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Impression West Lake Show Introduction


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Impression West Lake is one of Chinese top live-action performances strongly featured of the local culture and unique charm of Hangzhou West Lake. It is nationwide famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. Actually, the visitors in Hangzhou are unexceptionally eager to watch this life-size performance, because it is one mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history. Impression West Lake is one of the representatives created by Zhang Yimou who is Chinese most famous movie director and the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. Impression West Lake is the third performance (the first and the second live-action performances made by them are Impression Liu Sanjie and Impression Lijiang River) shown initially in 2007.

The history and culture of West Lake as well as the beautiful natural landscape of West Lake are the origin of Impression West Lake. This performance vividly shows the folklores and myths of Hangzhou and highlights the best of them. Via the high technology, the makers recreate The Rain of West Lake, which in some ways reflects the natural charm of rain of West Lake and West Lake in rain. The whole scenes of performance are live-action show with the real water and hills as the performance background. By virtue of the life-like and life-size show, the rooted culture and the natural beauty of Hangzhou are highly exhibited. Kitaro Matsuri, a world-class musician, created the aesthetic background music for this performance. Zhang Liangyin, a Chinese popular singer sings the themed song, and her heaven-like sound brings the audiences into the environment of dream and romantic Hangzhou.

Moreover, Impression West Lake is also a unique metropolitan out-door performance on natural stage setting in the world. Staged on the wavy, mellow and changing West Lake, the performance appears vivid and natural. Contented with the myths and legends of the West Lake, the show leads you to a sweet thousand-year dream. The special concealable auditorium provides a wide and bird’s-eye view. Each seat is a wonderful place to enjoy the panoramic view of the West Lake even without watching the show. The pioneering individualized sound system, combined with the sound-oriented system, is surely to offer a surprising musical enjoyment. It is a high praise and a greeting for the West Lake culture. Her nature, gesture, affection and destiny have a close relation to the West Lake.

The beauty of the West Lake goes far beyond its natural scenery. Its stories and cultural heritage make the place more appealing. It's meaningless to replicate the plant and hills. Instead, they try to create a space for imagination. It is a great challenge for them to turn real nature into an imaginary fairyland in people's minds. The preparation involves a lot of research. It's not something you can do by reading a couple of traveling pamphlets. Instead, you have to consult with local scholars and industry experts to understand the essence of the cultural legacy. We have to see what is most representative of the west lake. Otherwise, we wouldn't even know where to start.

hangzhou impression west lake
The Outdoor Night Show of Impression West Lake in Hangzhou. Want to Book a Ticket? Click Here >>>

The story that the production team is looking for is The Legend of Lady White Snake, set in the Southern Song Dynasty in the West Lake Scenic Area. As the story goes, a female white snake demon, Bai Suzhen or Lady White Snake, dreams of becoming a goddess. So she takes on mortal form and steps into the human world. On the broken bridge of the West Lake, she meets a handsome scholar Xu Xian, who saved her life in the previous life. The two fall in love and get married. A monk intervenes in order to save the scholar's soul and casts Lady White into a deep well at the Leifeng Pagoda. Over time, the tale has evolved from a horror story to one of romance. Together with other legends of the lake, it rests quietly in every corner within the landscape.

Set around Su Causeway and Curved Yard and Lotus Pool, on the water of Yue Lake, is the musical's natural stage. When the night falls, colored lighting shrouds the lake, with hills and water as its backdrop. Lady White walks across the water to meet her lover Xu Xian coming in a small boat. The stage is set three centimeters below the lake and can descend a further half a meter.

Every night, we are in for a quality performance. But during the day time, removable seats are stashed away, the stage descends under the water and the boat and light pull away. The originality of the West Lake is kept intact. We spare no effort to protect the environment." As a residential performance, "Impression West Lake" is on show all year round. This visual spectacle is becoming a major draw for visitors in Hangzhou, for everyone to experience the beauty of China.

Venue of Impression West Lake Performance is Yuehu Lake Scenic Area. It is from Lord Zhao Causeway of South to Yuehu Lake Tower of North and from Quyuan Fenghe of West to Lord Su Causeway of East. At the south of Yuehu Lake Tower, there is a retractable and moveable elevation-type stand. This stand can hold 1800 audiences. The whole performance equipments are environmentally friendly. The facilities are the internationally advanced, so is the technology they use. The actors’ performance is shown on the water of West Lake. It is not opera, dream or party but thousands of years show.

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