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Jiangxi Province


Jiangxi province with an abbreviation of Gan is an important province of East China. Located on the southwest of Zhejiang Province, southern Anhui province, west of Fujian province, North of Guangdong province, east of Hunan province and southeast Hubei province, Jiangxi is a mountainous area with lots of main rivers such as Ganjiang River, Fu River, Xinjiang River, Xiu River, Rao River and Yangtze River. Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake of China, is located in this province. The capital city of Jiangxi province is Nanchang.

Jiangxi is an important tourist destination of China with a great number of travel resources. There are three world cultural heritage sites, 2 world geoparks, 12 national key scenic areas, 6 five-A tourist resorts, 25 provincial places of interest, 8 national nature reserves, 22 provincial nature reserve, 41 national forest parks, 60 provincial forest parks, 15 national wetland parks, three national cultural and historic cities, 51 cultural sites under the national protection. The list we offer is below:

World heritage sites

Lushan Mountain (Jiujiang), Sanqing Mountain & Guifeng Peak(Shangrao), and Longhu Mountain (Yingtan)

The tentative list of world heritage sites in Jiangxi province

Gannan Round House, Wangkou Ancient Village of Wuyuan, Likeng Ancient Village of Wuyuan, Jinggang Mountain, Huanggang Mountain

National Key Scenic Areas

Lushan Mountain, Fairy Lake, Donglin Temple, Sanqing Mountain, Longhu Mountain, Sanbai Mountain, Prince Teng Pavilion, Guifeng Peak, Wugong Mountain, Yunju Mountain, Zhelin Lake, Lingshan Mountain, Gaoling & Yaoli Ceramic Sites

National Forest Parks

Yunbi Peak National Forest Park, Yangling National Forest Park, Lushan National Forest Park, Meiling Scenic Area, Lingshan Scenic Area, Huaiyu Mountain, Wuan Mountain, Tianliang Scenic Area, Mingyue Mountain, Meiguan Scenic Area, Yanquan Scenic Area, Sanbaishan Scenic Area, Cuiwei Peak, Fengshan Mountain, Qingliang Mountain, Jiuling Mountain, Wuzhi Peak, Sanzhaolun Mountain, Fengshu Mountain, Yaoli, Jiulian Mountain and Shangqing Scenic Area

Migratory Birds Nature Reserve

Poyang Lake National Migratory Birds Nature Reserve

Nationally Protected Sites

Memorial of The August 1 Nanchang Uprising, Shangrao Concentration Camp, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Meiguan Ancient Courier Route 

National Wetlands

Poyang Lake National Wetland Park, Kongmu River National Wetland Park

Provincial Scenic Areas

Jiujiang Xunyang Tower, Jiujiang Yanshui Pavilion, Ganzhou Bajing Platform, Leping Hongyan Caves, Dexing Damao Mountain, Nanchang Xiang Lake, Yusi Mountain, Doushui Lake, Quan River, Yangqi Mountain and Pengze Dragon Palace Cave

Provincially Protected Sites

Tongtian Rock, Memorial Hall of Bada Shanren, Shengjin Pagoda, Youmin Temple, Longevity Palace of West Mountain, Guiwen Pagoda and Wugui Pagoda of Shangrao

The main cities of Jiangxi province include Nanchang, Shangrao, Jiujiang, Pingxiang, Xinyu, Yingtan, Ganzhou, Yichun, Jingdezhen, Jian and Fuzhou.

In history and culture, Jiangxi province is a birthplace of hundreds of great souls, especially during South Dynasty when China was in the summit period of culture, and the talents of Jiangxi province created the glories of culture in Song Dynasty like Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Yan Shu, Yan Jidao, Huang Tingjian, Lu Jiuyuan, Yang Wanli, Jiang Kui and Wen Tianxiang. It is also the No.1 ceramic center of China, and the co-developed area of Taoism and Buddhism.

The main universities in Jiangxi province are represented by Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

The national cultural sites in different cities of Jiangxi province


Headquarters Site of Nanchang Uprising, Old Site of Lidu
Chinese Distillate Spirits Wine Workshop, Chen Family’s Memorial Archway, Qingyunpu. 


Hutian Ancient Porcelain Kiln Site, Xiangjinong Folk Residences, The Imperial Kiln Site


Guanyin Bridge, Bailu Academy, Tongling Copper Mine Site, Pagoda Forest of Zhenru Temple, Xiufeng Cliff Inscription, Old Site of Mobil Foreign Firm


Xianshui Cliff Hanging Coffins


Grottoes of Tongtian Cliff, Ganzhou Ancient City Wall, Guanxi Xinwei, Grand Baoguang Pagoda, Ganzhou Buddhist Pagoda, Meiguan Pass, The old departure site of the Red Army’s Long March


Shangrao Concentration Camp, Immortal Cave, Diaotonghuan Relic, Qinghua Rainbow Bridge, E’hu Academy, Wuyuan Memorial Temple, Likeng Ancient Village, Gold Mine Site of Bao Family, Archways and Stone-carvings of Gong Family Ancestral Temple 


Ancient Building Complex of Liukeng Village


Relic of Wu Town, Relic of Hongzhou Porcelain Kiln, Relic of Zhuwei Town, Relic of Fanchengdui, Tomb of Zhu Shi, Mingshui Bridge, Yuanzhou Watchtower 


Revolutionary Site in Jinggang Mountain, Site of Jizhou Porcelain Kiln, Site of Niutou Town, Site of Baikou Town, Stele of Longgangqian Biao, The Stone Inscription of Peng Family in Dazhi Village

The City Tours in Jiangxi Province

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The Transfer Service in Jiangxi Province

Nanchang Transfer Service

Jingdezhen Transfer Service

Hereinafter, it is a map of Jiangxi Province with the specific sites of tourist attractions and the main tourist destinations

jiangxi province map The Map of Jiangxi Province, and the main tourist sites and tourist destinations are vividly marked
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