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This is the list of East China tours. The well-selected itineraries are all the budget tours. At the meantime, it was also the top trips with the higher value and better cost performance. Generally centering on Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Huangshan and Nanjing, the recommended products below are typical and basically meet most of tourists’ needs. Taking an East China Tour is much too advisable for first time travelers in China, due to the superiority of East China in the aspects of tourism, economy, infrastructure and transportation, and also the representative of great tradition, culture and history of China, as well as the folk lifestyle that can be seen throughout the world. If you plan to have a trip in East China, please contact us, your expert of East China travel ...

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east china tour
Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuzhen Tours
West Lake . Humble Administrators Garden . Lingyin Temple . Suzhou Museum . Oriental Pearl Tower ...
Renowned to be a classical Jiangnan tour, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuzhen water town tours with a duration of seven days can typically ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-03
7 Days, From 547 $

shanghai beijing tours
Beijing and Shanghai Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Temple of Heaven . Shanghai Museum . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
Beijing and Shanghai as the twins of top metropolises in China are the display windows showing the past glory and the current development of China ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-02
7 Days, From 1100 $

shanghai tours
Shanghai Xian Beijing Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Tang Dynasty Show . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
This is 9 days classic China tours highlighted with three biggest cities Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Three metropolitan centers in different regions of China ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-03
9 Days, From 1600 $

shanghai tours
Classic Shanghai Hangzhou Suzhou Tours
West Lake . Lingyin Temple . Yuyuan Garden . Hanshan Temple ...
This is the 5 days classic tour of east China highlighted with the intersection of traditional elite culture and the modern metropolitan fashion...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-01
5 Days, From 220 $

china tours
Beijing,Xian,Guilin and Shanghai Tours
Forbidden City . Great Wall . Terracotta Warriors . Lijiang River . The Bund . Yuyuan Garden ...
For most of tourists who firstly travel to China, this recommended tour is the best option. Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai respectively represent ...
Tour NO. MC-CCT-01
11 Days, From 1100 $

east china tour
Classic East China Tours
West Lake . Humble Administrators Garden . Oriental Pearl Tower . Lingyin Temple ...
East China Tours highlighted with Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou city tours. Starting from Shanghai, the center of east China and the largest business ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-02
6 Days, From 310 $

huangshan hangzhou shanghai tours
Shanghai Hangzhou Huangshan Tours
Huangshan Mountain . Hongcun & Xidi Villages . Xintiandi . The Bund . Nanjing Road . Yuyuan Garden . West Lake ...
Shanghai Hangzhou Huangshan tour packages deserve a try to touch the traditional classic sites of ancient China, the modern city life of modern China...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-09
6 Days, From 700 $

nanjing tour packages
Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai Tour
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum . Confucius Temple . Suzhou Museum . Leifeng Pagoda . Nanjing Road . The Bund ...
6 Days East China tours from Nanjing are a highlighted tour packages including Nanjing Suzhou Hangzhou Shanghai. What you visit is the best of east China ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-08
6 Days, From 560 $

east china tour packages
Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Suzhou Wuxi Tour
Huangpu River Cruise . Confucius Temple . Lion Grove Garden . Liuhe Pagoda . Nanjing Road . The Bund ...
8 days classic east China tour packages covers nearly all the tourist cities in east China like Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Wuxi Nanjing and so on. The best of ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-10
8 Days, From 428 $

wuzhen culture tour
Culture Tour in East China
Wuzhen Town . Lingyin Temple . Jingan Temple . Yuyuan Garden . Xintiandi . West Lake . Huqingyutang
This is a selected culture tour in East China highlighted with visits to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town. The sites include top old cultural heritage sites ...
Tour NO. MC-ECT-11
4 Days, From 369 $


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