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15 Days Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing Lhasa Beijing Tour

 Classic China Tour Packages - 15 Days Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing Lhasa Beijing Tour

Tour Code: MC-CCT-09
Departure: Daily

Highlights: This is a budget and classic city tour including Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and Lhasa, the main central cities of China. The landscapes and cultural sites arranged in the tour will broaden your horizon absolutely. This China tour package deserves your booking ...

Attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Tiananmen, Dazu Carvings, Emei Mountain, Panda Breeding Research Base, Shanghai Museum, Ciqikou, Yuyuan Garden, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple

shanghai chengdu chongqing lhasa beijing tour
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shanghai world financial center
The skyscraper of Shanghai on
the east side of Huangpu River:
Shanghai World Financial Center

Day 1 - Arrival in Shanghai (-/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Downtown Shanghai (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – /

When you arrive in Pudong International Airport of Shanghai, your guide and driver will meet you at the exit, and then transfer to your hotel in downtown area. On the way, your guide will give a short but useful introduction to Shanghai, and some practical suggestions during your stay in Shanghai. Guide will help you check in the hotel, and confirm the next day’s schedule and some details concerned. The rest of the day is free to you, and we strongly suggest you have a free walk along the Nanjing Pedestrian Road and The Bund, both of which are quite fantastic at night, and the both sides of the Huangpu River shows two absolutely different Shanghai.

Day 2 - Travel in Shanghai– Transfer to Chengdu (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Express Wuhou Chengdu (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered –Typical Local Dishes

Today, we have a classic downtown tour in Shanghai. We firstly visit Yuyuan Garden and Shanghai Museum, both of which are the gateways to the history of Shanghai and China, especially the art of traditional China. Then we directly transfer to Pudong International Airport, and take Air China's flight CA 1949 to Chengdu. Upon your arrival in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the local guide and driver will meet you at the exit, and then transfer to your hotel in downtown area, Chengdu, and help you check in the hotel quickly.

Flight in Details

Airlines Departure Time Arrival Time Airports
15:50 19:20 Beijing – Capital Airport
Flight duration – 3 hours and 30 minutes Chengdu – Shuangliu Airport

shanghai yuyuan garden
The glittering night view of Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai - the traditional building complex standing on the water is decorated with the colorful lights. It indeed deserves a travel.

emei mountain
Emei Mountain in Sichuan Province
chengdu panda breeding research base
Panda in Chengdu Panda
Breeding Research Base, a quite
hot tourist attraction to have
an intimate contact with panda
ciqikou ancient town chongqing
Ciqikou Ancient Town Chongqing
a must-see cultural site in
southwest China

Day 3 - Travel in Chengdu (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Express Wuhou Chengdu (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered –Typical Local Dishes

Chengdu traditionally known as a city of leisure and holidays is the largest city of southwest China. It is also a famous high-tech research and development center of China, and as the provincial capital city of Sichuan province, Chengdu has a great many valued tourist attractions such as the World Heritage Sites including Emei Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, Leshan Mountain & Giant Buddha Statue, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Panda Breeding Research Base, as well as the nationwide famous cultural and historic sites in downtown area like Wuhou Memorial Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Kuanzhai Alleys and Chunxi Road, especially the world-famous Sichuan Cuisine represented by the spicy hotpot is a must to enjoy.

Today, after your breakfast, we begin schedule with a journey to Emei Mountain, which is a famous world cultural and natural heritage site and one of Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. It is approximately 30 kilometers away from the downtown area, and takes roughly 40 minutes. Firstly take a 22-seat bus, and drive along the mountain road from the gate to the cable car station in the middle of the mountain, which will lasts about 1.5 hours, and then take the cableway up to the site near the summit. Getting off the cable car, you just need walk approximately 10 minutes to the top of Emei Mountain, which is the landmark of the scenic area – The Golden Summit

After lunch, we take a sightseeing bus to Wannian Monastery, which is located at the middle of the mountain. This is a temple featured of the terrific skills to build the ancient temple. After that, we walk down through the one-skyline rock, monkey zone and Qingyin Pavilion. Finally, we get to the foot of mountain, which generally lasts 1.5 hours or so. And then, transfer back to the downtown Chengdu.

