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8 Days Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Suzhou Wuxi Tour

 East China Tours - 8 Days Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou Suzhou Wuxi Tour

Tour Code: MC-ECT-10
Departure: Daily

Highlights: This is an 8 days classic east China tour extensively including main cities and tourist destinations such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Taihu Lake and so on. The whole route is interlinked with soft-seat train transfers. What you visit are all the highlights of this region ...

Attractions: The Bund, Nanjing Road, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Huqingyutang, Yuyuan Garden, Huangpu River Cruise, Jade Buddha Temple, Liuhe Pagoda, West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Lion Grove Garden, Taihu Lake, Fuzimiao ...

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the opposite to the bund
Cityscape opposite to the Bund
huangpu river cruise
Huangpu River Cruise Trip
urban planning exhibition center
Planning Exhibition Center
liuhe pagoda
Hangzhou Liuhe Pagoda
west lake
West Lake Scenic Area
lingyin temple
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple
taihu lake
Taihu Lake Scenic Area
lion grove garden
The Lion Grove Garden
tiger hill
Tiger Hill Scenic Area
ming xiaoling mausoleum
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum
fuzimiao nanjing
Nanjing Confucius Temple

Day 1 - Arrival in Shanghai(-/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

When you arrive in Shanghai Pudong or Hongqiao International Airport, you can directly walk to the exit after getting your baggage. Our guide waits there for you, and then transfer to you hotel in Shanghai. On the way, our guide will give some brief introduction on Shanghai. After checking in the hotel, our guide will have a talk on details of next day’s trip with you before leaving.

If possible, after relaxation, you can have a travel to the Bund and Nanjing Road. Both of them are the most valued tourist sites in downtown Shanghai for its incomparable popularity.

Taking a nighttime trip, the Bund is the middle line to receive a sharp comparison of modernity and classicism, industrialized outcome and humanistic embodiment. The east side of Huangpu River dotted with the colorful neon lights is a huge building complex comprised of many a skyscraper with different styles and artistic fashion, while on the west side, it boasts the World Architectural Cluster Museum strongly featured of the western architectural style. Strolling along the Bund, and have a slow look around these human achievements in orient, you may have a deep reconsideration to your life and your tie to this region.

Nanjing Road is China’s No.1 shopping center and boasts the vane of fashion of China, but most is learnt from western countries. However, you still can take some local products that deserve your purchasing and some delicious food or snack with a local favor.

Day 2 - Travel in Shanghai(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

Your today’s journey commence with Shanghai Museum, which is one of China’s best museums highlighted with the collections of art. The bronze wares, porcelains, jade-wares, traditional painting, calligraphy, seal arts and furniture etc., are all valued nationwide and deserve a visit. It is located on Renmin Square and opposite to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Afterwards, take a visit to a pearl factory, which a typical and traditional old factory producing the pearl. You may learn and master some basic ways to make jewelry

And then, transfer to Yuyuan Garden, which is the most famous classic garden of Shanghai with a large area. It is located in old town famous for its ingenious layout and the marvelously-designed buildings. An artificial hill made of the jade stone is well known as Yulinglong, and valued as a treasure of Shanghai.

The lunch will be taken in a local restaurant, where you can taste the real local food of Shanghai.

In the afternoon, you will move to the Bund and take a cruise tour on Huangpu River to view the different scenery on both sides. After this, you can spend a little bit time visiting the Bund and the old street nearby.

Day 3 – Shanghai Transfer to Hangzhou(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

In the morning, we take a short excursion to Jade Buddha Temple, the most famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai. Built in 1882, Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is highlighted with Jingtu (pure land) principle and Zen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. It is named after two jade Buddha statues imported from Burma. It is an important site to popularize the Buddhism through cultural legacies, lectures, library, academic publishes and the regular Buddhist activities.

After the visit, we will take a train transfer to Hangzhou. This will be your first train experience in China. The duration of the journey will last one hour or so. After you arrive in Hangzhou and take a short break in hotel, your first visit in Hangzhou will start from Six Harmonies Pagoda, which is also called Liuhe Pagoda. It is the highlight of Liu He Ting Tao (六合听涛, Hearing the Roaring of Qiantang River at Liuhe Pagoda, one of top ten latest views of West Lake), and used to be a great tower to suppress the evil dragon of Qiantang River. It in history collects many legends. It is the site that Wu Song became a monk and Master Lu Zhishen passed away, both of whom were the Kung Fu warriors fighting against Song Dynasty. It was built in 970 AD, and the best site to view the grand Qiantang River and Qiantang River Bridge, the first bridge designed and made independently by Chinese people.

Day 4 – Travel in Hangzhou(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

Today, your first travel site is Lingyin Temple, the most famous Buddhist Zen monastery in east China, and also one of top ten most honored temples in China. It is retreated in deep mountains and forests, and said to be quite efficacious if you are sincerely praying. The Lingyin Temple is a huge scenic area featuring the great cultural heritage and the fantastic natural landscape. It is the only temple avoiding the destruction of red guards during the Cultural Revolution. The cliff Buddha statues are the one of China’s oldest stone sculptures, and deserve a visit.

Then, we visit to the tea plantation, to view the gorgeous landscape of tea village and the green sea of tea trees.

Afterwards, we go to the West Lake, and then take a boat trip to view the splendid natural landscapes and the great cultural sites. Many classic views widely accepted as the highlights of West Lake will be available during your trip.

Then, we move to Hefang Street, and specially visit Huqingyutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum of China to learn the history and culture of Chinese herbal medication and the philosophy of Chinese medicine.

