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In regard to the downtown area of Hangzhou, apart from its Xiaoshan District and Yuhang District, both of which were approved to be two extensions of Hangzhou by The State Council and Provincial Government of Zhejiang on March 12, 2001, it is mainly constituted of six districts, and becomes the second largest regional metropolis next to Shanghai in Yangtze River Delta Region. Actually, the real area of downtown Hangzhou just includes Xihu District, Shangcheng District, Xiacheng District, Gongshu District, Jianggan District and Binjiang New Development District, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District, and not covers Fuyang City, Linan City, Jiande City, Tonglu County and Chunan County. The traditional center of Hangzhou is West Lake District or Xihu District, and most of great tourist attractions of Hangzhou are located in this district. And also, Xihu District is one of the largest districts in downtown area.

The picturesque view of the West Lake,
a world cultural hertiage site in 2011
  The panoramic view of the Grand Canal,
a world cultural heritage site in 2014

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XIHU DISTRICT has the quintessence of Hangzhou landscape, six top scenic areas of Hangzhou, and five of them are in this district such as the West Lake Scenic Area and Xixi National Wetland Park. The famous Zhijiang National Tourism and Holiday Zone is the most typical exclusive zone for the residences of business tycoons and governmental authorities. It is the real paradise on earth, and the origin of Hangzhou’s calling-card as a center of Chinese rich people’s paradise and poor people's hell. Zhejiang University famous as the third greatest comprehensive university after annexing some other regional universities like the passed Hangzhou University, Zhejiang Medical University and Zhejiang Agriculture University, is also located in the area. The world famous green tea, Longjing Tea or Dragon-Well Tea is from this region. Traditionally, Xihu District is the real center of Hangzhou in the aspects of economy, politics, education and culture. The provincial organs of Zhejiang province are all located in this area. Xihu District has many famous classic gardens. Liuzhuang Garden(刘庄, Liu Family Village translated literally ) honored to be the No.1 Garden of West Lake used to be temporary residence of Mao Zedong during his ten visits to Hangzhou.

GONGSHU DISTRICT is an important part of Downtown Hangzhou as the location of Hangzhou Municipal Government. It has a long history. Since Sui and Tang Dynasties, it has been the important center of agricultural and manufacturing products from the large region of Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou. The landmark of this district is the Grand Canal, a tentative site listed into the Candidates of World Heritage in China. Gongshu District is located at the southernmost part of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The historic sites on both sides of the canal today are still available including: Gongchen Bridge Historic and Cultural Area (China Grand Canal Museum, and many other themed museums and ancient streets like China Swords, Scissors and Knives Museum, China Silk Museum, China Umbrella Museum), Xiangfu Bridge, Banshan Bridge, Xiaohe Historic Street, Gao Family Garden and Xiangji Temple.

XIACHENG DISTRICT is one of the key districts of downtown Hangzhou. Xiacheng district is a museum showing the customs and lifestyles of Hangzhou people. Hangzhou experienced several big population migrations in history, and its custom and lifestyle in general is a big oneness of north-south traditions and customs. Xiacheng District is the CBD designed by Hangzhou Municipal Government. The landmarks of Hangzhou generally are located in this region like The West Lake Cultural Square, Marriot International Hotel (Courtyard Garden) and Hangzhou Tower (the most popular shopping center and many world-famous luxuries are sold here)

The fantastic night view of CanHigh Skyscraper   The night sight of Hangzhou Tower viewed afar

SHANGCHENG DISTRICT located in the middle of Downtown Hangzhou directly administrates six streets and 51 communities. Shangcheng District has a grand view of Qiangtang River Tide, and Scenic Area of Phoenix Hill and Wu Hill. The famous tourist attractions include: Hefang Ancient Street, Wushan Square, City God Pavilion, South Song Dynasty Imperial Thoroughfare, King Ting Mansion of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Former Residences of Qian Xueseng and Gong Zizhen.

JIANGNAN DISTRICT has a long history and one of the oldest areas of Hangzhou. At present, Jianggan District is the important transportation hub of Downtown Hangzhou. It is close to Xiaoshan International Airport, Hangzhou East Bus Transportation Station, Hangzhou Bus Passenger Transportation Center as well as the East Railway Station of Hangzhou. And also serves as the south terminal of The Intercity High-Speed Trains Service between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It has the huge ship lock connecting the Grand Canal to Qiantang River.

BINJIANG DISTRICT with a full name of Binjiang National Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, or Qianjiang New Town was established in March, 1990, and was approved to be a national high-tech development zone in March, 1991. Currently, it is the only National high-tech zone of Zhejiang province. Binjiang District was set in September 1996. This district is built along the Qiantang River and the subsidiary city and scientific city of Hangzhou. Binjiang National Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone has four characters different traditional urban administration or management. Firstly it has a new management mechanism. Secondly, it has a better advantage of geography. Thirdly it owns a large number of talented people.

YUHANG DISTRICT Yuhang district is a quite large zone in Hangzhou, and the city zone is Linping. Yuhang in history is the important part of Hangzhou. The culture and history of Hangzhou are closely interlinked to Hangzhou. Such as the Zen culture, Tea culture, Grand Canal culture and Xixi Wetland history. Today, as the large development of urbanization of Yuhang, especially the development of the Linping New Town and the establishment of Hangzhou National Future Sci-Tech City (More about the introduction to Yuhang District >>>).

The Grand Donglai Pavilion on Linping Hill, Linping New Town   New Century Grand Hotel, A Landmark Building Xiaoshan

XIAOSHAN DISTRICT Xiaoshan District is a southeast part of downtown Hangzhou. It borders on Binjiang District and Qiantang River. Xiaoshan District is one of Chinese ten top richest districts in China. Xiaoshan International Airport, one of ten largest airport terminals in China, is located in Xiaoshan. Majority of Hangzhou metros start from Xiaoshan to every corner of Hangzhou. At present, Xiaoshan largely develops the industry of service and tourism. Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou Paradise and Oriental Cultural Park are the highlights of Hangzhou tourist resources. (More to read about Xiaoshan District >>>)

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