Day 4 - Travel in Chengdu (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Express Wuhou Chengdu (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered –Typical Local Dishes

Today, we will firstly visit Panda Breeding Research Base, which is a world-famous panda breeding research center in Chengdu and an ideal place for travelers to have an intimate contact with panda. Then, we move on to Qingyang Temple,a quite renowned and popular Taoist temple built in Tang Dynasty (618-907) and also named Qing Yang Gong. After that, we roam around the Kuanzhai Alleys and the Pedestrian Street at Chunxi Road, two different places of Chengdu respectively displaying the tradition and modernity of Chengdu. After that, return to your hotel.

Day 5 - Transfer to &Travel in Chongqing (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Express Chongqing Jinxiucheng (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered –Typical Local Dishes

This morning, we take an early high-speed train to Chongqing, and it approximately takes 2 hours. Chongqing is one of four municipalities under the direct administration of central government, one of four scheduled international metropolises in China, and another center of southwest China with abundant tourist resources.

The local guide and driver of Chongqing will meet you at the railway station, and then take a downtown tour to the People’s Great Hall, People’s Square, Three Gorges Museum, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, all of which are the highlights of tourist attractions in downtown area.

people great hall of Chongqing
This is the people’s grand hall of Chongqing and the largest theater in this city. In some way, it is the landmark of this central city of southwest China. It is the site for celebrations, big events and festivals.

Day 6 - Travel in Chongqing & Transfer to Lhasa (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – /
Cuisine Offered – /

dazu rock carvings
The statue in Dazu Rock Carvings
of Chongqing

The first tourist destination of our tour today is Dazu Rock Carvings. It is a world cultural heritage site in China located in Dazu District, roughly 2 hours driving away from downtown Chongqing. It is a Buddhist art center and treasure opened in the transition period from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty. Today, it is a fenceless museum of grotto art.

Then we will visit Ciqikou Old Village. And then, head back to Chongqing for train T222 train to Lhasa. The departure time is 20:18 at Chongqing North Station, and the arrival time is 16:35 at Lhasa Railway Station, and the total time is 44 hours and 17 minutes, approximately 2 days, and total distance is 3641 kilometers. So we strongly suggest you buy some food for the next two days’ train life.

Day 7 - On the train to Lhasa (-/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel – /
Cuisine Offered – /

This will be a long-time train sightseeing experience, but the landscapes you see on both sides through the windows will be quite impressive and sharply different. It will go across Sichuan Province, Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, and Qinghai Province, and finally arrive in Lhasa, the center of Tibet.

Day 8 - On the train to Lhasa (-/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Lhasa Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – /

lhasa train tour
The grand view of Qinghai-Tibet
Plateau available on the train,
which is the best way to view the
vast region of the world's ridge

This will be a fascinating train experience in your life. The train from Xining to Lhasa will cross lots of natural wonders, high plateau areas, and depopulated zones, where are the world of the Tibetan antelopes, the grand ranges of snow-capped mountains, the high ridges of earth, the strong sunshine, azure blue sky, the original side of wildness, even the rare air. Through your experience, you may redefine the relationship between man and nature, the god and the people. Then, you may naturally understand why Tibetan people are so loyal to their god of nature. The great landscapes on both sides of the windows are so amazing and breathtaking, and then try your best to take more photos, because they may be your valued visual memories all your life, and this is also your closest time to the heaven and god. When you arrive in the railway station of Lhasa, a quite unique Tibetan-style architecture, the local guide and driver of Lhasa will meet you at the exit of railway station, and then transfer to your hotel in downtown area. Please strictly follows the travel tips that the guide gives, for instance, if you have the acute symptom of high-altitude sickness, you have to slower your walking speed, and relax your breathing and no bathing at the first night.

