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12 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tours

 Classic China Tours - 12 Days Beijing Xian Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tours

Tour Code: MC-CCT-04
Departure: Daily

Highlights: This is one of classic China tours including city tours of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. All of these cities are the typical tourist destinations of China and the hottest travel cities. The whole trip lasts 12 days and deserves your try if you are curious about China as well as its great history and culture ...

Attractions: Forbidden City, Badaling, Temple of Heaven, Terracotta Warriors, Shaanxi History Museum, West Lake, Wangshi Garden, Yuyuan Garden ...

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tiananmen square beijing
Tiananmen Square Night View
forbidden city tours
Beijing Forbidden City
great wall tours
Badaling Great Wall
Beijing Temple of Heaven
Beijing Temple of Heaven
Peking Opera Show
Peking Opera Show
Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Roast Duck
The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Tang Dynasty Show
Xian Tang Dynasty Show
Xian Ancient City Wall
Xian Ancient City Wall
Terracotta Warriors and Horses
Terracotta Warriors and Horses
The Soft Sleeper in Train
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple
Hangzhou Leifeng Pagoda
Hangzhou Leifeng Pagoda
Hangzhou West lake View
Hangzhou West lake View
Master of the Nets Garden
Master of the Nets Garden
suzhou zhouzhuang
Zhouzhuang Water Town
shanghai bund
The Bund of Shanghai
shanghai museum
Shanghai Museum Main Hall
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Yuyuan Garden
Shanghai Yuyuan Garden
suzhou zhouzhuang
Nanjing Road of Shanghai
Xintiandi of Shanghai

Day 1 - Arrival in Beijing (-/-/-)
Accommodation - Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven Beijing (3 Stars)

Our guide, holding a logo of company and a board with your name, will wait for you at the exit of the Capital International Airport till meet you. After your flight arrives in airport, please claim your personal luggage, and then go to the exit directly, and you can easily find your guide. Then you will be transferred to your hotel. On the way to your hotel, our guide will give some basic introduction on Beijing, and some travel tips, which are quite useful and important. If you feel there is more time left, you could have a promenade to where you are relatively familiar, or take a rest in hotel to get rid of the negative effect of jetlag. Moreover, before leaving, our guide will have a discussion with on the next day’s meeting time and some details on trip.

Day 2 - Travel in Beijing (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven Beijing (3 Stars)

Today, your trip starts with a visit to Tiananmen Square, the heart of Beijing and the site of many historic events, and you will see a series of largest architectural complex of China such as Forbidden City, National Museum of China, Great Hall of the People and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. This is also the world’s largest city square.

And then, visit to the Forbidden City. Forbidden City boasting the world’s largest imperial palace complex used to be the living residence and center for administrating the national affairs of 24 Emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties from 1368 to 1911. Today’s it is the important site of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Since the commencement of construction, Forbidden City was eye-catching all the time. Traditionally Forbidden city was the exclusively zone that only the emperors and their empresses, concubines, family members as well as some favored high officials could enter. In public mind, Forbidden City is the center of China even the world. It is riddled with mystery and legend aside from the solemnity and authority.

After lunch, We move on to Temple of Heaven. Temple of Heaven located in southeast side of Beijing is a special building complex that the Emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties sacrificed to heaven and gods and prayed for the coming year’s harvests. Temple of Heaven was built originally in 1420. In 1998, it was approved to be a World Cultural Heritage site. Today, it is the largest historic and cultural site for national sacrifice to the heaven in the world.

After this travel, go back to your hotel, and take a stay overnight in hotel, and then prepare for next day’s trip.

Day 3 – Travel in Beijing (B/L/D)
Accommodation - Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven Beijing (3 Stars)

Your today’s trip starts with a driving to Badaling Great Wall after breakfast. Great Wall boasting the 9th humankind’s miracle in the world and a site of World Cultural Heritage, used to be the military defense project to protect our homeland in ancient eras. Badaling section is the highlight of Great Wall in Beijing. Established in Ming Dynasty, Badaling Great Wall is the best preserved and rebuilt part, and also the earliest part opened to the tourists. The relevant service facilities and infrastructure are the best as well. There is also a themed museum named China Great Wall Museum exhibiting the history, function and culture of Great Wall in China.

