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The East Railway Station of Hangzhou is the newest and largest hub of trains in Hangzhou. In eastern center of Hangzhou, Hangzhou East Railway Station is the largest project under the leadership of Mr. Wang Guoping, who is the last mayor of Hangzhou and the contributor to modernization construction and metropolis-oriented development of Hangzhou from a small township-like city.

Officially description of the East Railway Station of Hangzhou is like this – Hangzhou East Railway Station is located at the core of Eastern New City of Hangzhou, which boasts the eastern gate of Hangzhou and the center of Hangzhou to connect Qianjiang New City, Xiasha New City and Linping New City. It is the largest railway hub in Asia affiliated to Shanghai Railway Bureau, a governmental organ in charge of the railway construction and management in mainland China. In city transportation, Hangzhou Eastern Railway Station is a transportation hub for operating high-speed trains, fast trains, special rails, city metros and public buses. It supports the seamless transportation transfer.

The map shows the location of Hangzhou East Railway Station in downtown Hangzhou

Where is it?

Generally, it is abbreviated as Dong Zhan or Eastern Station to differ itself from the old railway station or Hangzhou Railway Station, which is widely known as Cheng Zhan. Based on the former site of Eastern Railway Station, the station is close to Tiancheng Avenue, Jichang Road, Genshan West Road and Qiutao Highway. And the eastern part is the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway. Metro line 1 and metro line 4 cross the station and have a stop named the Stop of Eastern Railway Station.

How it works?

The East Railway Station of Hangzhou was established on Dec., 27, 2009, and officially opened on July 1, 2013. It serves as the comprehensive transportation hub of Shanghai-Kunming Rail, Hangzhou-Nanjing Rail, Shanghai-Hangzhou High-Speed Rail, Hangzhou-Ningbo High-Speed Rail, Hangzhou-Huangshan Passenger Rail, Shangqiu-Hangzhou Passenger Line. And the Shanghai-Hangzhou maglev service is also available here.

The exterior layout of Hangzhou East Railway Station

If it is your first time taking trains in the East Railway Station of Hangzhou, you may be probably confused by the inner system. It is the largest shortcoming to the new passengers.

The total construction area of it is over 340,000 square meters. The station has a five-layer structure with 2 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground. The first floor above the ground is used for the arrival and departure of trains; the second floor above the ground is the waiting room; the first floor underground is the transfer hall, visitors can take a taxi here; underground second and third floor is used respectively for Metro Line 1 and Line 4, passengers can take the subway to leave the station.

The station has 15 platforms and 30 lines (3 platforms and 4 lines reserved for maglev), including 2 main tracks and 28 arrival-departure tracks. Currently, only Hangzhou East Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station have designed maglev line position. Platforms include 13 island-like platforms and two side platforms. The construction area of the station house is 155,600 square meters.

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