change given.

    Fares: 1.50 to 2 yuan for common buses, 3-5 yuan for tour buses.

    For K7, the normal fare is 2 yuan, except for March, April, October and November (1 yuan) when air-conditioning is not necessary.

    Except the bus on land, Hangzhou also has a special bus widekly known as Water Bus,and it runs from Grand Canal to Xixi Wetland Park. ( Hangzhou Water Bus Service )

    By cab

    Empty cabs or cabs for hire usually have a green or yellow-orange light on the dashboard of the car. It is important to note that if you are rushing to catch a train or a flight, it is difficult to flag down a cab between 4pm to 7pm as it is rush hour and cabs are in the midst of changing shifts. If you cannot speak Chinese, make sure that you have a map with you so that you can point out your destination.

    Fare: Basic at 11 yuan (10 yuan for the first 3km and additional 1 yuan for fuel fee). For distance within 10km, the rate is 2.5 yuan/km; for distance above 10km, the rate is 3.75 yuan/km. The waiting charge is 2.5 yuan/4 minutes. No peak hour or night surcharges. ( Hangzhou Cab Service )

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