After lunch, we transfer to Dingling Tomb, the most famous one of thirteen Imperial Mausoleums of Ming Dynasty in Beijing. Ming Tomb is a large mausoleum area written into the World Cultural Heritage Site. It has 31 miles away from downtown Beijing. There are 13 Emperors of Ming Dynasty were buried here, and it is also the largest cultural and historic zone themed with Chinese imperial mausoleum culture and history. The most famous part is the tomb of Zhu Di, the founder of Capital Beijing.

Today’s dinner will be a perfect integration of Peking Roast Duck and Peking Opera Show. Peking Roast Duck is the most famous and welcome dish of Beijing, and represents the highlights of Beijing cuisine. Peking Opera is an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in the world. It is the most classic national show and boasts the national essence of China.

Day 4 - Plane Transfer from Beijing to Xian (B/L/D)
Accommodation - Xian Melody Hotel (3 Stars)

After breakfast, we go to airport to take a morning flight transfer to Xian. The local guide of Xian will meet you at airport and then transfer to your hotel.

After lunch, your today’s visit starts with Shaanxi Provincial History Museum. This is a nationwide famous museum for history and culture in China as famous as Beijing Imperial Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum and Nanjing Museum. A large number of precious and valuable collections are reserved and displayed in museum. There are mostly are the national treasure. The whole visit will take approximately 1.5 hours. It is the best way to learn the past of Xian.

Afterwards, we visit to The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, an enormous building comprising 7 floors and surrounded by beautiful gardens was originally built in AD652 during the reign of Emperor Gaozong (During Tang Dynasty 628-683). Its main function was to collect Buddhist materials taken from India by Xuanzang and to translate the Sanskrit into Chinese. The pagoda is an architectural gem, built with layers of bricks but without any cement. The original structure at 60m high and with only 5 storeys was finished in 652 A.D. Between 701-704 AD, mainly because of structural weakness in the earth-cored pagoda, a new 10-storey pagoda was built. However, between the wars of the coming years and a massive earthquake in 1556, this structure was reduced almost to ruins. As a result, some revisions were made during the Ming Dynasty to produce the 7-storey, 64 meter-tall structure we see today.

At night, we take a dumpling banquet. Xian Dumpling Banquet was originated from the dumplings of Tang Dynasty and traditional dumplings in folk community. This banquet is made with elaborate material selections and unique techniques. The dumplings made are impressive and characterized for their shapes. Xian Dumpling Banquet is famous for its multiple diversity and variety of dumplings on the table.

And then, we enjoy Tang Dynasty Show. Tang Dynasty Show is developed as a blend of ancient melodious music and inspiring dances, along with various Chinese instruments, and it features presenting lots of interesting historical stories to audiences, such as the story of the Monkey King's master - Monk Xuanzang. The performance enhanced by English subtitles and fascinating visual effect, aims to make more people know about Chinese history and cultures.

After traveling, go back to your hotel.

Day 5 – Travel in Xian (B/L/-)
Accommodation - Xian Melody Hotel (3 Stars)

After breakfast, we starts trip with Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum. It, located lies 35 kilometers east of Xian and a site of World Cultural Heritage approved in 1987, is the most important archeological excavations of the 20th century, at the base of Lishan Mountain. Life size figures of terracotta warriors and horses arranged in battle formations are the star features at the museum. The museum covers an area of 16,300 square meters, divided into three sections: No. 1 Pit, No. 2 Pit, and No. 3 Pit in that order. Altogether over 7000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, and even weapons have been unearthed from these pits. Most of them have been restored to their previous magnificence.

After lunch, go back to downtown Xian, and then visit the Ancient City Wall of Xian. Ancient City Wall is not only the most complete architecture well preserved of ancient Chinese burghs but also the largest in size and integral ancient military fort of the world. Taking a bicycle trip on the city wall is a great enjoyment.

After traveling, go back to your hotel.

Day 6 - Flight Transfer from Xian to Hangzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation – Hangzhou Wuyang Holiday Hotel (3 Stars)

This morning, after breakfast, we take a flight to Hangzhou, one of the three most famous tourist cities of east China.

After lunch, we firstly go to Lingyin Temple. Lingyin Temple is the oldest, the most famous and influential Buddhist monastery in Southeastern China. Also named Yunlin Temple, Lingyin Temple is Chinese famous Buddhist monastery of Buddhism welcomed and believed by innumerous Buddhist believers. In their mind, Lingyin Temple is their shrine and the place to talk spiritually to Bodhisattva and Buddha. Lingyin Temple located at the northwest riverfront of the West Lake in Hangzhou, and generally, it is considered to be a part of the West Lake Scenic Area. Exactly, Lingyin Temple is situated in the Lingyin Mountain between Fei Lai Feng (Peak Flying From Afar) and Bei Gao Feng(Peak of North Highness). Lingyin Temple in China is considered to be one of the wealthiest monasteries, and the top one in Jiangnan region.

