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The History of China Tourism Industry


China is the third largest tourism destination in the world, and some travel experts insist that China will be the first largest tourist destination in the near future. In accordance with today's development tendency of China tourism, this inference is dependable to a most degree. To be the future largest inbound tourism destinations, China in the tourism industry has a unique management and marketing system. This is a new tradition formed since 1949. Approximately, before 1978, the main operator of China tourism industry, internationally called China Travel Service or China Travel Agency, was absolutely owned and managed by Chinese government, and all the staff of the travel agencies were all the privileged class and highly adored by other walks of life.

Since 1978, Mainland China launched the reform and opening policy. Subsequently, Deng Xiaoping largely encouraged the tourism development of China. China has a vast territory, long history and glorious culture, but the development of modern tourism in China is roughly 100 years later than it in western countries. During the phase from 1949 to 1978, China tourism was just an extension or addition of China foreign affairs. And China travel service or travel agency played a role of political connection and communication in the aspect of history, culture and leisure. And employees in state-owned travel agencies were all equal to the civil servants or half diplomats. Naturally, China tourism was not an independent industry in the whole economic system of China during that period. And the total number of China inbound tourists was less than 700,000. In the meantime, the world tourism industry was in the golden time, and the sum of global tourism revenue increased nearly 33 times during these nearly 30 years. After the implementation of opening and reform policy, China tourism enters the new phase. And via nearly 30 years' development, China in the world has been a big tourism destination. And the tourism industry is also largely raised to be the pillar industry in majority of provinces. As the internal reform of China tourism in 1990s, the whole market of China tourism is vitalized, and a large number of private or Sino-foreign joint venture travel agencies spring up. These China travel service becomes the main part of China tourism industry, and the former state-owned travel services are partially transferred to the individual ownership, or cooperate together for improving the competitiveness. China tourism industry currently is in the phase of recombination, systemization and development. And the original power is from the potential market of China tourism and the brilliant policymaking of China travel services.

For many years development, tourism of China has been the most vigorous and potential industry in the whole system of China's third industry. And in many regions, tourism has been the leading industry of regional economic development. In the whole national economic strategy, the status of tourism has been further consolidated and improved. In 2009, the published Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Tourism Industry confirmed officially that tourism of China would be raised to be the strategic pillar industry in national economy as well as the modern service industry to make people more satisfied. In 2009, under the influence and threat of global financial crisis, China tourism still kept a stable development. And the annual revenue of tourism was up to 1, 290 billion RMB, and the growth ratio is 11.3 percent. Besides, Tourism also played a great role in promoting and stimulating the domestic consumption.

In 2009, all the indexes of China tourism industry maintained a stable development. The inbound travel, domestic travel and outbound travel all kept a good development. In the aspect of inbound tour, China has been one the safest and most vital tourism destinations in the world. And the status of China tourism has been largely raised in the world. According to the statistical data of World Tourism Organization (WTO), in 1978, the sum of inbound tourists of China was only ranked the 41st place in the world, and in 2006, the sum was magically ranked the fourth place in the world. The domestic travel and outbound travel also get the great achievements indeed. As the successful operation of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo and diversity of international fairs, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, expositions and festivals. The development of China tourism has been more fantastic.

As the further opening and reform, China currently has dozens of joint-venture travel agencies and travel agencies of individual ownership, and the Sino-foreign hotels are also widespread all around China. Many internationally famous hotels are easily available in many cities of China. Nowadays, China has more than 300, 000 enterprises of travel service. The number of lodgings and accommodations are 283,800, and there are 16, 110 star-class hotels in China (462 Five-Star Hotels, 1927 Four-Star Hotels and 6377 Three-Star Hotels). There are more than 20, 000 travel agencies in China. There are more than 4, 000 a-level scenic areas in China, and among them, 67 belong to the Five-A tourist attractions. The number of employees in tourism industry is over 2,720, 000.

China tour is largely inquired and welcomed due to the rich tourist resources of China. China is too big. And the different regions at the same time have the different climatic conditions, landforms and natural landscape. The same region also has the different custom, history, culture and tradition. This is the basic reason to explain where the charm and attractiveness of China tour is from. Shanghai as the representative of modern China and the economic achievements display window of China in the past dozens of years, is the must-see destination to see the modernity and advancement of China in the process of connecting the world and integrating with the world. Shanghai tour is a hot topic in China tourism. Beijing as the capital of China and also the ancient center of several dynasties is worth traveling for its long history and glory of ancient culture. The Forbidden City and the Great Wall are the twins of Beijing tour and China travel resources just like Shanghai and Beijing as the twins of China tourism destinations. Tibet traditionally is a mysterious region of China for Buddhism and unique customs. Especially, over the past 100 years, Tibet tour has become famous in the world. And currently Tibet is still the quite hot and popular tourist destination in the world. China travel guide is the necessity of China tourism, especially for the first-time travelers to China. The city guide and travel tips are both unavoidable to show the all-around information of yesterday, today and tomorrow of China.

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