tibet potala palace
This is the Potala Palace, the tangible symbol of Tibet and the spiritual sacred center of Tibetan people. Used to be the palace of Dalai Lama, it is a fenceless museum showing the history and culture of Tibet.

jokhang monastery
Lhasa Jokhang Monastery
drepung monastery
Lhasa Drepung Monastery
lhasa norbulingka
Norbulingka Summer Palace
sera monastery
Lhasa Sera Monastery

Day 9 - Travel in Lhasa (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Lhasa Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

After breakfast, we start our today’s trip from Drepung Monastery, one of Three Great Monasteries and the largest one of all the Tibetan monasteries. It is located on the Gambo Utse Mountain, approximately five kilometers away from the west suburb of Lhasa. It is comprised of many white buildings layer upon layer, and looks quite magnificent. After lunch, we visit the Sera Monastery, a Buddhist temple as famous as Drepung, is the second largest monastery in Tibet. It is an elite lama center famous for the great debating on the doctrines and sutras of Buddhism, and then we head to the Norbulingka, which is quite near to the Sera Monastery and the largest and most beautiful park in Tibet used to be the Summer Palace of Tibet. Today, it is a world-renowned cultural heritage site of UNESCO.

Day 10 - Travel in Lhasa (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Lhasa Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

Today, after breakfast, we move to the Potala Palace, the symbol of Tibet, and a treasure of Tibet culture, religion and history. It is also known as the winter palace compared to Norbulingka. It was firstly built in century 7, and then reconstructed in century 17 as the imperial palace. Since then, it gradually became the center of Tibet, and the heart of Lhasa. Nowadays, it is still the sacred center of Buddhism and spiritual center of Tibetan people. Everyday, there are lots of pilgrims over there. Traveling to the Potala Palace is actually a spiritual experience in some way. After that we move on to Tibet Museum, a great access to the history and glory of Tibet.

After lunch, we go to Jokhang Monastery, in Chinese Pinyin, called Dazhao Temple. It is located in the heart area of downtown Lhasa. In the peak time of Tubo Kingdom, approximately in the 7th century, this was a landmark building of Tibet, and today it is a holy Buddhist monastery to worship the sacred life-size statue of Sakyamuni when he was at the age of 12.The outside of the temple is the famous Barkhor Street, which is the most famous time-honored business street in Lhasa, and there are always lots of Buddhist pilgrims, tourists and businessmen. It undoubtedly is the most thriving bazaar in Tibet region. The last destination we will go is the Tibetan Traditional Medicine Hospital to see the mysterious Tibetan medicine culture.

Day 11 - Travel in Lhasa & Transfer to Beijing (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

Today, it will be an activity to visit a Tibetan family and learn more about their daily life in details. After Lunch, you have a free time. Later, our guide and driver will transfer you to Lhasa Gonggar Airport to take China Southern Airlines' flight CZ 3184 to Beijing. When you arrive in Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2, the local guide and driver of Beijing will greet you at the exit and then transfer to your hotel in downtown Beijing, and help you check in the hotel, and you could have a sleep earlier for next day’s trip.

Flight in Details

Airlines Departure Time Arrival Time Airports
15:25 20:50 Lhasa – Gonggar Airport
Flight duration – 5 hours and 25 minutes Beijing – Capital Airport

beijing tiananmen square
Raising Flag of Tiananmen Square

Day 12 - Travel in Beijing (B/L/D)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

Today, after breakfast, we firstly go to Tiananmen Square, which is the heart of Beijing, even China. And it witnesses lots of big events in modern history of China. It boasts the world’s largest city square which can hold 1,000,000 people at a time. Surrounded by many world-famous architectural complexes like Chairman Mao’s Memorial Hall, The Great Hall of the People and National Museums, It is a symbolic site for celebrations during the festivals and national events. Tiananmen Square is the main entrance to the Forbidden City, the world’s largest imperial palace clusters of Ming and Qing dynasties. It used to be the office and living zone of 24 emperors. The great architectural art, Fengshui tradition, and the innumerous treasures collection have this world’s oriental center mysterious and valuable.

