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Fuyang(富阳, literally translated as The Southern Blessed and Rich Land) is the southwest administrative zone of Hangzhou, and the northwest part of Zhejiang province, and also the youngest city district merged into the downtown area of Hangzhou at the end of 2014 after Xiaoshan and Yuhang Districts are both absolutely integrated with the downtown Hangzhou. Originally, it was named Fuchun (The Rich Spring), and later became Fuyang County. In 1994, it was upgraded to be a county-level city under the administration of Hangzhou Municipality.

Fuyang is considered as the west gate of Hangzhou and one of the internationally opened coastal counties or cities in the first-time published list by the State Council. Only 32 kilometers away from the downtown Fuyang to downtown Hangzhou, passengers can take sightseeing bus No.514 and the subway 6 (the extension section to Fuyang) to Fuyang, and the fee is only 5 Yuan RMB.

Anciently called Fuchun County, in 394, changed to be Fuyang, due to avoiding the overlap of its name with Emperor Jianwendi (简文帝, 503~551) of Liang Dynasty. It is an area surrounded by Xiaoshan District, Zhuji city of Shaoxing, Tonglu County, Linan city and Yuhang District.

Traditionally, Fuyang is a typical landscape city of China highly praised and depicted by poets and painters of generations. The Fuchun River, famous as the origin of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains Painting created by Huang Gongwang in Yuan Dynasty, the Longmen Ancient Town famous as the hometown of Sun Quan, the king of Wu state of Three Kingdoms Period. East China’s largest natural fresh water baths Xinsha Island(新沙岛, The Island of New Sand) and Jiuxiao Yunbi Cave as Asia’s largest cave hall, and they are the highlights of tourism in Fuyang. Nowadays, there are three new famous tourist destinations popular with the tourists. They are Hangzhou Wildlife World, Fuchun Resort International Golf Club and China Ancient Papermaking & Printing Cultural Village.

The picture of Longmen Ancient Town , Fuyang, Hangzhou, which is hometown of Sun Quan and Sun Guoting

The Great Men in History of Fuyang

Fuyang was the hometown of many historic great souls in politics, literature, calligraphy, painting and so on. Even in every aspect of the history of Fuyang, there is a great man telling the glories of Fuyang. We list some of the representatives hereinafter to show the history of Fuyang:

  • Sun Quan(孙权, 182-252), the king of Wu state of Three Kingdoms Period. Sun Quan was historically known as Dong Wu Da Di, or the Emperor of Eastern Wu. More to read at the Introduction to Biography of Sun Quan >>>

  • Su Guoting(孙过庭, 646-691), a great calligraphy master of early Tang Dynasty. Learning from Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, he was good at the cursive script. His greatest achievement was his academic work of calligraphy, Shu Pu (The Book of Calligraphy). More to read at the introduction to the Biography of Sun Guoting >>>

  • Luo Yin(罗隐, 833-909), a great poet of late Tang Dynasty. Furthermore, Luo Yin was a famous Taoist scholar with some academic books like Chan Shu (The Book of Slandering ) and Taiping Liangtong Book (a Book of Luo Yin to Advocate the Method of Managing the Society with the Thoughts of Taoism and Confucianism). Due to the harm of Chan Shu to the upper class, Luo Yin finally failed in the decades of entrance examinations, and later, he retreated in Jiuhua Mountain and later became the secretary of Qian Liu, the founder the Wuyue Kingdom. More to read at the Introduction to Biography of Luo Yin >>>

  • Huang Gongwang (黄公望, 1269-1354), a great master of painting in Yuan Dynasty. Huang Gongwang’s representative masterpiece of painting works is The Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. More to read at the Introduction to the Biography of Huang Gongwang >>>

  • The Painting of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains >>> (Part)

  • Dong Bangda(董邦达, 1699-1769) & Dong Gao(董诰, 1740-1818), the father-son premiers of Qing Dynasty. Dong Bangda was actually an official of Qing Dynasty, and the famous painter and calligraphist. In Dong family, he was famous as Dong Yuan and Dong Qichang.

  • Yu Dafu(郁达夫, 1896-1945), a famous litterateur of modern China, but died of Japanese murdering, and his prose is quite popular with the young people. The representative works like the autumn of the Ancient Capital City.

  • Mai Jia (麦家), a famous modern writer winning the Mao Dun Literature Award, which is the top literature award of mainland China.

Painting & Resorts Related to Fuchun Mountains

Fuyang is worldwide known for Fuchuan Mountains and River. Huang Gongwang, a great master of painting, was famous for its masterpiece themed with the Fuchuan Mountains and Waters. Due to the history, today, the painting of Huang Gongwang titled The Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is divided into two parts, and respectively named Wuyongshijuan Section and Shengshantu Section. The former one is collected in Taipei National Palace Museum, and the latter one is collected in Zhejiang Provincial Museum. The painting depicts the beauty of Fuyang and becomes the No.1calling card. In modern times, many talented designers and businessmen are striving for making money via making full use of the cultural legacy of this painting scroll. The Resort and Hotel of Fuchun(富春山居度假酒店) is the representative. More About Fuchun Resort >>>

The Portrait of Huang Gongwang   Fuchun Resort, Top Luxury Hotel

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