And then, move to Hefang Street. Hefang Ancient Street is the best destination to view a traditional classical lifestyle of east China people via enjoying its unique atmosphere of life and the perfect local cuisine and snacks. It is connected with Wu Hill, a landmark of West Lake Scenic Area and Hangzhou Museum. Just need walking several minutes, people can touch the fashionable city life on Yan’an Road. Where the tradition meets modernity, and both coexists harmoniously. Hefang Street is the intersection of two different Hangzhou.

After your visit, go back to your hotel.

Day 7 – Travel in Hangzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation – Hangzhou Wuyang Holiday Hotel (3 Stars)

Today, your trip starts with a cruise tour in West Lake. This is the typical West Lake Tour. West Lake is one of World Cultural Heritage Sites by UNESCO for its cultural and natural landscapes. Your cruise trip will finish at the wharf of Huagang Park, and then visit Huagang Park, and it is the site of Viewing Fish at Flowers Harbor, one of ten classic views of West Lake, in which you can view the red fish at the Red Carp Pond.

Then move to visit Leifeng Pagoda. Leifeng Pagoda as an important cultural and historic attraction in the West Lake Scenic Area is quite familiar and well-known both in Chinese folk culture and Chinese literature history. Lu Xun once wrote a themed article with Leifeng Pagoda. Thanks to this article, Leifeng Pagoda as a symbol of China traditional culture and the scapegoat of suppressing Lady White is profoundly remembered by youngsters born in 60s, 70s and 80s in 20th century. In a word, Leifeng Pagoda is a shining pearl of West Lake.

After lunch, go to Longjing Tea Plantation. It is the best site to experience the tea culture and history of China, and the traditional procedure of making Longjing Green Tea (Dragon Well Green Tea) as well as drinking, picking, smelling or buying. Hangzhou is the traditionally famous city as the site of green tea, and Longjing Green Tea is the king of green tea in the world.

Day 8 - Car Transfer from Hangzhou to Suzhou (B/L/-)
Accommodation –Holiday Inn Express Changjiang Suzhou (3 Stars)

After breakfast, we take a car transfer to Suzhou, a famous cultural city for travel in China. After arrival, go to your hotel in Suzhou.

Your trip begins with the Master of the Nets Garden. It was originally ordered to be built in the year of 1174, in the South Song Dynasty by an official removed from the government, and firstly named as Ten-thousand of scrolls Hall, the forerunner of the Master of the Nets Garden. In a period of 500 years from Song dynasty to Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the hosts of this garden were changed again and again. Till the Qing emperor Qianlong's reign, the name was changed to the present one.

And then, move to Pan Gate. Panmen is an ancient city gate with land and water entrances. Pan Gate is a remarkable landmark of ancient city area of Suzhou, and its huge architectural complex remains lots of the footprints of history. It is located at the southwest part of Suzhou, and in 2006, it was approved to be the key site under the national protection, thanks to being the important historic site of Yuan Dynasty.

Afterwards, go to see Suzhou Grand Canal. The Grant Canal and the great wall are the two miracles created by Chinese ancient people. The great canal is the earliest and longest man-made rivers in the world with a history of 2400 years and a length of 1,700 kilometers. It played a great role in the long Chinese historical and cultural communication. The great canal in Suzhou has a length of 82.35 kilometers, which is about 39 percent of its whole length in Jiangsu province, and at present, it is also the highlighted part of Grand Canal in China. Taking a cruise tour on the Canal, which needs approximately 40 minutes, the travelers can see the traditional life of local people.

At the end, we take a short visit to a silk factory to see the producing procedure of Chinese silk.

And then return to your hotel for overnight stay.

Day 9 - Car Transfer from Suzhou to Shanghai ( B/L/-)
Accommodation –Holiday Inn Express Zhabei Shanghai (3 Stars)

After breakfast, visit the water town of Zhouzhuang. This is a typical ancient water town of China. It is famous as a tourist destination for its folk customs and culture. We will take a cruise tour along the waterways in the town. And the cruise is designed in a Chinese style.

After that, we transfer to Shanghai and stay overnight in Shanghai.