After a local lunch, we move on to another landmark of Beijing and a world cultural heritage site – The Temple of Heaven, which is the world’s largest building complex for sacrificing that the emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties worshipped the heaven for the coming year’s harvest. The dinner is a banquet of Peking Roast Duck. In the evening, we enjoy an amazing and breathtaking indoor performance – Chinese Kung Fu Show in Red Theater.

forbidden city
This is a grand panoramic view of Forbidden City in Beijing. The amazing sightseeing from sky is really revealing the glory of ancient China and its splendor of imperial culture. It is the landmark of China deserving your trip.

badaling great wall
View of Badaling Great Wall
beijing summer palace
Beijing Summer Palace
beijing kung fu show
The amazing show of Kung Fu
Legend in Red Theater Beijing

Day 13 - Travel in Beijing (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

After breakfast, we will drive to Badaling Great Wall, which is the best-preserved part of Great Wall in China. The Great Wall is the symbol of China, and the first impression when China is mentioned. It is a nonfunctional but priceless historic heritage in the world. Can you imagine how people of ancient China labored at such a great project with their hands alone? Without modern machinery, equipment and construction materials, the Wall was well designed and built following local geographical features. As you stand on the Wall and see its grandness, you will find it is no wonder that the Great Wall has the vigor to surprise the whole world.

We can take some photos on the Great Wall for the significant memory. But we do not arrange lunch for you today, because the local restaurants nearby cannot meet MILDCHINA’s standard. Therefore, we strongly suggest you have a breakfast or take some your favorite snacks, cookies or something like that.

In the afternoon, we have our travel to Ming Tomb, which also includes the Sacred Way, and it is the Yin Zhai, or the imperial palaces that the Emperors lived in after they died. It is said in comparison to the Forbidden City, so it is equally valued in the culture of China. On our return journey, we will take a glance at the Olympic National Stadium 2008, which is world famous as the Bird’s Nest, which has a unique building style.

Day 14 - Travel in Beijing (B/L/-)
The Recommended Hotel – Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel (4 stars)
Cuisine Offered – Typical Local Dishes

Today, we will focus on the Summer Palace, the world’s largest imperial gardens and a world cultural heritage site in China. It is the quintessence of Chinese classical gardens through absorbing nearly all the highlights of classical gardens in every corner of China, especially the classical gardening art in East China. The highlighted sites in the palace include the charming Kunming Lake and the Long Gallery Corridor. The Kunming Lake is ingeniously designed in accordance with the southern lakes, especially the West Lake in Hangzhou, and the Long Gallery connects the Longevity Hill with the Kunming Lake. Taking a free walking along it, you may have a similar feeling or pleasure to that of ancient Emperors, just try!

After lunch, we take a local cultural activity to visit the traditional Hutong zone, which is the unique style of folk residences in China, and only typically found in Beijing. Have a wander around the original alleys to appreciate the remainders of the history and the real local lifestyle of Beijing.

Day 15 - Departure from Beijing (B/-/-)
The Recommended Hotel – /
Cuisine Offered – /

After breakfast, our driver and guide will transfer you to the airport, and then end the trip in China. Please move to your next destination or return back to your hometown, Thanks very much again for you to choose MILDCHINA’s service, and please contact us anytime if you plan to have a second tour in China.

 Hotels and Prices
1 passenger 2-3 passengers 4-5 passengers 6-9 passengers
--- USD/pax --- USD/pax --- USD/pax --- USD/pax
REMARKS: Currently, the specific prices for different groups are not available. Please directly contact us, if
you are interested in this tour, and we will give a reliable and affordable price

 What Is Included and Excluded
Price Inclusions

Hotel accommodation
Entrance fees as specified in the itinerary
Meals as specified in the itinerary (B= breakfast, L= Chinese lunch, D= Chinese dinner)
Experienced English speaking guide in each city
Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
Domestic flights (economy class), airport tax and fuel charge
Service Charges & Government Taxes
Travel Agency Liability Insurance
Price Exclusions

International transportation
Chinese visa
Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide

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