Day 5 – Hangzhou Transfer to Suzhou(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

Today, we will visit the classical garden city of China – Suzhou, as we arrive in suzhou by train and check in the hotel in downtown Suzhou. The first destination is the world famous garden – Zhuo Zheng Yuan or the Humble Administrator’s Garden. It is a world cultural heritage site concentrating on the elite culture of China, due to the whole garden layout and design in details both from the great elite’s heart and hand, who was Wen Zhengming, the greatest calligraphist and painter of Ming Dynasty. It only can be thoroughly understood and remembered forever through your visit.

The next you will visit is Lion Grove Garden located at 23 Yuanlin Road, in the northeast of Suzhou. It has a history over 650 years with a close connection to Buddhism of China. It is one of the four greatest classical gardens in Suzhou, together with the other three - Canglang Pavilion, Lingering Garden and Humble Administrator’s Garden. As a site of world cultural heritage UNESCO and a national key tourist attraction, Lion Grove Garden is famous for the Taihu Lake rocks in various shapes which are said to resemble lions, especially the large and labyrinthine grotto of rocks at the garden's center.

At last, we take a short visit a local silk workshop, to see the procedures of brocade making from the original raw materials to the products.

Day 6 – Suzhou Transfer to Wuxi(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

This morning, we move to the Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill to Suzhou is a landmark of history and culture, for it witnesses the past of Suzhou. The age of Tiger Hill is the same as the history of Suzhou. Coming to Suzhou, Tiger Hill is the must-see site, though many people may say that the must-see destinations of Suzhou are the classical gardens. This is the widely-accepted but partially unadvisable idea, because Tiger Hill witnesses the construction, destruction and reconstruction of Suzhou Classical Gardens in the past thousands of years. Tiger Hill shares the same origin with Suzhou rather than classical gardens.

After that, we take a train transfer to Wuxi, the neighboring city of Suzhou. The guide of Wuxi will meet you at the railway station, and then take a short break in the hotel in downtown area.

Your first destination to visit is Taihu Lake. Taihu Lake (Lake Tai) is one of five largest freshwater lakes throughout China, and the largest lake in east China. Currently, it is also the second largest freshwater in China. Situated in southern Jiangsu province and northern Zhejiang province, it is largely surrounded by several famous cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Huzhou and Changzhou, in Jiangsu province, exactly covering today’s four district of Suzhou - Wuzhong District, Wujiang District, Xiangcheng District and Huqiu District, two parts of Wuxi – Hubin District and Yixing City, and Wujin District of Changzhou. In tourism, Taihu Lake is one of most famous tourist destinations in east China.

Then, you move to Tortoise Head Garden. Yuan Tou Zhu or Tortoise Head Garden is the most famous tourist attraction and resort in Wuxi. It was founded in 1916. Tortoise Head Garden as the highlights of Taihu Lake Scenic Area is a decumbent peninsula in the northwest bank of Taihu Lake. It got its name because of its intrusion into the lake like a tortoise-shape rock. It boasts the No.1 tourist site of Taihu Lake and the essence of Taihu Lake.

Finally, take a visit to Liyuan Garden. Liyuan garden named after Fan Li, who was the most famous contributor of Yue State to defeat Wu State. Fan Li retreated after the battle victory and led a reclusive life with Xi Shi, one of four most beautiful ladies in ancient China, in Wuli Lake. And then, he renamed the lake as Li Lake, and the Liyuan Garden was built on the side of Li Lake. It is one of the most classic tourist sites in Wuxi.

Day 7 – Wuxi Transfer to Nanjing(B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

In the morning, take a train transfer to Nanjing. As the southern capital of China, Nanjing has a multitude of historic and cultural heritage sites. What you will visit in Nanjing as below:

Your first destination will be Zhongshan Mausoleum or Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum. It is the largest memorial park to memorize Sun Yat-sen, the greatest soul of modern China contributed all the life to the democracy & freedom establishment in a country with thousands of years’ history of feudalism and dictatorship.

After that, we go to Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, a site of world cultural heritage in Nanjing. It has a history over 600 years. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum is the representative of the highest achievements that Chinese people get in the aspect of architectural art and stone carving. It directly and deeply influences the architectural styles of imperial mausoleums in Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Finally, we take a visit to Fuzimiao, or Confucius Temple in Nanjing. As one of China’s four largest Confucius temples, Nanjing Confucius Temple is a set of grand ancient architectural complexes. For many generations with the destructions and reconstructions, it is always the largest memorial temple to enshrine and worship Confucius in East China. Boasting the quintessence of Qinhuai River Scenic Area and Nanjing tourist attractions, Nanjing Fuzimiao was not only the educational center of Ming and Qing Dynasties, but the largest educational building groups in east China.

Day 8 – Departure from Nanjing(B/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel - Listed Below in Details

Your trip of east China today will end with a transfer to the airport of Nanjing, and guide will help you board the flight to your next destination, or a transfer back to Shanghai, and you will depart from Shanghai airport.

 Hotels and Prices
1 passenger 2-3 passengers 4-5 passengers 6-9 passengers
1340 USD/pax 805 USD/pax 598 USD/pax 428 USD/pax
REMARKS: The price listed above exclude the cost of hotels, and the recommended hotel prices listed below
Shanghai Grand Mercure Zhongya 4 stars 121 USD
Hangzhou Hangzhou Sunny Hotel 3 stars 64 USD
Suzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel 3 stars 59 USD
Wuxi Wuxi Xi Jiao Hotel 3 stars 59 USD
Nanjing Yihua Hotel Nanjing 4 stars 100 USD

 What Is Included and Excluded
Price Inclusions

Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
Meals as specified in the itinerary (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)
Experienced English speaking guide in each city
Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
Inter-city train transportation
Service Charges & Government Taxes
Travel Agency Liability Insurance
Price Exclusions

Hotel accommodation
International transportation
Chinese visa & personal expenses like beverages.
Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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