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Hangzhou Museum Introduction


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Hangzhou Museum was officially established in 2012. Based on Hangzhou History Museum, Hangzhou Museum located at the foot of Wushan or Wu Hill and surrounded by the old trees is a famous center of Hangzhou to exhibit the glory of Hangzhou. It was directly changed from Hangzhou History Museum, therefore, in some way, Hangzhou Museum is equivalent to Hangzhou History Museum, and majority of collections and themed exhibitions are not changed at all. For keeping the readability, We still maintain Hangzhou History Museum as the title of article instead of Hangzhou Museum.

Hangzhou History Museum is close to many famous classic sites of West Lake Scenic Area like the Memorial Hall of Lord Wu(Wu Zixu), Hefang Ancient Street, Wushan Square, Ancient Drama Performance Stage, Chenghuangge(City God Pavilion), Dongyue Temple(East Holy Mountain Temple, which is said to be the God of Taoism, named Holy Emperor of Dongyue in charge of the humankinds’ death and birth, felicity and mishap). Among these highlights of West Lake tourist attractions, Hangzhou History Museum is quite attractive and well-known for popularizing the past and glory of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou History Museum originally was designed by Zhang Yufeng, a professor of Civil Engineering Department of Zhejiang University, specifically located on the No. 18, Liangdaoshan Street. This museum covers roughly 13,000 square meters. Hangzhou History Museum formally opened on August 8, 2001, is a young public service center and belongs to a comprehensive museum to show the history of Hangzhou. Annually, there are more than 2,000,000 visitors over there. Actually, Hangzhou History Museum is also the headquarters of Hangzhou Archeological Center of Cultural Relics. It takes charge of excavating hundreds of historical discoveries to assist the municipal infrastructure building, and tens of thousands of cultural relics were unearthed, and some of them belong to the national-level treasure. Five of their archeological discoveries were honorably written into Top Ten New Archeological Discoveries of China.

Hangzhou History Museum currently comprised of 8 standing exhibition halls and 2 temporary exhibition halls. The whole museum was comprised of three floors. The ground floor is themed with the exhibition from the primitive period to the period of South-North Dynasty as well as the exhibition hall of Sui and Tang Dynasties and Five States Period, plus the Exhibition Hall of the Grand Canal. The second floor is characterized with the historical exhibition of North and South Song Dynasties, Yuan and Ming and Qing Dynasties Exhibition Hall, Time-Honored Shops and Temporary Exhibition Hall. The third floor features the exhibition of stamps, calligraphy and painting masterpieces. The displaying articles are mainly themed with the treasured cultural relics unearthed in Hangzhou. It thoroughly reflects the historical appearance of Hangzhou by using advanced sound, light, electricity, and abundant display technology to create a visual perceptual cognition for the visitor.

In order to enrich the cultural life of the citizens and to make convenient to tourists in understanding of the history and culture of Hangzhou, it is free opening to the public. Visitors should observe the following rules to make a good public atomsphere for safety of cultural relics:
1. Visitors must dress neatly, scruffy person do not be allow to enter.
2. Do not carry any dangerous goods and pets into the hall.
3. The exhibition hall should be kept clean and quiet. Do not shout, spitting, eat snacks, smoking and literally throw rubbish.
4. No photos to the relics displayed in the hall without permission.
5. Please cherish public facilities and greening plants to keep good visit environment. Not to touch the relics and displaying appliance.

Special Facilities Service:
1. We have convenient facilities, such as wheelchair, crutch, etc., please go to the reception.
2. We provide explanation services charge for visitors, please contact the reception.
3. Hall consists of the questionnaire and the audience guestbook, please leave your valuable suggestions.
4. Please contact for team visited booking and project activities of primary and middle school students.

How to get there:
City Bus:From most place of the city you can take the bus No.25, 8, 38, Y8, 35, 850, 85, 40, 34, 59, 210 etc, to bus station of "Wushan Square"(S), then walk to the Memorial arch of the Qinghefang Antique Street(T), and go up along the road of Liangdaoshan Hill to the Museum(G).
Address::No. 18, Liangdaoshan Road (Southeast of the Wushan Square)
Openning: 9:30 am - 16:30 pm (Monday Closed)
Situation::All for free

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