Day 10 – Travel in Shanghai ( B/L/- )
Accommodation –Holiday Inn Express Zhabei Shanghai (3 Stars)

Today’s visit begins with Shanghai Museum. This is a large and comprehensive museum exhibiting Chinese ancient arts and culture, as famous as Beijing Imperial Palace, Shenyang Imperial Palace, Shaanxi History Museum and Nanjing Museum. Shanghai Museum is also the youngest but has the fastest development, thanks to the strongest financial support from Shanghai Municipal Government. A great many collections are directly bought overseas or from other museums in the world.

Then take a visit to The Bund. The Bund is the cultural and historic landmark of modern Shanghai since it opened to be a trading port in the world. The Bund of Shanghai internationally famous as an outdoor architectural museum exhibiting the diverse styles of buildings of the west world.

And then, take a walking along the Nanjing Road. It is the landmark tourist attraction of Shanghai, and most of inbound tourists may take Nanjing Road as its first tourist destination in Shanghai, furthermore, many professional travel experts also strongly recommend Nanjing Road as a calling card to the Shanghai travelers. To a most degree, Shanghai will be not deserved traveling if Nanjing Road is not visited.

After lunch, go to Pudong New Area. Have a look at the skyscrapers complex in Lujiazui area, and then visit Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. With its 468 meters high (1,536 feet), the tower is the third tallest TV and radio tower in the world as well as the tallest structure in Asia. It is the best place to have a birds-eye-view of Shanghai City. With its unique and amazing design, it has become the new landmark of Shanghai and a big magnet for tourists. The viewing area is half-way up and offers a splendid unparalleled view of the Bund, the emerging new modern Shanghai. The view of Shanghai from this height fills you with wonder at the beauty that surrounds you.

Finally, we take a cruise tour on Huangpu River to see the fantastic view on both sides.

Day 11 – Travel in Shanghai (B/L/D)
Accommodation –Holiday Inn Express Zhabei Shanghai (3 Stars)

After breakfast, Begin your trip with Yuyuan Garden. Yuyuan Garden is one of the quintessential representatives of Jiangnan Garden. Originally, Yuyuan garden was built in 1559 by Pan Yunduan, a local governor of Sichuan province in Ming Dynasty, to serve his father who was Pan En, a famous minister during the reign of Emperor Jiajing in Ming Dynasty. Yu in Chinese language is an auspicious character, and means comfort, satisfaction and pleasure, and it also the abbreviation of Henan province. To be the name of the garden was to show the filial love of making parents and the elder happy and pleasant.

After that, go to Jade Buddha Temple. Jade Buddha Temple located on the north of downtown Shanghai, exactly on the intersection of Anyuan Road and Jiangning Road. Originally built in 1918, Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is a building complex featuring the architectural style of Song Dynasty. On the axes of the temple, there are the main buildings such as the Heavenly King Hall, Grand Hall of the Great Sage and Jade Buddha Building. On both sides of the axes, visitors can see the Lying Buddha Hall, Kwan-yin Hall, Bronze Buddha Hall and Meditation Hall. Jade Buddha Temple is the most monastery in Shanghai. On the first day, and the fifteenth day every month, or on the traditional festivals of Buddhism, the Buddhists gather here to pray for blessing of Buddha. It is a metropolitan temple in China characterized of the tradition and modernity. In 1983, Jade Buddha Temple was approved as the key site under the national-level protection.

After lunch, visit Shanghai Urban Planning Center. The whole exhibition hall is a six-story building with two basement levels, which displays Shanghai's urban planning and development. A short walk across Renmin Square from the Shanghai Museum, this is a fascinating insight into Shanghai's future. The 2nd floor has a giant city model and other floors have great displays, interactive exhibitions and walkthroughs of aspects such as the ports, greening, leisure etc.

Go on to the Old French Concession, highlighted with its beautiful, tree-lined streets and classic European architecture. Through visiting, travelers can review the former life of westerners in Shanghai.

Finally go to Xintiandi. Xintiandi is the most famous tourist attraction and typical leisure center for the multicultural and historical scene of Shanghai, especially, the show of the western culture and traditional culture of China. Originally based on Shikumen building, Shanghai Xintiandi typically exhibits the unique value of Shikumen, the classic architectural style of traditional Shanghai. Meanwhile, the basic layout was also obviously changed from its functionality for residence to business orientation. It also reflects a brilliant policy of Shanghai to preserve the historical heritage, and by virtue of the value of heritage, to do business.

Finally, go back to your hotel in Shanghai.

Day 12: Departure from Shanghai (B/-/-)

Transfer to airport for departure or free on your own.

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