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Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University


Among the decades of the campuses of universities in Hangzhou, Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University is the most beautiful and famous one. It has been a classic tourist site arranged in the itineraries for domestic and foreign travelers. Zhejiang Campus is named after Qiantang River, which was named Zhijiang River over the past.

Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University
The picture of the old westernized buildings in Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University, and today, it is a popular and famous site to make movies

More Information about Zhjiang Campus

The Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University is located nearby the Qiantang River and Six Harmonies Pagoda. It is on the Yuelun Hull. The original was Yuying Academy established in 1897, also called Duxue Hall, which was a missionary school of American Church to educate the missionaries, so it featured the humanities or liberal arts and then developed its science departments. Before 1949, it was the campus of Zhijiang University, and the Zhijiang School of Zhejiang University

In 1950s, it was the site of Zhejiang Normal College and The Party School of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee. In 1958, since the establishment of nuclear physics department of Zhejiang University, it became a part of Zhejiang University, and known as the Third Branch of Zhejiang University or the radio department of Zhejiang University. In 1992, based on the approval of the former national education commission, it was built for a fundamental research, which was listed into the National Eight Fives Project.

Zhijiang Campus covers a total area of 560 mu. Today, it is the Law School of Zhejiang University and the base of Watson Institute of Genome Sciences of Zhejiang University. The campus is a large old building complex, approximately comprised of 16 old buildings such as the main building, bell building, old library and the No,2 building. All of these buildings were all restored. The main building was the office of administration. No.1 and No.2 buildings are the offices of teachers. No.3 and No.7 buildings and Zeng Xianzi Tower are the teaching buildings. The No.4 building houses the moot court. The No.6 building is the university hospital. The No.1 and No.2 buildings were built before 1910-1920. The upper red building and the lower red building are two villas, established in the period of 1902-1903. The round archway and carved columns strongly feature the ancient Roman architectural style.

The buildings are quite exquisite. It was said that John Leighton Stuart, the last ambassador of USA and the president of Yanjing University before 1949, lived in the lower red building. John Leighton Stuart was a native of Hangzhou, and had a strong local accent of Hangzhou, and his dialect was more standard that many local Hangzhou people. Additionally, the newly built Zeng Xianzi Teaching Building shares a similar architectural style to the old buildings.

Zhijiang Campus of Zhejiang University today is a national key cultural site with an official name The Former Site of Zhijiang University. It well preserves the complete modern university building clusters, and won the second place in a protection of the world’s modern university architecture.

John Leighton Stuart
The statue of John Leighton Stuart located in a community of downtown Hangzhou. After he passed away in USA, his will issued that he wanted to be buried in Yanjing University, Beijing, which is said to be his second hometown. With the help of President Xi Jinping, he was finally buried in Hangzhou, near to the West Lake.

Additional Information about Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University was built 1897. It was one of most prestigious universities in China and one of the oldest higher education institutions founded by Chinese themselves. More to read to click the link to Zhejiang University >>>>>>

The main campuses of Zhejiang University in Zhejiang province:

  • The Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University (the newest and largest campus, address - Yuhangtang Road 388, Xihu District, Hangzhou)

  • The Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University (the site of the old Zhejiang University, address – Zheda Road 38, Xihu District, Hangzhou)

  • The Xixi Campus of Zhejiang University(the site of the former Hangzhou University, address – Tianmushan Road 148, Xihu District, Hangzhou)

  • The Huajiachi Campus of Zhejiang University (the site of the former Zhejiang Agricultural University, address – Kaixuan Road 268, Jianggan District, Hangzhou)

  • The Software School of Zhejiang University (a graduate college, address – Jiangnan Road 1689, Gaoxin District, Ningbo)

  • The Zhoushan Campus of Zhejiang University (the site of Oceanic College of Zhejiang University, address – Huiminqiao Village, Lincheng Community, Dinghai District, Zhoushan)

  • The International Combination College of Zhejiang University( the site of Haining International Campus, Jiaxing, the address – Cuckoo Lake, Haining, Jiaxing)

How to go here

Mailing Address – Zhjiang Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Postal Code 310008
The Bus Line – K514, k318, k308, K4, K504, K280, K190, K354, K808 and 202

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