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One Day Hangzhou Tour in Winter

 Hangzhou Tours - 1 Day Hangzhou Tour in Winter to West Lake, Chaoshan Hill, Huqingyutang ...

Tour Code: MC-HZT-HST-04
Departure: Daily in December, January, February and March

Highlights: Wintertime is the low season of travel in Hangzhou, but it does not mean the beauty of Hangzhou is faded. On the contrary, a special gentle and quite charm of Hangzhou is typically exhibited at the time. Walking along the Broken Bridge to view the sites under the warm sunshine of winter, and thinking a little bit about the life and art, that will be a nice lifestyle so similar to the traditional intellectuals in China. Enjoy a tranquil but deep tour in wintertime Hangzhou to explore the exterior highlights and the interior needs.

Attractions: West Lake, Huqingyutang, Cuisine Museum, Xiling Yinshe

hangzhou winter tour
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In the morning, after you enjoy breakfast at hotel, we meet you at the lobby of the hotel, and then start today’s trip. The whole trip will be extended to Yuhang Chaoshan Scenic Area and surely features a trip in a big circle of Hangzhou:

The First Stop is the West Lake (Xiling Society of Seal Art).

hangzhou winter trip

Wintertime’s West Lake is so tranquil that travelers cannot imagine how it is popular and crowded in other three seasons. But winter gives another special character to this world cultural landscape – gentle, quite and mild. Never ignore the beauty of it in winter. We just stop at the entrance of the Broken Bridge, which is the site of one of ten classic scenes of the West Lake since Southern Song Dynasty - Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge, and walk along the Broken Bridge to today’s first attraction – Xiling Society of Seal Art. If lucky enough, you will see a splendid lingered snow scene along the bridge and the Bai Causeway.

Xiling Society of Seal Art is the only non-governmental art and academic organization of seal engraving and art study in China. The organizer and the president of this society are always the leading masters in humanities. They are the masters of calligraphy, painting, and traditional study and so on. The whole society is a big traditional garden housing lots of the valued historical sites. It is publicly considered as the sacred land of traditional art in China.

The Second Stop is Hefang Ancient Street (Huqingyutang TCM Museum).

Hefang Old Street is the most time-honored ancient block in Hangzhou and was the imperial palaces zone in Southern Song Dynasty. Strolling along the main street, lots of local special things may draw you till you arrive at Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Museum. Huqingyutang is the private asset of Hu Xueyan, whose private garden-style mansion is located nearby that we call The Former Residence of Hu Xueyan. He Xueyan was the No.1 and richest businessman in late Qing Dynasty, just similar to today’s Jack Ma, the boss of Alibaba Group of Hangzhou. He was born in Huangshan, Anhui Province, and made a great achievement in Hangzhou.

hangzhou winter trip

Huqingyutang TCM Museum boasting the medicine king in Jiangnan region (East China) and the only themed museum of Traditional Chinese Museum in China, and it preserves and exhibits the highlights of the culture and history of TCM, which is said to be the national quintessence of culture of China. TCM objectively is not thoroughly accepted by other countries, but is an important branch of humankind’s self-treatment methods. Different from the western medicine system, TCM emphasizes the pre-treatment and comprehensive cure. So it was considered as a part of philosophy of life. Actually, it makes a great effect to save the patients from death. Also usually, it largely relieves the pains and disease in both the physically and mentally. Let the doctors help you here to explore the magic of oriental medicine.

The Third Stop is Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum.

In accordance with the traditional seasonal healthcare in China, the winter is the best time to eat to keep the body warm and strong. So people of China pay more attentions to the culinary things. Hangzhou cuisine is famous in China. Before tasting the authentic local food, we take a trip to learn about it in Chinese Hangzhou Cuisine Museum. The museum is a little bit far from the downtown area, and located among the hills. The so tranquil and idyllic surroundings make it special. Try to learn and taste the local food to find a real flavor of Hangzhou.

The Final Stop is Viewing Plum Blossom at Chaoshan Hill.

hangzhou winter trip

The final trip is arranged after lunch. Speaking of the Chaoshan Hill, it is not so famous as the West Lake and the Grand Canal in Hangzhou, or maybe caused by its location out of the administration zone of downtown Hangzhou municipal government. But when we discuss about where to view the plum blossom, the Chaoshan Hill is unavoidable.

Chaoshan Hill in Yuhang District, a newly-included district of downtown Hangzhou in 2014 but owning a different social management and welfare system from downtown Hangzhou, has more than 50 hectares of plum trees. The best time to view the plum blossom in February and March, particularly during the Annual Chaoshan Plum Blossom Festival. Chaoshan Hill is one of the three traditional places to view plum blossoms in east China south of the Yangtze River and is known poetically as the Sea of Fragrant Snow. The plum trees on Chaoshan Hill are noted for their unique shapes and two of China's five ancient plum trees still surviving are found here -- Tangmei dating from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) and Songmei from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Furthermore, Chaoshan is a retreat area for artists in modern China. Wu Changshuo,who people of modern China respect to be the master of painting,calligraphy and seal art and the first president of Xiling Society of Seal Art, lived here for many years and shaped the culture of this hill.

Something Important Before the Trip

  • The travel duration: 8 hours from 9 am to 5 pm
  • The pick-up and drop-off site: your hotel lobby
  • The way of payment: cash, paypal, telegraphic transfer and western union
  • Availability: daily served in autumn time
  • Meal arrangement: The lunch will not be arranged in this trip. But we will take the tourists to the local restaurants to stay away from the tourist restaurant. Our guide helps the tourists order the food they want to try and pay on their own on actual happen

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