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Hangzhou is the next largest metropolis to Shanghai in the east China. Different from other neighboring cities, Hangzhou is a garden-like city with the best cultural and natural landscapes, most advanced infrastructure and international service system. All over the China, Hangzhou is quite unique to its city design and look. Traditionally known as the backyard of Shanghai together with Suzhou, another great city of China for its history and culture, Hangzhou is famous as the Heaven on Earth. In east China region, it is one of three most important economic, political, cultural and travel centers, and two others are Shanghai and Nanjing. Hangzhou has a great history of imperial capital, the glorious elite culture, the classic world heritage site named West Lake, and the perfect city service for citizens. The tourist attractions of Hangzhou are highlighted with temples, memorials, museums, tea, galleries, festivals, mountains, waters and ancient architectural clusters as well as the amazing performances. Hangzhou is the top tourist destination for traveling in China.


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Hangzhou Tour Packages                                                                                                      (More Tours)

hangzhou budget tour
Hangzhou Budget Tour
West Lake Cruise . Su Causeway . Dragon Well Tea Plantation . Tiger Spring ...
One day budget tour in Hangzhou include the most worth visiting places, all tourist attractions are located in the west lake scenic area...
Tour NO. MC-HZT-02
1 Day, From 30 $

hangzhou tours
Classic Hangzhou Tour
West Lake . Lingyin Temple . Liuhe Pagoda . Meijiawu Tea Plantation . Zhiweiguan . Zhangshengji ...
This is the 2 days classic Hangzhou tours highlighted with the fantastic natural landscape and the tourist attractions of culture and history...
Tour NO. MC-HZT-01
2 Days, From 74 $

west lake tours
Hangzhou West Lake Luxury Tour
Su and Bai Causeways . Lake Cruise . Xiling Yinshe . Impression West Lake ...
This is a luxury tour of west lake scenic area in Hangzhou, and it deserves your trip to experience the culture and history of Hangzhou...
Tour NO. MC-HZT-03
1 Day, From 30 $

west lake night cruise tour
Impressive West Lake Night Cruise Tour
Big Dragon Boat . Chinese Folk Band . Hubin Road
Every year from June to September, Westlake cruise company open several routes for visitors when the night falls. We'd like to recomand the best to you...
Tour NO. MC-HZT-04
nighttime, From 45 $

jiangnan tours including hangzhou
Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuzhen Tours
West Lake . Zhuozheng Garden . Liuhe Pagoda . Lingyin Temple . Suzhou Museum ...
Renowned to be a classical Jiangnan tour, Shanghai shows the great metropolitan views. Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuzhen exhibits a traditional east China.
Tour NO. MC-ECT-03
7 Days, From 547 $

Hangzhou Hotels                                                                                                                         (More Hotels)

hangzhou marriott hotel hangzhou sophia hotel hangzhou holiday inn hotel overseas chinese hotel
Marriott Hotel Hangzhou Sophia Hotel Hangzhou Holiday Inn Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel

Hangzhou Ticket Booking Service                                                                                 (More Details)

hangzhou railway station
Train Ticket Booking Service
Hangzhou has two big railway stations, the main and traditional one is the city railway station, which is located in downtown area Hangzhou and near to West Lake Scenic Area. The ordinary train and bullet train tickets can be available here. The other is the south railway station, the new hub of railway for high-speed trains
train ticket HANGZHOU
From -- $

impression west lake ticket hangzhou
Impression West Lake Ticket Booking
Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances strongly featured of the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake. It is nationwide famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. Actually, the visitors in Hangzhou are unexceptionally eager to watch this life-size performance...(More)
show ticket HANGZHOU
From 35 $

romance song dynasty show ticket
Romance of Song Dynasty Ticket Booking
Romance of Song Dynasty is a large-scale performance and wins the award of national five-one project and the lotus award, which is the top honor of Chinese dancing. This is a huge review of glorious history and culture of Hangzhou, themed with the historical anecdotes, myths and historic events, mingled with...(More)
show ticket HANGZHOU
From 38 $

west lake night
Night of West Lake Ticket Booking
For the nightlife in Hangzhou, there are diverse options of performances for enjoying. There is a traditional performance named Night of West Lake. Night of West Lake is another famous night indoor show in Hangzhou, aside from the Romance of Song Dynasty. It is as equally famous as Impression West Lake ...(More)
show ticket HANGZHOU
From 26 $

Hangzhou Transfer Service                                                                                                (More Details)

hangzhou transfer service
Hangzhou Transfer Service
Hangzhou is a must-see tourist destination of Cbina. In a certain time, to have a great tour, it will be a dream in some way, because of the uncertainty of transportation, the uncontrollability of the distance between two sites like the distance from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport to your booked hotels.
transfer HANGZHOU
From 45 $

Hangzhou Travel Tips                                                                                                             (More Details)

hangzhou map
History and Lifestyle
The History of Hangzhou
Hangzhou Famous Festivals & Activities
Legend of Lady White Snake
Love Story of Butterfly Lovers
Legend of Monk Ji Gong
Shenglihe Food Street
The Bar Street of Nanshan Road
Yue Opera: Chinese Intangible Heritage
Cuisines and Restaurants
Recommended Cuisine: Dongpo Pork
Recommended Cuisine: Longjing Xiaren
Recommended Cuisine: Xihu Cuyu
Recommended Cuisine: Jiaohua Tongji
Recommended Restaurant: Louwailou
Recommended Restaurant: Zhiweiguan
Recommended Restaurant: Zhangshengji
Recommended Restaurant: Kuiyuanguan

hangzhou night view
Districts and Zones
Introduction of Downtown Hangzhou
Linan City Travel Guide
Yuhang District Introduction
Xiaoshan District Introduction
Xiasha Economic and Education Zone
Hangzhou Transportation
Downtown Metro System of Hangzhou
The Railway Stations of Hangzhou
The Downtown Bus Service of Hangzhou
The Public Bicycle Service of Hangzhou
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

 Hangzhou Tourist Attractions

hangzhou lingyin temple huqingyutang traditional medicine museum of china hangzhou baopu taoist temple hefang street
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple Traditional Medicine Museum Baopu Taoist Temple Hefang Ancient Street
liuhe pagoda hangzhou tea plantation romance of song dynasty hangzhou west lake
Hangzhou Liuhe Pagoda Hangzhou Tea Plantation Romance of Song Dynasty Impression West Lake
xixi wetland park west lake leifeng pagoda west lake night
Xixi Wetland Park Hangzhou West Lake Hangzhou Leifeng Pagoda Night of West Lake

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